Sequel to "House of Fear", but takes place after "Home". This is being done to answer Tanya's question about why a vampire would rape someone. Now, I generally like vampires to go poof when they're killed, but for this story, I need bones. Therefore, they don't go poof. And I got the resurrection plot from BTVS "When She Was Bad". That and Supernatural belongs to the WB. I only own Cassie and and any other vampires you don't recognize. Oh, and Santa Cruz, as far as I can tell is a nice, safe, little coastal town. And no, this is not a Lost Boys crossover.


On the outskirts of Santa Cruz, a group of vampires approached a grave.

"Dig," the leader commanded. Her followers did so. In a hotel room, Sam Winchester made moaning noises as he began to toss and turn. Smoke came from the creatures' hands.

"It's consecrated," a vampire stated.

"It burns," another added.

"Dig," the command came again. The vampires continued to do as they were told. Sam let out another moan as he continued to trash about. Soon, they had reached the bottom and pulled out the bones. The female vampire leader grinned evilly. With a pained gasp, Sam awoke and fell out of the bed.

"Oh, no," he whispered. He attempted to crawl to the bathroom, but it hurt too much. He cried out in pain, waking his brother.

"Sammy?" Dean Winchester asked groggily. He lifted himself up and was concerned when he didn't see his brother beside him.

"Sammy?" he asked sharply, as he turned on the light. A gasp of pain reached his ears and he saw his brother on the floor.

"Sam, what's wrong?" Dean queried, hurrying out of the bed to his brother's side.

"I'm in trouble, Dean. Big trouble," Sam managed to wheeze out.


You'll find out why the bones weren't salted and torched later.