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Yuna walked home pretty quickly from school. When she had unlocked her door, she ran up the stairs and dumped her bag in her room. She looked inside her wardrobe and grabbed her favourite pair of jeans. She chose a strappy purple top with dragonflies stitched onto it. She also grabbed her 'half a skirt' as Rikku called it. (The skirt thing she wears in Final Fantasy X-2. The Gunner outfit). It was made from a floaty black and purple material and the colours blended together.

She heard the door open and close and her mum's voice. Yuna ran downstairs and found her mum in the kitchen who had just flicked the switch on the kettle and was finding herself a tea bag from one of the many of the jars near the kettle.

"How was your day?" Yuna's mum asked.

"Oh it was okay. I am starting on an Art project and we're doing it in pairs. So I am going out this evening to take some photos. That's okay right?" Yuna asked.

"Oh yes, of course. Just show me the finished result," smiled her mum.

Yuna smiled and asked how her mother's day went. Their conversation continued while Yuna cooked herself some noodles and her mum opened a can of soup. Normally her mum would cook, but since Yuna knew Tidus would be coming fairly soon, she thought she should eat now. Yuna and her mum chatted some more before her mum went to get changed out of her work clothes, and Yuna went to watch some TV.

Before she knew it, Yuna heard the doorbell. Her eyes went wide and she had to fight back a smile as she opened the door to see Tidus in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. He smiled as Yuna offered him to come inside.

"I'll be back in a moment. I just got to grab my camera," she said as she half ran upstairs. Once upstairs she dashed into her room and stuffed her digital camera, a sketch pad and several pencils and crayons in a small black rucksack. Once finished, she very quickly checked her appearance in her mirror and walked back downstairs. Tidus was waiting for her in the hall. He looked sort of uncomfortable stood there on his own, and smiled when he saw her, relief evident upon his face.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yeah", replied Yuna with a smile. "I got my phone mum, I'll be back by half 7." She shouted as she opened the door.

They both stepped outside and started walking to the end of Yuna's road. "Where to?" she asked.

"The park I thought. I mean the one to the north of town. I know it's further, but I kinda think it's nice," he said, not meeting her eyes.

"Yeah, sounds good to me. I love it there. Half the stuff I've ever drawn, I've drawn sat there," agreed Yuna.

Tidus smiled at her, and the kept walking. Yuna thought it would have been uncomfortable, but it wasn't. They started talking about school and teachers. Tidus would ask questions about some of the more grumpy teachers, and Yuna would confirm his suspicions. They laughed and talked all the way to the park. They entered through the massive black iron gates and into the sunny expanse of small grassy hills with large calm trees, their leaves creating dapples on the grass. The river that passed through the park glittered where the water hit it, and swans floated serenely past.

They found a tree near the river and sat beneath it. Tidus took out a sheet of paper and a pen.

"Thought we could brainstorm (AN: sorry, this isn't PC is it anymore? Anybody know what the preferred version is? Thanks. No offence meant to anybody.) a few ideas first," he said.

"Sure," replied Yuna as Tidus took out a piece of A4 scrap paper. He sat round and put the sheet on his sketch pad so they could both write on it.

After 5 minutes of thinking and writing and doodling, they had come up with some fairly good ideas. They had decided that they should do it on an A3 sheet, with a photo of Yuna and Tidus sat back-to-back, but the image should over-lay others, so you could see on top of each other. Tidus would draw most of the other images, but Yuna said she'd help with some of them too, as the drawing would be more difficult than messing around with a photo.

After they had finished, Tidus just lay back on the slight slope of grass and sighed happily. This made Yuna smile, just looking at him content, with the sun shining on his hair and his eyes closed, and the corners of his mouth tipped upwards which reflected his mood. Yuna smiled to herself and sat back against the tree. The sun shone down gently, and the breeze was cool enough just to tickle her in a gentle way. She didn't know how much time passed, but she felt herself drift off slowly…

She felt herself leave the ground, but she didn't think anything of it. She felt movement, and then suddenly remembered where she was and opened her eyes to see Tidus's ginning face just before she felt herself fall through the air. Water splashed all around her and it hit her face as once great wave. It quickly soaked through her clothes. She found her footing, and luckily she wasn't too far into the river so that she couldn't touch the bottom. The water came up to her chest and she looked down at herself under the clear blue water. The shock passed away, and she heard Tidus laughing. She looked up and he was on the floor, tears falling down his cheeks because he was laughing so much. Yuna was shocked, but then felt vengeful. If she was wet, he should be too. A plan formed, and her lips smiled slightly at the corners in anticipation.

She started to laugh with Tidus, and splashed the water gently towards him. He stopped laughing quite so much and gave Yuna a perfect smile. She laughed lightly and he offered her a hand. She smiled and took it. He knelt by the river, bent over with his hand in Yuna's. Yuna began to try and get out, by moving closer, but then suddenly poked him fairly hard in the stomach and pulled with her other hand, the one in Tidus's. Unluckily for Tidus he was quite ticklish, and with the combination of that and Yuna's hand pulling him towards the water, he fell in. Yuna watched him go under, and then break the surface of the water laughing. She couldn't help laugh either, but also notice the way his shirt stuck to him slightly, and his hair drip around his face, which now had droplets of water shining on it.

They laughed and splashed each other for a while before they both decided to get out. The swans looked deeply unimpressed as they swam by. Both teenagers collapsed on the bank and let the sun dry them. It was still very hot and sunny, even though it was nearing 7 o'clock. After they were both nearly completely dry, Tidus grabbed their stuff and gave Yuna her backpack. She smiled and they both set off home.

They chatted a bit, but mostly just enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun, and Yuna just loved walking with Tidus. She would cast him a glance, and then smile to herself in disbelief that she was so lucky to be walking with him. They neared her house, and stopped at the top of the little stone path to her front door.

"I'll start on some of those picture ideas yea?" said Tidus.

"Yea," said Yuna smiling. We need to take that photo sometime.

"We could have taken it today," said Tidus thoughtfully

"Yea well, it wouldn't have worked so well if we were wet," laughed Yuna. Tidus laughed too.

"I'll see you tomorrow," said Tidus with a smile.

"Yea, see you," replied Yuna as she went indoors. Her mum asked her how it went from where she was sitting in the living room. Yuna just told her it was fine, and went to get a shower before her mother realised she was a bit wet and started to ask questions.

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