Lost in Translation

Pairing: Kaiba Seto / Anzu Mazaki

Summary: Easily adapting to her life in university, Anzu isn't prepared for the turn her world is about to get. Little does she know the surprise is just the tip of the iceberg.

Disclaimer: Woe is me to have to start writing these all over again. Yu-Gi-Oh sniffle isn't mine.

Warning: Delaney's potty mouth.

A/N 1: The long awaited sequel has been rewritten for my sanity sake now that I've managed the time to do so. The plot and storylines are the same so if you'd rather not reread it there isn't any need to worry about feeling confused by the updates. All that has really changed is some dialogue and character thought. Not to mention all the fun – insert drool here - I had dressing Kaiba up in this chapter. Goodbye blue shirt, hello sexy, sexy man.

A/N 2: Lost in Translation takes place between the last chapter of Poison and the Epilogue.

Italics Japanese

Regular English

Chapter One Friday 3:20pm

There were few things in life that Anzu was want to wish for, what with a loving family, caring friends, the opportunity to excel in dance, money making it possible to study dance, and the list carried on. Yet with all the good fortune cast her way she still wished she didn't have to attend a university an ocean's distance away from everyone and everything that she knew. Not that Anzu wasn't appreciative of the chance to further her education, and she reminded herself of that as she was leaving York University with a couple of her Canadian friends. The trio was already plotting how they would spend their time now that reading week had arrived.

Regretfully as they made it outside Taryn SinClair over took them. Also known as the best female student in Anzu's program, the richest student at York, and the resident slut. With long flowing blonde locks and baby blue eyes to help accent a body many women would kill for, it wasn't a question as to where her popularity came from.

Taryn was in the midst of a monologue -bordering on ten minutes- that was centered on a young nameless business tycoon who was visiting Canada. Little did he know the blonde had every intention of wooing, (forcing), him into bed. Her actions were immoral and degrading to all women but for Taryn it was just another part of daily life.

"Ugh! Don't you have enough money already?" Delaney interrupted, shifting her school bag on her shoulder, "Or are you looking to make it into the year book as sleeping with the most guys in one semester?"

The bickering that started was of no surprise to Anzu and she shook her head at her friend's antics. Delaney had been the first person to befriend her at York University, probably due to the fact that they were roommates. She tended to be overbearing and sarcastic at the best of times. Delaney's personality matched her short spiky bleach blonde hair that for the month of February she dyed the tips blue. Her attitude and appearance may have been brash but she was one of the more dedicated and passionate dancers on campus.

Becoming friends with Delaney automatically made Anzu friends with the punkster's best friend Taylor. He was zealous, optimistic and the clingiest guy over twelve. Only a few inches taller then Anzu, Taylor had red hair and stunning green eyes that left many a girl breathless. He even had his own little herd of fangirls from their university that liked to follow him around.

He threw his arms over both girls' shoulders. "Do we even get to meet this sex god of yours?"

"Only if you're lucky enough," Taryn replied, looking down her nose at the trio. One had to wonder how she perfected such an act, being the shortest one of them all.

"Hey, is that your man?" Delaney gestured to the curb, "He's been staring quite intently at us. Certainly fits the night in shining armor bit and he even came in a limo."

Casually situated beside the limo, as if he had all the time in the world, stood the one man Anzu practically ached to touch ever moment they were apart. Realizing Anzu had finally noticed him through the light shower of snowflakes, Seto smirked.

Her reaction was almost instantaneous. Dropping her book bag on the wet ground, Anzu tore across the pavement and threw herself at the billionaire, knocking him against the side of the limo. She managed to catch Seto off balance with her enthusiasm and held his face between her mitten-covered hands to shower him with kisses; unable to give him enough equal to the joy Anzu was suddenly feeling. The dancer needn't have worried about expressing her joy to Seto. He stilled Anzu's movements just enough to be able to crush their lips together. It was warm, wet and perfect, and possibly, if physics allowed, capable of melting the snow falling around them.

Seto was the first to pull away, a smug smile on his face. "That's quite the warm welcome, Anzu."

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" the dancer swatted him on the arm, unable to hide her grin.

"And ruin the surprise? The gratification of informing you of my presence in Toronto for the next week by appearing in person is rewarding in itself."

Her eyes widened. "A week?" Anzu all but squeaked. Seto was going to be in Toronto for an entire week, coincidentally, (or not), the same week she was free from school. Perfect couldn't even describe it.

"I do have a few business conferences to attend to, though," he interrupted her thought process, "But I'm sure you will be capable of filling the rest of my time."

"That won't be a problem."

Anzu hugged the billionaire tighter and buried her face in his jacket, enjoying familiar scent of him. The last time she had been able to do that was right after the New Year, the day she flew back to Canada. One month apart was longer then Anzu liked, but a new school semester had been a helpful distraction.

Holding her still in front of him, Seto glanced behind the dancer. "It would appear we have company."

Delaney stood with her arms crossed and smiled knowingly at Anzu. "Oh don't let us stop you. It's not every day we get to watch you make out with the sexiest man of the year on a street corner."

"It certainly isn't very classy," Taryn sneered, obviously unappreciative of the position Anzu and Seto were in. Maybe her rant had really been about Seto. It was after all, a small, small world.

"Taryn, shut it. No one cares about your opinion," Taylor told her.

Introductions were quickly swapped and Anzu made sure to remind Seto that he was to be respectful towards her friends, nice if he could pull it off. She became slightly nauseous by the promising smile Taryn gave her boyfriend, and the fluttering of eyelashes, but Seto didn't even shake her hand. Apart from a simple hello, nothing was said from his end.

Taylor stared intuitively at the young CEO. "So this is your boyfriend," he said, shaking Seto's hand, "Did he get the same reading week as you?…. Do they even have reading week in Japan?"

"Seto doesn't attend school," Anzu shook her head.

"Then what does he do?"

"I have a company to run," Seto answered the question in perfect English, almost challenging the redhead to refute him.

Everyone, with the exception of Taryn, was startled by her boyfriend speaking to them in their native tongue. It answered another unspoken question he could in fact understand every word out of their mouths and if they were smart they wouldn't forget it.

Delaney smiled at the new found information. "Let me get this straight, Anzu. You're dating a guy who is supermodel material, fluent in English, runs his own company, I take it," she paused for Anzu's consent at the last thing listed, "And by the looks of transportation is very well endowed. Sorry Taryn looks like Prince Charming is taken. And Anzu didn't even have to whore herself out to get him. Sucks to be you."

"I don't know what you are talking about," the blonde replied, offering up another fake smile to Seto's blind eye.

The man under question rested a hand on Anzu's lower back to gain her attention. "Is there a point to this?"

"Not really," she told him, unwilling to go into detail.

He didn't need to be informed of everyone's history from as far back as the beginning of the school year. Seto had been introduced to her friends, completing all immediate obstacles in their way. Anzu had missed the striking billionaire and she wanted a few moments to show him just how much.

Friday 10:00pm

The nightclub was nothing out of the ordinary for a popular, affordable establishment, swarming with college students looking for a good time. It wasn't as high end as Seto was used to but Anzu and her friends frequented Club Reload for one specific reason. It had a killer dance floor.

Positioned in the very middle of the main room was a raised floor four step's in height. A steel railing surrounded the dance floor for safety reasons, with gaps every half a dozen feet or so for easy access. Three of the walls in the club held decent sized bars with all the stools already occupied. Tall tables with little surface area and accompanying chairs filled the space between the bars and dance floor. The fourth wall was entrance into the main room and ordained with a balcony overhang the dance floor, providing a clear view of everything happening below. It was furnished with couches for the odd person who preferred an escape or more readily, make out to their heart content.

Club Reload was a dancers dream come true, but all those months she had appeared the club had been missing a key component for Anzu. One sexy as hell dance partner, who coincidentally went by the name of Kaiba Seto. Satisfied smile in place she led Seto by hand through the throngs of people populating the nightclub, heading in the direction of the tables her friends liked to inhabit. The pounding of base trailed them only increasing Anzu's urge to hit the dance floor.

Spotting Delaney openly appreciating the surrounding men, the couple reached their table. "It's about time you got here," she said over the music, "Must have killed you to show up tonight let alone get dressed. I can already feel the sexual tension sizzling." Not hoping for a response Delaney motioned to the chairs across from her.

The brunette couple spent no time in occupying the seats and Anzu made herself comfortable against Seto, reveling in the feel of his arm tossed across the back of her chair. Casual actions to a stranger but coming from Seto it only proved he wasn't put out by Delaney's sense of humor.

Anzu absentmindedly traced a circle on her boyfriend's jean-clad thigh. He had dressed impeccable as usual in a pair of ass and thigh hugging black jeans, dark brown leather boots and a white button up shirt made from such a sheer fabric, Anzu didn't doubt it would be see through by the nights end from sweat alone. The stitching on the shirt was done in sliver thread and square metallic buttons held the fabric closed. Already feeling the heat from the club Seto had undone the cuffs and pushed his sleeves up. As if for an added bonus feature around his neck hung a thin sterling silver chain necklace falling inside the opening of Seto's shirt.

The dancer wore a red silk skirt made of three layers of fabric and fell just past her knees. It would have been too conservative for where they were if not for the many thigh high slits that Anzu dare not count. She had on a matching strapless top that better resembled a corset with a darker shade of flowery red lace covering it and a red ribbon running down the front. Just for Seto's pleasure Anzu had donned a pair of red stilettos that laced up her calves. Red wasn't Seto's favorite color, but she would be damned if his reaction upon first sight of her that night didn't change that. And all because Anzu had wanted something to wear with the ruby necklace he had given her for Christmas.

"Things getting hot on that side of the table?" Delaney misinterpreted Anzu's silence, "Maybe I should get you a napkin to wipe off your seat."

Only then did the dancer realize she had a smug grin on her face. Hoping to change the topic Anzu said the first thing that came to mind. "Anything exciting happen yet?"

The punkster shook her head. "Nothing out of the ordinary. Taryn showed up and all the boys started drooling and thumping their legs. Just the usual."

Clinking glasses sounded Taylor's approach as he weaved his way between the tables, no doubt having been sent to get drinks. "I wasn't sure what you wanted," he told Seto, handing everyone their preferred drink, "So I followed simple logic and got you a beer."

Seto gave a nod of thanks but left the beverage on the table in front of him. Beads of condensation slowly slid down the neck of the bottle, a few lucky ones soaked into the label, while the remaining began forming a puddle on the tabletop. Suddenly having a complete disregard for her own bottle of Smirnoff, Anzu gazed longingly at the untouched beer.

"Kaiba-kun," Anzu managed to make her voice flowery and light over the music, "If you prefer to have something else I have no qualms about taking the beer off of your hands."

The offer made Seto smirk. "Are you planning on running up my tab at this club as well? Why don't we start lining up the shots right now? I san certainly afford it."

Taylor laughed at the billionaire's apparent sarcasm. "She ever get that bad?"

"On occasion," Seto replied, lifting his beer to his lips.

"It must be her student bank account that's been holding her back all this time," the redhead joked.

It would appear her boyfriend was in a feisty mood that evening, already feeling the need to sugarcoat his comments in the company of Anzu's friends. She enjoyed their banter, without question, but Seto forgot one very important thing. Anzu could be just as vicious if she set her mind to it.

Her hand still on his thigh, Anzu slowly ran her fingers over the front of Seto's jeans and left them there. "If you insist, Seto-chan, is this your wallet? I'm more then capable of retrieving it. You needn't worry yourself."

The young CEO went stiff in his seat, quickly and carefully lowering his beer to the table. "I believe you need a lesson on the human anatomy, Anzu." His eyes dared her to try anything else.

"Whoa girl, I didn't know you had it in you!" Delaney grinned, licking her cherry red lips, "But at least drag him to the bathroom if you want to start anything. There's better lighting in there."

Anzu shared a smile with her friend before reluctantly removing her hand. "I agree Seto. You'll have to teach me all about it tonight."

"Would you like the hands on experience?" he whispered in her ear.

A faint blush colored the dancers cheeks under her makeup. Not even on the dance floor yet and Anzu was already feeling the heat and held back from fanning herself so as not to encourage anymore of Delaney's comments. If she didn't have any self-respect, Anzu might have taken the punkster up on her suggestion of the bathroom. The night ahead was beginning take on a never-ending feel now that there was something she willingly looked forward at the tail end.

Delaney grabbed Anzu's wrist and effortlessly pulled her from her chair. "I can only guess what he said to you," she winked, "But something tells me you'll need to dance it off, c'mon."

Knowing what her friend said was true she put up no resistance. "You coming Seto?"

"In a few minutes. I'd rather enjoy the show for a little while."

- - - - - - - - - -

The billionaire watched as his girlfriend disappeared into the crowds populating Club Reload only to pop up on the elevated dance floor a minute later. Being partial to Anzu for obvious reasons, he was mesmerized by her as she instantly flowed into the seductive beat, proving her time at York have taught her well.

Seto was only one of many guys who were drawn to simply watching her, but the second anyone decided they had a right to touch Anzu his gloves were coming off. Based on sex appeal and beauty alone he thought for sure Anzu would have been snatched up for a little hip to hip grinding, yet five minutes in and she was still dancing with Delaney.

"Surprised?" Taylor asked, reminding Seto that he wasn't alone at the table. "Are you surprised someone hasn't already tried to dance with her?"

Going off of Delaney's description of all the men present being dog's, the young CEO had to admit he was slightly intrigued as to why. "Should I be?"

Taylor shrugged. "The first few times we brought Anzu here she might as well have been wearing a fresh meat sign since she was new, young and foreign. But your girlfriend quickly made it clear that if you wanted to dance with her touching was to be kept to a bear minimum, and boy did she ever prove it." He paused, no doubt in an attempt to add suspense to his story, before quickly continuing with one look at Seto's blank stare. "A couple weeks in one of the regulars got plastered and decided to shove his hand up the back of Anzu's skirt. It's a miracle the guy walked away with nothing more then a broken nose and sprained wrist."

"Anzu has always been strong in spirit. Only a handful of her friends know she has one nasty right hook," Seto replied, smiling to himself as he turned again to watch her.

He trusted his girlfriend. Trusted her enough to stand back and watch her leave for a foreign school an oceans distance away. Jealousy wasn't a common occurrence in their relationship but after Taylor's small talk pertaining to Anzu the little emotion was making itself known. Anzu despised being referred to as a piece of property and Seto didn't dare think of her as such. Yet for all the time the two had been together he had come to see the dancer as his. She wasn't a well-paid companion or servant, and especially not used as a form of entertainment albeit how their relationship first began. Nor did Seto keep her on his arm like a trophy to show off, similar to most businessmen of his stature. Anzu was just… Anzu… and Anzu was his. Which brought him to the thought of her with another man. Wasn't going to happen.

Song ending the DJ changed the music to a slower pace that was quickly adapted to and the population of the dance floor became one giant pulsating organ. A heavy buzz of conversation swam through the club but most people's attention was drawn to the dancing. It occupants grinded, groped, some even going as far as playing with each other's tonsils. And Anzu was in the midst of everything… alone…

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Exorbitantly thrilled at having Seto in the same building as her let alone city, Anzu knew exactly when he left their table to join her due to her constant watch of him. Partially encompassed in the music she had been taking the odd glance or twelve in his direction using every hair toss and body shift to observe. It made the night even better when she noticed Taylor casually making small talk with the billionaire that didn't produce the usual argument or, as Jou was still custom to do, fist fight.

Seto's height being no match for the swamp of bodies, flailing arms and flashing lights, Anzu lost sight of him by the time he made it to the dance floor. Having complete faith that her boyfriend knew exactly where she was Anzu threw herself into the music, leaving the task of finding her all up to Seto. On any other night she may have innocently drawn out the search by moving further into the crowd solely to provoke him, but it was a struggle enough on her end not to go to him. Sooner then expected the pressure of strong familiar hands rested on her hips before she was spun around. Anzu was given no chance to speak when Seto kissed her, rendering the dancer temporarily breathless.

Too soon Seto pulled away brushing his lips over her ear. "Canadian women are notably forward," his deep voice was heard under the heavy bass, "My ass was on the receiving end of many an assault while I fought my way to your side."

Anzu licked her top lip and pressed closer to Seto, reveling in how their bodies warranted no instruction and began moving together. "I've never known you to complain, Kaiba-kun. Would you like me to make your tempting ass feel better?" Emphasizing her delight with the idea, Anzu reached down and grabbed said ass cheek.

Heat crept into the young CEO's clear blue eyes, undoubtedly promising that he would indeed hold her to the offer. "I'll let you become acquainted with the other cheek if you can play nice this evening."

"Does playing nice include marking my territory because I'm more then willing to do that."

Anzu trailed her hands over her boyfriend's hips and underneath the hem of his shirt allowing her to hook her fingers in the waist of Seto's pants. When her actions were met with no resistance she spun around and pressed up against the billionaire, loving the feel of being in his arms. Adrenaline pumping, energy buzzing through her blood stream, Anzu fell into the music with Seto, using many familiar dance moves to tease him and a few new ones courtesy of Delaney teachings. It was the first time in a Canadian dance club that she let herself loose on the dance floor, giving no thought to exactly how risqué she was moving. It would take a drunken idiot to try getting past Seto.

The dancer ran a finger down her boyfriend's chest, attempting and failing to weave in between the silver buttons. The one simple act was Seto's undoing and he hauled her forward claiming her lips with his own. The taste of Seto, the feel of his tongue caressing hers, the musky cologne that surrounded him, being caught up in his arms, made Anzu feel, for the first time in months, like she was finally home.

Saturday 3:25am

The elevator ride up to Seto's penthouse was calm and quiet enough to lull Anzu to sleep on her feet, pressed comfortably against the billionaire's side. She dreamed of a large, warm, comforts-are-us bed that Seto undoubtedly owned, and that she could welcome the sandman in with open arms. Although without the assistance of caffeine to keep her eyes open, Anzu didn't think she would make it to his coveted bedroom. Leave it to Seto to own the top two floor of the hottest – and what felt like the tallest – apartment building in Toronto.

"Are we there yet?" Anzu mumbled against his arm.

Voice full of amusement he replied, "Almost."

Energy deprived, as she was Anzu let Seto lead her from the elevator, down the hall and into his Canadian home. Instantly she gravitated to a pinstriped plush chair in his front hall that effortlessly beckoned to her. Anzu must have accidentally dozed off for the next thing the dancer knew Seto hand was on her shoulder shaking her awake.

"Don't fad on me yet Anzu, we still need to get your jacket off."

Accepting his hand she stood from the chair and shrugged off her jacket with Seto's help. Only when Anzu stood shivering did she realize somewhere along the way her shoes had been removed as well. In her hazy state of mind it took a few moments to come up with the solution that the imposing CEO of Kaiba Corp. had been generous enough to assist her. It always left a warm feeling in her stomach to know Seto had no qualms about doing little favors for her, favors that as many times as she had relayed them to her friends they still refused to believe her.

"Bed?" she asked when he turned from the front closet.

Seto grabbed hold of Anzu's hand and began leading the dancer towards the staircase. "Master bedroom is on the top floor," he explained.

By the grace of Seto's firm grip Anzu managed to make it to her boyfriend's bedroom without stumbling into any objects or heaven forbid, falling down the stairs where she would have gladly made her bed for the night. Upon first sight of Seto's comforts-are-us bed, the dancer had enough energy left to sprint for the bed, forgetting that Seto still had a firm hold of her hand and didn't manage more then a few steps. With pleading eyes Anzu gazed up at the billionaire.

"Change first, Anzu," he told her.


"Change first," Seto repeated, walking into his closet.

Anzu stared after her boyfriend, mind too sleep muddled to make any sudden movements. "But I don't have anything to wear and I'm too tired--"

A shirt came flying out of the closet and smacked Anzu in the face, landing in a rumpled mess at her feet. Dazed from the assault Anzu took in the shirt in confusion, noting that it was a simple blue t-shirt of Seto's with Kaiba Corp. insignia spread across the left sleeve.

"Seto, I need help undoing my top," Anzu said, finally understanding why she had been given the shirt and picked it up.

The young CEO, already dressed for bed in a pair of gray flannel pajama bottoms, immerged from the walk-in-closet. Without all the glam and style that Seto had been sporting for the night Anzu could finally notice that he too was bordering on exhaustion. "How many more excuses are you going to feed me, Anzu; turn around."

"I just wanna sleep," she mumbled in retaliation.

With quick capable fingers Seto undid the clasps running down the back of Anzu's bodice like top faster then she liked. "Am I to believe you can finish the rest on your own?" he asked, gently running his hands down her arms before moving towards the bed.

Goosebumps quickly rose on Anzu's flesh and a shiver ran down her spine. Contrary to the temperature of Seto's penthouse the dancers teeth began to chatter. "So…cold," she said, quickly slipping on the t-shirt before dropping her skirt on the hardwood floor.

Seto smiled at her misfortune while he turned down the bed. He had just reached the final sheet when Anzu dive-bombed onto the bed, destroying any form of order he had made. Using the last of her energy she crawled to the head of the bed and burrowed under the soft warmth of bedding, stretching soar muscles before taking the fetal position. A few moments went by and Anzu remained alone in the oversized bed. Cracking one eye open she saw Seto silently watching her. He made to say something upon noticing her attention but changed his mind and instead graced her with another smile.

"This bed is awfully lonely without you in it, Seto-chan," Anzu said, retrieving her hand from the sheets to beckon the billionaire.

Quietly Seto moved to the light switch by the door allowing for the city's lights shining through the floor to ceiling windows to lead him back to the bed. Once under the sheets he draped an arm over Anzu's waist and placed a kiss against the back of her neck. Shifting closer to him Anzu let out a sigh of contentment officially allowed to drift off in a world of wonderful dreams. After all her life was just about near perfect.

to be continued……….