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Okay, I was originally going to wait until after my finals were over to post this, but I changed my mind. Supernatural belongs to the WB.

Late in the night, three figures drove into Santa Cruz.

"Okay, where's the grave?" Sam asked.

"What, you don't remember?" Dean queried hotly.

"Dean, I was kinda out of it at the time," Sam shot back.

"Boys," John snapped.

"Sorry, Dad," Sam and Dean chorused. They followed their father.

"Here we are," he finally announced.

"Hello, Cassie," Sam said. He took the can of salt from his father and poured it over the grave. Then, as he lit a match, "Goodbye, Cassie." With that, he threw the match onto the grave. Then, the trio walked back to their own cars.

"I wish you'd stay. We could really use you," Dean stated.

"You boys are doing fine," John assured.

"Yeah?" Sam queried.

"Yeah," John nodded.

"Well, I'll be in the car," Dean said brusquely. Then, he headed for the Impala. Sam laughed.

"Anything to avoid a chick flick moment," he stated.

"Yeah, that's Dean for ya," his father agreed with a chuckle. He blew out a breath. "Sam, I'm sorry...for everything," he stated.

"We both said things we didn't mean. I'm just glad you were here," Sam responded.

"Any time, kid," John answered. "See ya 'round, Sammy," he continued, patting his son on the back.

"It's Sam," Sam emphasized, rolling his eyes. Then, John walked to his pickup. Inside the Impala, Dean watched as his brother and father talked. A little bit later he saw the older man pat Sam on the back, then walk away.

"Finally," Dean teased, as Sam got in..

"We didn't take that long," Sam responded, putting on his belt. Dean started the ignition and fifties music was immediately heard.

"What the---" With an oath, Dean changed the station, only to find the same song. He flipped through the stations, each time landing on the same music.

"Dean...just leave it," Sam told.

"This is crazy. I'm gonna put in some real music," Dean declared. He picked up one of his cassettes and began to put it in, only to be stopped by his brother's hand.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" Dean demanded.

"Leave it...please?" Sam implored. Dean stared into his brother's eyes.

"I don't get it. Why is this song so important?" he wondered.

"It was our song. Mine and Jess'," came the response.

"Okay, Sam," Dean agreed. He put his tape down and let the music play. They continued down the road and the younger Winchester closed his eyes and remembered the times he and Jess had danced to the song. Her face imprinted itself in his mind.

"There may be clouds in the sky, but they all disappear from view. And I only have eyes for you," Sam sang softly.



Yeah, I know the "Hello\Goodbye" line was pretty much the part in " The Hookman", but what can I say? That part was cool. "I Only Have Eyes For You" belongs to The Flamingos.