Words: 1,032

Pairings: Tez/Fuji, GP, Momo/Ryo, Inui/Kai

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Atobe's Little Plan

Chapter 1

Atobe lifted the piece of paper from a bowing servant and carefully unfolded it. He scanned the words slowly, his eyes reading from right to left in a lazy manner. The bowing servant didn't move, wouldn't move until his young master told him to.

"Are you sure about this?" Atobe asked the servant.

"Yes," replied the servant's hushed voice.

A slow, lazy smile wormed its way onto Atobe's face. He had a very good idea. Of course, all of Ore-sama's ideas are good, he thought to himself. He tapped his fingers on the edge of the chair. Yeah, it was a good idea, but he would need help if he was going to pull it off.

He snapped his fingers. "Get me a phone and make it quick."

The servant hurried out of the room and two minutes later returned with a phone. Atobe slowly dialed the number, thinking to himself that the person that he was calling was going to get a crack out of this.

"Hello?" came a whispery voice.

Atobe grinned. Just the person he wanted to talk to. "Yes, you know who this is." Silence from the other end confirmed that. "I was just given some very juicy gossip, and I thought with Christmas coming up I could do something with this information." He outlined his plans, leaving a few details out. There were also plans in there dealing with the person on the other line, but he wanted that to be a surprise.

The other person chuckled, obviously amused with Atobe's idea. "I won't say this often, but you're positively brilliant."

Atobe gave a wry smile. He didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or what. He decided that he was too good for anything other then a compliment.

"I'm in. Tell me what to do," said the person on the other line. An evil light came into Atobe's eyes as he told the other person what to do.

The next day, the sun was shining, but the day was freezing cold for fall going into winter. Seigaku's tennis practice was livened up with everyone bouncing around trying to get warm. Tezuka even cut the practice short because of how cold it was.

Everyone was having a conversation with someone else and trying to warm themselves up when they entered the changing rooms. Oishi stood on top of a bench and cleared his voice. Everyone kept talking excitedly about what they were doing for the holidays, until Oishi cleared his voice a bit louder. The room died down when they saw he had something to say.

"It was just brought to my attention that Atobe is holding a party at his mansion for Christmas. He has kindly invited all of us to this party to congratulate us for our Nationals win."

There were excited whispers going on around the room about how nice the mansion was and how spacious the bathing rooms were. A few of the whispers were dubiously wondering if this was an April fools joke. Atobe never did something good for someone else unless it benefited himself.

Inui was one of the ones keeping silent on the whole matter. He pushed his glasses up further on the bridge of his nose making them glint briefly in the light. "And did he call you to tell you this, Oishi?"

Oishi blinked, not expecting this question. "No, he called Fuji, who told me about this and gave me these fliers."

Seven pairs of eyes went directly to Fuji who only smiled slyly with his eyes closed. Warily, Momoshiro broke the silence. "Um, is it going to be required to go then?"

Pointedly, no one glanced at Inui, who was in the middle of rummaging through his pack. Tezuka answered in a flat voice, "Yes. It's not everyday Atobe volunteers for the use of his mansion so I want everyone to go." He paused dramatically. "And if you don't go…" He left the idea hanging.

Inui appeared next to Tezuka, with a maniacal grin and some wierd colored drink that popped horrible, disgusting bubbles that plopped instead of popped. Momoshiro, Eiji and Kaidoh sweat dropped, backing slowly away from the mad man with the poisonous liquid. Kawamura just smiled, knowing that he would go no matter what. His dad would probably let him off of work for this short amount of time.

"We'll go…" All three said at the exact same time.

"Good," was Tezuka's reply, clearly expecting no less.

Somehow, Eiji got a hold of the flyers and was in the process of handing them out, when someone gasped.

"We have to dress up in our finest!" Momo exclaimed.

"Hisssss, and it's a masked ball!" Kaidoh glared at the paper as if willing it to burn.

Fuji spoke for the first time, that smiling mask never leaving his face. "Yes, and I will be in charge of dressing all of you. Atobe gave me permission to spend his money on 'dressing you all properly to be in the company of the most wonderful person of all'."

Seven sweatdrops were seen around the room Yeah that sounded like Atobe, even if what he was doing was un-Atobe-like. One glance at the unmentionable drink and Momo, Eiji, Kaidoh, and Taka gulped and nodded. To what, they had yet to learn, but they were agreeing to something.

"Good," Fuji went on. "Then I will see all of you tomorrow, so I can get your measurements and have some people start working on your clothes." Fuji glanced at the people around the room through his mask. I sure hope Atobe's plan works. Momo looks almost ready to back out and Kaidoh right behind him, but thanks to Inui's drink (which looks very tasty by the way), they will do what I say. Fuji nearly squirmed in his excitement, but he contained himself. What fun!

Tezuka was slowly backing away, hoping to be exempted from Fuji's wild plans, when he heard a soft chuckle.

"Oh no, Tezuka, you will also be subjected to being dressed. We wouldn't want our beloved buchou to be less dressed up then us, now would we?" There was laughter hidden deep within Fuji's words. He was really enjoying himself. He would have to think of something absolutely wonderful to give Atobe.

Tezuka winced, but he nodded. Somehow, he'd get through this living hell. Sometimes, being the captain wasn't always the best place to be.