AN: I'm really sorry that this chapter is such crap, guys. I just want to try and finish this so you aren't left hanging, and unfortunately, I was pushing through a writer's block on this, so … just try to follow. There are still chapter's to come, tho, so anyone still reading this, don't be disappointed!


"Whoa!" Marshall exclaimed as he skidded across the tiling of the device's chamber, Corrine stumbling right beside him. Josie, Lucas, Vaughn, Z, and Victor all jumped out of the way.

Corrine looked up, and nudged Marshall. "We made it!" She exclaimed, jumping up. She pulled Marshall up with her.

"Welcome back," Josie said, giving Corrine a hug.

Lucas patted Marshall on the back. "Boy, you've missed a lot."

"Yeah, you too," Marshall replied. "You'll never believe where we were."

"We have bigger fish to fry," Josie stated. "The word of the wormhole has leaked through the television, and now the school's being over run by the military!"

"What?" Corrine and Marshall exclaimed with surprise.

"How did that happen?" Marshall asked.

"There isn't much time," Lucas stated. "Something's about to happen at the school, and we have to hurry."

"Wait," Corrine said, looking around worriedly. "Where's Sarah?"

"Huh?" Josie asked, looking around for another person.

"Sarah! Sarah Pearson! She followed us through the wormhole," Corrine stated.

"That's impossible," Victor snapped. "Sarah died in the accident."

"Actually, no she didn't," Vaughn said, turning and meeting his Father's eye.

"What?" Victor asked.

Everyone looked away, slightly embarrassed by the situation.

"She didn't die in the accident, Dad. We, uh, we suspect that she actually escaped, somehow," Vaughn replied.

"She did," Marshall interrupted. "She came through the wormhole with us."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Victor asked Vaughn, looking his son in the eye.

"Dad, I -."

A loud explosion sounded outside. Everyone looked up. "What's going on?" Lucas asked, taking Josie's hand.

"They're up to something," Josie replied.

"The military?" Corrine asked.

"No," Josie said quietly, pushing out the door and down the corridor.

"Josie!" Lucas called after her.

"It's like you said, Lucas. We don't have much time."

"What about Sarah?" Corrine asked, looking at the now still machine.

"We'll have to worry about that later," Josie replied. "If we don't do something now, I have a feeling we're all going to be in trouble." The five of them quickly darted off, leaving Professor Zachary with Victor Pearson.

"So, ah, all this is rather interesting, hmm?" Z asked. Victor just looked at him with a hint of annoyance.


Corrine frowned, leaning closer to Marshall as the five of them stalked across the grounds of Blake Holsey. "Marshall," She whispered quietly. "Do you think we should tell them about Jovee?"

Marshall stiffened. "What about her?" He asked.

"About who she really is," Corrine replied.

"We don't really know if that's who she really is," Marshall argued. "And besides, even if she was … you know whose daughter; wouldn't it be risky to tell?"

"I know, but … this is something too big to keep a secret," Corrine said.

Marshall sighed, patting Corrine on the back. "Sometimes, for the good of everybody, we have to keep secrets. If only to be sure that everything turns out the way it should," Marshall assured her. Corrine nodded as Vaughn turned around.

"What are you guys talking about?" He asked.

"Nothing," Corrine and Marshall said quickly, catching up with the rest of the group.


Commander Holt - or Tyler, as we saw earlier - looked up at the explosion, as did Ms. Sletzki. Tyler grinned. So Avenir was finally putting his plans into affect …


Josie threw open the door and stepped inside, letting Corrine, Marshall, Lucas and Vaughn follow quietly after her.

"It's like a war zone in here," Corrine said quietly.

"It's worse than that," Josie replied. The group crept through the halls, peeking around the corner to make sure no one could see them creeping about.

"Where exactly are we going?" Vaughn asked.

"To the science room," Josie replied. "We have to shut down the wormhole, like Preston and Douglas suggested."

"Wait, Douglas? Douglas was here?" Corrine asked, exchanging a look with Marshall. "Because we were with Jovee in the past."

Josie looked at her with confusion. "So she did go through the wormhole?"

"Who's Preston?" Marshall inquired.

"It's a long story," Lucas told them.

"One that I'm not sure we have time for," Josie finished.

"How exactly are we going to shut down the wormhole, though?" Vaughn demanded.

Josie frowned. "I haven't quite figured that out yet," She admitted. "But it will come to us, right?"

Lucas nodded. "No better time than the present," He replied.

"Here goes nothing," Josie said. She held her breath and pushed open the door to the science lab, only to have it pulled away from her. A man stood there, smiling darkly at the group.

"Glad you could finally show up," Avenir said. The group gawked at him with surprise.