Lost in Translation

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Chapter Eight Monday 12:50 pm

Seto's hand was warm in Anzu's grip as he led her around another street corner and further from that cursed building. She hadn't a clue where in the city they were and if she guessed correctly neither did Seto, but his presence alone calmed the storm of butterflies in her stomach.

It had been snowing when the couple first stepped out into the back alleyway, adding perfectly to the depressing atmosphere that surrounded them. Though thanks to global warming and over populated city life they didn't have to worry about the snow becoming a hindrance. In fact they hadn't stopped moving ever since Seto woke her up on the uncomfortable floor, where after a logical deduction, she believed herself to have fainted. And contrary to Anzu's history in dance she didn't run track hence making her short of breath with every step she took.

"Hey," Anzu tugged on Seto's hand for his attention, "Can we rest for a minute?"

He glanced over his shoulder at her finally seeing the wear their hasty retreat had on his girlfriend. Squeezing Anzu's hand Seto slowed his step. "Soon. But not out in the open. It isn't safe."

Silently she agreed, not feeling any less comfortable walking the streets amidst strangers no matter the amount of little cover they provided. Her soul faith in their safety rested completely in Seto's hands. He had always carried a feeling of invincibility and protect with him wherever he went. It had taken Anzu until Battle City to pin point why the Kaiba Seto showing up helped relieve tension, even if all he ended up doing was fighting/dueling one of her friends.

The dancer was quite grateful when Seto pulled her through a set of glass doors into what appeared to be a family run diner. Small booths circled around three of the four walls, even going as far as offering window seats for the street. Lavished in relaxing colors the booths consisted of plushy soft green benches and brown-checkered tabletops. To the left of the door stretched a bar with matching stools. It housed a cash register at on end while a few salt and peppershakers were strewn down its length. The small restaurant was secluded, cheap and most definitely not her boyfriends style.

"Just the two of you?" A lone middle-aged waitress asked from where she was cleaning off a table. She fumbled with her tray of dirty dishes when she looked up at Seto's bruised face, but was able to compose herself and plaster on a motherly smile. "Find a place to sit and I'll be with you shortly."

Thinking along the same wavelength the pair moved cautiously towards the back of the diner, making no eye contact with the other groups of friends and families that were present. They chose a booth in the far corner that was hidden from the front windows and kept them out of the sight of a good third of the people present.

Anzu sighed as she sank onto the seat, unaware that she had been holding her breath. It was nice to be out of the cold and off of her feet. But most importantly nice to have Seto by her side with no one to plot psychotic kidnappings.

The same brunette waitress from earlier approached their table and handed the couple a set of menu's with an overly cheerful smile it made a person grit their teeth in pain. "Our specials today are the Seafood Platter and Turkey BLT. Can I get you two some drinks to start off with?"

"Just some water, thank you," Anzu, told her.

At Seto's nod of the same she left them in their own uncomfortable silence. Seto starred at her from across the table, not sparing a glance at the menu before him. It was unnerving the way his eyes pierced to her very soul when he had enough incentive to. Satisfied with what he saw the billionaire turned his attention to the plastic encased menu. "We can't stay here for much longer. There is a high chance that bitch's goon's may find us or Taryn herself if past experiences are warning enough." The calmness with which Seto spoke relieved a smidgen of the tension hanging over Anzu but it was pointless.

"What do you mean 'past experiences?'" Anzu asked in a hushed tone.

Seto glanced back up at her with those same watchful eyes. "I managed to escape once before but Taryn sent someone after me and I was knocked unconscious. Don't take it the wrong way, Anzu, I'm fine."

The hell he was! The dancer was really starting to hate her boyfriend's swollen pride. He had no right to keep such important information from her. Especially at a time like that! "You should have said something earlier," she scowled. Shuffling out of her seat, Anzu plopped herself beside Seto and pulled his head towards her to check for anymore wounds then the unsightly bruise gracing his cheek.

Almost instantaneously he began to put up a fight. "Hey, Anzu. What do you think-"

"Shh. I'm looking to see if you're hurt."

Anzu ran her fingers through his hair, relieved not to find any crusted bloody or gashes on first glance. She didn't want to begin to guess how her boyfriend had lost consciousness due to Taryn's asswipe guards, although it was inevitable. Maybe they had injected him with something like what happened to her that time in the club? They really needed to get him to the hospital if that was the case. Careful fingers tilted Seto's head to the side, brushing over a bump on the left of his skull.

Seto hissed at the contact and quickly pulled her hands away in annoyance. "Don't aggravate it."

"You could have a concussion, Seto. We need to check it out for your own good."

"That will only hinder us."

"A concussion will hinder us!" Anzu defended. Her hands began to shake at the severity as everything began to sink in. They were lost, being hunted down and Seto was injured. Things kept getting worse and worse. What next? She couldn't stomach being found in the hellish city. Too many abductions were coming back to haunt her. If only she could go a year without having to fight for a friend's life as well as her own.

Seto squeezed her wind-chapped hand reassuringly and brushed the locks of hair from her fear-ridden eyes so she could see him clearly. "Breath Anzu, deep breaths. That's it. Calm down. Everything is fine."

The helpful words were a nice center to focus on, coming directly from her boyfriend. He would always protect her no second thoughts on the matter. In fact he'd already devised a plan to remove them from Taryn's clutches that worked like a charm. She fisted one hand in his jacket and dropped her head to his shoulder. Safe. With Seto she was safe. He had always been able to radiate comfort with his mere presence in an uncanny way that Anzu treasured.

"Better?" he asked, shifting her slightly to catch her gaze.

The dancer took another deep breath and nodded her head. As good as she was going to feel.

"Well aren't you two just the cutes little lovebirds," The waitress full of smiles and an amusing glint in her eyes was really beginning to piss the couple off. She set their glasses of water on the table, wasting precious seconds pulling out her pad and pen. Assuming they knew why she was there the older woman stood silently in waiting. Did she not have other customers to attend to and decided to invade on their privacy for entertainment?

Anzu choose to ignore her and grabbed the closest glass of ice water downing the entire thing in one go. The sudden shock of freezing liquid was just what she needed to pull herself together if only slightly. Picking up on her plight Seto pushed his glass towards her.

"We'll need a few more minutes to decide." He told their waitress in a clipped tone.

A few minutes? They didn't even have a few seconds to spare. Anzu stopped her thought process right there and opted to follow Seto's advice and took a deep breath before she hyperventilated a second time. "Uh…Seto? I think you should know something," she forced herself to look at the billionaire and not the half full glass clenched in her hands. "When you first went missing and I wasn't sure why I kind of called Mokuba hoping that he could tell me where you were."

Seto nodded his head in understanding. "Then we need to contact Mokuba and let him know that is no longer the case."

"Actually there's more," Anzu fell to temptation and turned her head away, silently chanting 'don't get mad, don't get mad.' "He was instantly worried about you and decided to fly here with Jou on your private jet."

"…..what?" The one word came out in a deep rumble.

"I didn't tell him he could," she quickly went on the defensive, "I wasn't even aware that he was serious until he called me from the airport to pick him up. Mokuba and Jou came up with the idea all on their own. Not that it's their fault for coming. They did it out of love and concern for you." She was rambling now, one of the few things on Seto's list of top ten pet peeves. Biting her lip Anzu resigned herself to the fate of an angry boyfriend.

"Where are they?"

"When I left them they were at the police station with Roland and Taylor."

Having clearly made up his mind Seto began ushering her out of the booth. "We don't have anymore time to rest."

"What? Do you even know where we are? We should call them first." Anzu failed in adjusting her scarf when the young CEO grabbed her wrist with much urgency. "Uh…but Taryn took my cell."

"Mine as well. We will call on the way."

Shifting in front of him Anzu blocked his path in the glass cubical between the doors leading into the restaurant and out to the street. Strain from the entire ordeal the past few days made her hesitate before stepping forward to hug Seto.

"I'm sorry Seto I shouldn't have gotten Mokuba involved. The was the worst thing to do." Getting no reply she began moving backwards in defeat. "I'm truly sorry."

Strong arms quickly pulled her back against him. "I'm not mad at you." And then Seto was dragging her behind him into the bitter winter air.

Monday 1:15pm

"Seto!" Mokuba gripped Roland's cell phone tightly, pressed against his ear in desperation to hear the only voice that ever calmed him from his nightmares, and a hostage situation in Toronto certainly took the cake. "Seto? Is that you big brother?" The prolonged silence on the other end had him asking again, patience completely spent. "Nii-sama? Are you there? Is Anzu with you?"

"Yeah she is…How's it going kid?" The billionaire sounded drained over the connection, drained and stressed, but at the same time pleased to hear from Mokuba. "Is Roland taking good care of you?"

"Uh huh."

"You make sure to listen to whatever he tells you. Alright? It won't be long before I'll be there."

He didn't doubt his brother for a second. Seto always managed to perform the impossible and he had all the faith in the world that what Seto said he would do. But it was always a comfort to hear him say it over and over again.

Switching the phone to his left ear Mokuba had a concerned brother moment of his own. "You need to be careful too, Nii-sama or I won't let you out of the mansion ever again. I'll be stuck to you all the time."

A warm chuckle sounded in his ear. "I will keep that in mind Mokuba. Now let me talk to Roland."

Glancing up at the amused bodyguard he handed over the silver Samsung cell that he had tore from Roland's hands upon its first ring. "He wants to talk to you." Mokuba informed him. Whatever it was about only meant that they would be together soon.

Monday 1:57pm

The doors to their subway car opened once they had come to a complete stop, allowing Seto to usher Anzu out into the station, hurrying to transfer onto the blue line of subway trains where they would meet up with Roland, Jou and Mokuba and the five of them could finally be together at last.

Ever since their phone call to Seto's bodyguard things had been progressing smoothly and Anzu was massively relieved that she had sorted out just where they where in Toronto. The fact that the couple was still in the city was relief enough to bring a little sparkle back in her eyes, but only a very little pin sized spark.

Much more familiar with the subway system Anzu led Seto with interlocked arms, down the tunneled hallway in Spadina Station, passed the line up of streetcars and down a flight of stairs leading to the westbound train platform. They were almost there. Just one more stop was between them and their friends.

Seto stood tensely beside her, shoulders back and back ramrod straight. His eyes constantly jumped from one stranger to the next on alert for anyone with suspicious behavior or a connection to Taryn. This must have been what it felt like to be running from the law with the title 'escaped convict's' scrawled across their backs. Yet as dreary as the day had progressed that thought didn't put a damper on the situation.

"Where the hell is the train?" Seto muttered to himself.

Anzu hugged his arm tighter and dropped her head to his shoulder, her energy quickly depleting in the cold station. "The subway trains are frequent during the day. No more then five minutes tops and then we can sit down." Oh how much she was looking forward to that. If it hadn't been for her history in dance she would have collapsed back at the spindly phone booth.

A deep rumble alerted the couple to an approaching subway train. Unfortunately for them it was on the opposite track and quickly obscured their view of the platform across from them as passengers piled in and out of the cars always in a hurry.

Only seconds after the eastbound train disappeared into the tunnel did the lights of Seto and Anzu's subway train become visible. Not that it really mattered anymore. Both brunettes had instantly recognized the two men watching them from over the tracks before the cars rushed past with a gust of wind and braked for waiting passengers.

Taryn's henchmen had found them. Shit.

Luck still not on their side Anzu and Seto were the last two to make it on the subway car nearest them. But instead of leading the dancer to a vacant seat Seto stood with his back to the platform, one foot in way of the doors closing. If he was trying to be manly now was definitely not the time.

"What are you doing? You're blocking the doors. They need to close," Anzu informed him, pulling on his jacket to get the billionaire to move with no results.

She did not like the expression on his face. Hated it with a passion. It was an exact copy of how Seto looked back at Duelist Kingdom when he stepped onto the ledge of the castle wall in his duel against Yugi. Nothing and no one could change his mind in what he was about to do. Even if it meant…..it meant…..He was scaring her. Panic began to consume Anzu's thoughts.

"Please Seto, just get in the car," she pleaded with him, too emotionally confused to think of any other way.

The light above the doors flashed and a chime was heard informing the cars occupants that the doors were about to close, but Seto threw out a hand and stopped them. He couldn't be doing what she thought he was about to do. He wouldn't dare attempt it, on penalty of his blue eyes white dragon cards, which she would send through a paper shredder both ways.

"You will need to give a description of our attackers to the police as well as names. They should be competent enough to track them down. But don't ever let them leave you unattended. Do you understand me?" He glanced over his shoulder observing what distance was left between them and the two henchmen.

A burning feel of pain gathered behind Anzu's eyes. "Seto, you're scaring me. Don't do this. Please don't so this. We are almost there and I need you. I can't finish without you." Desperation welled up in her voice. "Don't even think of leaving me here Kaiba Seto."

Grabbing the dancers shoulder with his free hand Seto pulled her a few inches closer, quickly silencing her with the most chaste kiss she'd ever been given.

"Remember what I told you," was whispered in her ear and then he was moving backwards, back onto the platform behind ugly red doors. He didn't even wait to watch the train leave, but instead took off running in the opposite direction they had come, the bodies of the two henchmen only a few seconds behind.

"Seto! Seto you bastard!" A flood of tears blurred Anzu's vision just as the subway train jerked back into motion, knocking her sideways into the plastic divider. Over come by what had just transpired she slide effortlessly to the slush ridden floor. "How could you, you jerk! You left me! You bloody left me! What if something happens to you? What-what if…something……happens?"

She buried her face in her hands, hunched over and alone, mumbling cursed, in between the sobs, on the man who had practically given his life over to those insane shitheads just to save hers. It was far from comforting that her boyfriend was risking something so precious for her alone. A numb ache formed in her chest and began to spread throughout her body making it harder and harder to breath. Oh goodness she was going to hyperventilate again. Perfect timing for when she was surrounded by complete strangers who probably mistook her as a tourist.

One passenger had enough courage and sympathy to approach the emotional brunette, going as far as to place a hand on her shoulder. When no amount of shrugging and curling in on herself helped, Anzu lashed out at the middle-aged woman and told her off in detailed Japanese. It was quite useful how yelling in a foreign language scared people away. Best to be cautious then get burned, Taylor had told her. So far it was keeping everyone at least a good arms length away from her.

Not soon enough the subway train came to a stop at the next station where they were to meet everyone and regroup. Good luck with that happening. Launching from the car before the doors were fully opened, Anzu shoved her way through waiting strangers, unsure and panicking of where to go.

"Anzu! Anzu hold up!" The familiar voice of Jou made it's way to her above the depleting crowds of people. And then he was right in front of her, being trailed by Roland and Mokuba.

Another choked sob escaped Anzu before she threw herself into Jou's arms desperate for the comfort and support he could provide. When Seto came back she would have him kick her boyfriends ass for ditching her in the middle of the subway until he promised not to do it again. After all she knew she could trust Jou with any reason to take down the billionaire.

"Anzu, what's the matter? Where is Kaiba?" he asked, patting her back in a soothing manner.

Too many deep breaths latter she managed to squeeze out an answer. "He-he got off … at the," she hiccupped, "Last stop…They found-found us."

Not even waiting to hear more Jou took off at a dead run and recklessly made his way into the subway train heading back to Spadina just as the doors were closing. What the hell was this! Leave Anzu stranded day! She couldn't take it anymore. The next person to leave her behind would get an ass kicking to the far side of the moon.

"Roland! Let me go! I have to find Seto!" Mokuba ordered, struggling like mad to get out of the bodyguards grip on his arm. It wouldn't surprise her if the young Kaiba went so far as to bite for freedom with the determination burning in his eyes.

Roland, unwilling to relent, knelt down to Mokuba's eye level and held him still in front of him. "It isn't safe for you to be running around the city by yourself, Mokuba-san. That is the first thing your brother wouldn't want to happen. We need to inform Detective Jones of what is going on. I know Kaiba-san will take care of himself that has been proven in the past. But right now we need to head back to the police station. Alright?"

A teary eyed Mokuba nodded his head in consent.

"Mokuba?" Anzu addressed him, now that her throat had loosened a little. She wiped at the still falling tears on her checks and took deep breath after deep breath to calm her frayed nerves. "We can look for him together, but don't you take off as well. It's hard enough trying to find Seto but I couldn't fathom the same thing happening to you. Promise you'll stay with me?" So close, so damn close. It felt like the billionaire had slipped right through her fingers like a handful of sand.

Mokuba hurried over to give her a hug of boyish love and friendship that only he was able to provide. "Okay, but we need to go right now."

"Lead the way," she told him.

There were too many things swirling around in her head to make sense of and heading the rescue mission wasn't going to be happening for her. But that didn't mean they wouldn't get Seto back. If there was one thing he had taught her it was to be stubborn 'til the day she died. Nothing could keep her away from him. Not even a backstabbing, self centered, gold digging bitch and her psychotic fangirl tendencies.

to be continued…………………….