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In Transfiguration

Sirius: Prongs, stop staring at Lily. You're drooling all over my notes.

James: I'm not drooling! And what notes?

Sirius: For this class. Duh!

James: When did you start taking notes?

Sirius: After Moony and I had a bet.

James: A bet?

Sirius: Yep. Moony thinks that I can't take notes.

James: But you pass all your tests.

Sirius: I know, but if I win he has to turn Snivellus's outfit and hair pink.

James: And if you lose?

Sirius: I owe Moony a month's worth of chocolate bars.

James: Can you afford that?

Sirius: No, so that's why I have to win. So QUIT DROOLING ON MY NOTES!

James: I'm not drooling.

Sirius: I'm sorry, but Padfoot isn't available right now. Please wait until after he wins his bet with Moony to speak to him or leave a message after the beep. BEEP!

James: You're such a git.

James: Fine.


James: Lily Evans.

James loves Lily

Lily Evans Potter

Mr. and Mrs. James Potter

Harry Potter (no not manly enough)

James Potter Jr. (that's better)

Sirius: But what if it's a girl?


Sirius: I couldn't help but notice the blank look in your eyes and the drool coming out of your mouth.


Sirius: You are in denial my young friend.

James: Padfoot, I'm older than you.

Sirius: Only by two months.

James: Aren't you supposed to be taking notes.

Sirius: Oh yea! Prongs, you got me off track!

James: I did?


Sirius: Do you think the house-elves will give my free chocolate?

James: I don't know. Why?

Sirius: Because there is no way I can survive thirty more minutes of note taking. My arm hurts.

James: Then why are you writing to me?

Sirius: That's different.

James: Okay.

Sirius: It is. Think about it. Doesn't writing about how to turn a pine needle into a porcupine just make your arm ache?

James: Not really.

Sirius: Well, it does mine.


Remus: You do realize you're going to owe me a whole lot of chocolate.

Sirius: I thought maybe you could give up chocolate for a month. Hee-hee.

James: Padfoot, do you just realize what you suggested?

Remus: You do NOT suggest to me about giving up chocolate.

Sirius: But it's really fattening.

Peter: You could try cheese.

Sirius: Yea, why don't I get a month's worth of cheese?

Remus: How about a month's worth of chocolate covered cheese?

Sirius: I'm not getting out of getting you chocolate, am I?

Remus: I'm afraid not.

Sirius: Prongs, looks like we'll be paying the house-elves a visit tonight.

James: Why?

Remus: Oh no. No house-elf chocolate. I want chocolate from Honeydukes.

Sirius: But, but, but.

Remus: No buts. It's your fault you're in this bet.

Sirius: Hmph.

James: I bet you learned your leason.

Sirius: Yea, never make a bet with a chocolate fanatic.

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