From the desk of a Marauder

Welcome readers to another fic. This idea came to me when I was passing note with a friend in class. Hope ya'll like it!

In History of Magic

Sirius: Prongs, what is he talking about?

James: I'm not exactly sure, something about something attacking something.

Sirius: That really helped.

James: Well, I told you I'm not sure! Ask Moony. I'm sure he knows.

Sirius: Fine then.

James: Okay.


Sirius: All I hear is Blah, Blah, Blah.

James: Oh, come on. He just said something about a goblin and a…a train.

Sirius: He didn't say train, I think he said training bra.

James: Training bra! What does that have to do with history of magic.

Sirius: I don't know, but I know that's what he said.

James: Well if you knew what he said, why did you ask me?

Sirius: To see if you were paying attention.

James: Oh like you were.

Sirius: You know I was.


James: How do you think you did on your test?

Sirius: I think I did really great. Except, I was confused about the... Oh, act like your paying attention. He's starting to ask people to read.


James: That was a close one.

Sirius: For real. I have no idea where we are.

James: I'm glad Moony keeps notes, or I'd be completely lost in this class.

Sirius: Same here. Except he writes a lot of notes. I wonder why his hand hasn't fallen off yet.

James: Can your hand fall of if you write too much?

Sirius: Josh Henry's did.

James: Josh Henry used a vanishing lotion.

Sirius: Oh, well we have something better. We have an invisible cloak.

James: We? You mean me, right.

Sirius: Yea, but what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine.

James: Padfoot, shut up.


Sirius: Hey, look at Peter! He looks like he's been bored out of his mind! He's got his head in his hand and his eyes are almost closed shut

James: I don't blame him. I'm about to go to sleep.

Sirius: But who will I pass notes with?

James: Not my problem.

Sirius: Well, aren't you a great friend.

James: I am


James: Hey, I've got an idea.

Sirius: What?

James: I'm going to throw another paper airplane at Moony.

Sirius: Okay.

Sirius: That was great. Did you see him jump up? And it's stuck in his hair! LOL

James: LOL

Sirius: Oh dear, he looks mad

James: Who…

Remus: Prongs, pay attention to this class. That's the fifth airplane you've thrown at my head today! If you don't stop, I'll quit letting you two look at my notes.

James: Fine.

Sirius: Fine.

James: Want me to do it again Mr. Padfoot?

Sirius: Of course, Mr. Prongs.

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