A story I started writing long back. I know its horrible, but I love to put myself in these kinds of stories. lol. Anyway, the rating on this will go up. I hope you all like it:D

The Vatican was so beautiful; it looked like something out of a storybook or a movie. I had to laugh at this... Van Helsing... it was in my favorite movie. I stepped away from my parents and walked away from the tour. I walked over to one of the large statues of the saints and gazed around the huge room. We had come to Rome on spring vacation and I had been waiting for this all week. I wore my traditional blue jeans and a long gray turtleneck, though I had to remove my hat when we entered the church. I walked over to one of the walls and pulled out my notebook, taking note of every detail I could find. I was convinced that what Stephen Summers had written and created a movie about was true. Everyone said I was crazy... and I probably was. But my heart ached to find out the truth. Was there an Order? The Knights Of The Holy Order? I knelt down, put my hand to the wall, and let the cold stone rest against my fingers. Perhaps I was just crazy, dreaming the impossible dream... Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around. It was one of the Cardinals.

"Busted!" Ran though my mind, but I pushed the thought away and turned to him.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked him politely and quietly.

"I was about to ask you the same thing." He said, giving me a gentle look. Strangely enough, his face was familiar to
me as was his accent.

"I...I'm here on a school field trip and I just wondered off. I was... taking notes on the architecture of the building."

What a horrific lie! I could tell he saw right through it. He smiled and patted my shoulder,

"You should go back with your school group, my child." He gave me a gentle shove in the direction of the tour, "This is not a good place for you."

I nodded to him and smiled, "Thank you father." I stated to walk back towards the group... thinking that he probably thought I was crazy, when something caught my eye. I turned around and saw that the Cardinal I had been talking to... he had vanished! He was nowhere in sight. Something was not right here. What was happening? Suddenly, a man brushed past me, his hand just barely touched me. He turned back to look at me,

"Pardon me, miss." He said in a somewhat gentlemanly like fashion, tipping his hat to me and continued on his way. This man I knew! His face was plastered on my heart and in my mind. He was a tall man; maybe 6:2, not too buff, but perfectly fit. His face was angular, with an aquiline nose and firm jaw. His long dark brown hair fell to his shoulders in gentle waves from underneath his western-style hat. He wore a long leather duster, a dark turtleneck, a leather vest with a sliver chain, which held several religious symbols, long pants and knee-high boots. I felt as though his eyes had bore a hole into my soul. Oh, yes. This man I knew very well.

I followed him quietly and watched his every move. He slipped into one of the confessionals and I waited for him to come out. I looked at my watch, the tour would be getting out soon, but I could not go back. I waited for him to come back, but he did not. I moved closer and ducked down low, looking all around me to make sure I was not being watched or followed and pressed my ear to the door of the confessional... there was no one there! I opened the door to discover... he was gone! How... it was impossible! Then, I looked closer, on the other side of the confessional, the priest side, there was lever. Being so careful not to be seen, I slipped inside and pulled the lower downward. I jumped as a loud sound could be heard. The wall to the side had lifted up! I crossed myself as a long stone staircase appeared before me. Shutting the door to the confessional tightly, I clutched the strap of my book bag and walked down the stair case. I could smell flames and dust at the bottom. I moved slowly and stayed by the side, if I was caught, I would surely be killed. As I reached the end of the staircase and looked around... I fell to my knees and cried tears of happiness.

"It's true!" I whispered. Before me... in all its beauty and glory... was the armory... the headquarters of the Knights Of The Holy Order! I could not believe it, it was all true! Thank God. I gave a silent prayer of thanks and decided I should move. Moving slightly to the side, I noticed a small friar's robe lying on a chair. Grabbing the brown robe, I dropped my book bag and threw it on. It actually fit pretty well... I tied the brown sash in front and picked up my bag, thank God it was so old, I would actually fit in. I started to walk around, going unnoticed. This place was amazing! Man, I wished I brought my camera. I walked over to the weapons area and bumped into a young man. I fell back and he looked at me, offering his hand to help me up.

"Are you all right, my dear?" he asked, "You ought to be more careful, you could really get hurt."

This man was familiar to me as well, though I said nothing. He was an earnest little fellow, probably a head shorter than Van Helsing. He had curry blonde hair and intelligent blue eyes. Probably one of the Order's smartest... and youngest members. I couldn't help but smile, Carl was a sweetie.

"Thank you." I said and touched his shoulder, as long as I was nothing but another worker around here, I was safe. When I asked him what he was working on, he smiled and took my hand. He showed me a strange looking weapon, no doubt another weapon for his partner. I knew if I stayed any longer, I would make myself known, that was the last thing I wanted to do. I said thank you and started to move away, when I bumped into another figure... him. God, I remember who handsome he was. So amazing...

"I'm sorry", I said at once, trying to get away. His hand caught my arm.

"No miss, it was my fault, I..." He stopped talking when he realized how quickly I wanted to get away. I tried to cover,

"I have to get to a meeting..." I said softly, "I'm sorry."

"Then allow me to escort you." He whispered. I looked back at him. he had no idea how much I wanted to be close to him. I could smell the sent of his leather duster from here. I would keep that smell in my mind forever.

"I can't! I'm sorry." I pulled away too fast, the robe tore and the sleeve of my turtle neck could be seen. His hand caught the hood and pulled it down and the whole armory stood still. They knew I was not a member of the order. His lovely hazel eyes widened.

"The girl from the church..." He whispered.

I had to think fast, several others were beginning to approach. Knowing I would get in so much trouble for this, I kicked over a nearby table, it crashed into the other members. While they were distracted, I tore from the room and ran up the stairs. I did realize I was being followed until I heard his voice,

"Wait! Stop!" He yelled, but I did not stop running.

I ran up the staircase, out the confessional door, and into the church, making sure I would be lost in the crowd. He continued to run after me, not stopping for a moment, calling to the guards to stop me. One ran forward and reached for my arm, but tripped over another woman and missed me. The other guards lost me in the crowd. I tore out the door, making sure they did not catch me and hid behind a pillar. I could hear Van Helsing running after me, but he could not see me. I looked out from behind the pillar to see Carl and the Cardinal had joined in the hunt. The Cardinal pulled the two younger men aside and began to ask questions about me, what I looked like, what I asked, what i said... and they told him. They told him everything. He sighed.

"We must find her, she can not be harmed, but bring her back. She can not remember this place at all... we must erase her memory."

I gasped and sank to the ground as Carl and Van Helsing took off in another direction and the Cardinal walked back into the church. So this was what it was like to be wanted. I pulled out my cell phone and called my mother, she had been worried sick. I told her I was fine and I would come back to the hotel a little later than planed... I had to be alone for a while. I shut off my cell and walked down into the courtyard, getting lost in the crowd...so now I was wanted by the order. And the man I loved... my hunter... was hunting me...