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PAIRINGS: Josie/Lucas, Corrine/Marshall, Professor Z/OC

SUMMARY NOTE: While this may carry some references to my previous stories, 'Things Just Get Complicated' and 'Things Just Get Complicated Pt. II', this is on a very different wavelength. It will carry some references that were in them, which is probably why I'd recommend reading the previous stories before this, but I supposed anyone can get by without reading them.

SUMMARY: When a reporter visits Blake Holsey to interview certain students on the new addition to the science center, she receives a much bigger story in the form of Blake Holsey's mysteries. With the secrets revealed, the Science Club have to work together to save Blake Holsey from the destructive powers of society today. (No political viewpoints or anything like that. Strictly Blake Holsey. Also, this takes place in season three).

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Strange Days at Blake Holsey high, the only thing I do own are my original characters. But thanks to the creator's for such a mad awesome show!


Corrine bounded down the hall, stopping at the base of the stairs where her four friends, Lucas, Josie, Vaughn, and Marshall sat, discussing something that, to her, seemed trivial.

"Guess what!" She exclaimed.

Josie Trent looked up with remote surprise. She could have sworn that Corrine had been outside the whole time they were there. She had left Corrine out there in the middle of lunch to follow her boyfriend, Lucas, to see the new device Lucas was continually trying to get her to look at … a device that could possibly predict activation of the wormhole. On their way in they had run into Vaughn – whom they were getting along with, finally – and Marshall, the two of them having a long conversation about a video game the two were working on. And so they had settled down on the stairs while everyone else was either inside or out, and began to get involved in the conversation as well …. Forgetting temporarily about Corrine.

Marshall moved over on the steps so that Corrine could sit next to him, which she did gratefully. The two had just gotten over another one of their little 'spats', and were now in their 'we like each other so much' mode. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and quickly encouraged her to continue.

"I just got some really good news," Corrine continued, once she was comfortable.

"What?" Vaughn asked, looking interested. Out of everyone, Vaughn was the outsider of the group, and it was easy to see why. With Josie and Lucas hooked up, and then Corrine and Marshall, he sometimes felt like the third wheel. Still, when they weren't convinced he was secretly working against them, they welcomed Vaughn's presence greatly, despite the couplings.

"Electron Magazine is sending a representative here to write up an article on Blake Holsey's Science labs," Corrine said with a wide grin.

"Whoa, science labs?" Josie said, looking uncomfortable. "How do we know it isn't Pearadyne's way of trying to find out the secret of the wormhole?"

Lucas laughed at the joke, taking her hand in his. "I doubt it," he said with humor in his voice.

Corrine also chuckled. "No, it's more like they want to do a piece on the curriculum. Apparently Blake Holsey's test scores in science are in the top ten, and the magazine is really interested in it. Not to mention how science-related this school is. It's caught their attention."

"How did you hear about this?" Vaughn asked.

"Principal Durst came up to a few moments ago and told me about it," Corrine replied. "Apparently they're also interested in interviewing the science club."

"Hold on," Marshall said. "They want to interview us?"

Corrine nodded. "They'll be sending a representative sometime this weekend, so nobody make any plans."

"There goes that movie we wanted to see," Lucas said and Josie shrugged.

"There's always next weekend, I guess," She said. Then she grinned, looking back at him. "Since we're not going anywhere this weekend, we can finally get around to those skateboarding lessons I've been meaning to give you."

Marshall made a face, looking at Corrine and Vaughn who were trying to hold in a laugh, while Lucas tried not to look too nervous, though he'd paled considerably.

"Sure," He said, almost through clenched teeth. "Sounds fun."

"Yeah," Marshall said. "I'm betting he falls down at least five times."

"Seven," Corrine reluctantly admitted.

"Ten," Josie said with a bob of her head.

Lucas gave her a playful poke in the arm. "Hey!" He exclaimed indignantly.

Josie shrugged. "Sorry Lucas. It's just that I've seen you on roller skates, and honestly? It's not pretty."

"Thanks," Lucas said, rolling his eyes.

"I say he'll only fall three times," Vaughn said thoughtfully. Everyone looked at him with surprise, but he just grinned.

"You're on," Josie said after a minute. "Should we make it … winner cleans all bedrooms for a week?"

"Okay," Vaughn said reassuringly. He leaned back against the wall, and Josie turned back to Corrine.

"So who is this reporter, anyways?" She asked.

"I'm not sure," Corrine replied. "But I think we should all agree right now to be careful of what we say. We don't want to risk anyone finding out about the wormhole or anything like that."

"Like we would. Come on Corrine, you don't really think we would blow the secret, do you?" Josie asked.

"No," Corrine said. "I'm just saying be careful of what you say."

"We've kept things a secret this long, haven't we?" Marshall asked; his mouth now full of a sandwich. He had brought his lunch with him to the staircase, and had only actually begun to eat it now.

"Don't speak with your mouth full," Corrine chastised. Marshall quickly swallowed before giving his girlfriend a sheepish grin.

"Sorry," He murmured.

"Oh, Vaughn," Josie said, looking back. "Do you have my CD yet?"

"Nope, I haven't gotten around to burning it, yet. But as soon as I do, I'll get it back," He replied.

"Okay," Josie said, turning back.

"Miss. Trent," A sharp voice said. The others looked up to see Durst heading towards them. Josie frowned in confusion, unable to recall any incident in which Principal Durst would have any reason to be mad with her. "A word?"

Josie got up slowly, looking back at her friends before approaching Durst. Instead of addressing Josie, though, Durst continued to look at the others.

"Is something wrong, Principal Durst?" Vaughn asked.

"As a matter of fact," Durst said, her voice seemingly uptight. "I don't think it's appropriate to be taking up the stairs like that. What if someone needed to come through? Move along."

The others did as she suggested, quickly standing and moving away to finish their conversations in the science lab. Corrine and Lucas quickly looked back at Josie. She gave them a reassuring smile, and they continued on. Slowly Josie turned back to Principal Durst.

The woman was scrutinizing her. "Miss. Trent," She said carefully. "We have a special visitor coming this weekend -."

"Oh, Corrine mentioned it to me," Josie said, quickly gesturing to the seat she and her friends had occupied moments before. "Don't worry, principal Durst. I won't do anything wrong. I swear, I'll be the image of a good student."

"Well," Durst said, looking a little surprised, but smug, nonetheless. "That is very reassuring, but not what I wanted to speak with you about."

Josie looked at her with confusion. "Well then what do you want?"

Durst straightened her back. "While we encourage our students to experiment, I don't exactly think this fits that description." She pulled a strangely shaped rock out of her pocket and handed it to Josie. "Please try to keep things like this out of sight while our visitor is here, will you?"

"Sure," Josie said, taking the strange thing into her hand. "But it's not mine."

"It isn't?" Durst asked, looking confused. "Well … I was sure …"

"Nope," Josie said, handing it back.

"Oh, keep it," Durst said dismissively, seeming confused. "I suppose you could go on your way, then."

"Thanks," Josie said, quickly pocketing the thing and nodding her head. "See you later!" She quickly turned and started off in the direction her friends had gone, leaving a remotely confused Durst standing there. She turned, and was surprised to see the janitor standing not too far behind her.

"Oh," She said. "You startled me."

"Sorry," He mumbled, quickly heading into another room with his broom. Durst looked at him curiously, but brushed it off as the janitor's usual behavior. She moved back towards her office, leaving the hallway empty once again.