Harry Potter and the Demon

Chapter The First


There were many things that sparked Suuichi Minamino's suspicion, given that he had made many enemies in his lifetime as Yoko Kurama. Demons could appear at any time, threatening the lives of his family. Just being around them could put them in danger. So, when his beloved mother Shiori remarried Tezuya Hatanaka, Suuichi couldn't be happier. Well, it meant there was someone else around to keep an eye on Shiori while he was out demon killing for Koenma. He had also gained a brother, and Shiori had gained a son who was a normal human, which he thought she deserved after having to look after a demon posing as a son.

But, as Kurama was a very suspicious person, it did not slip past his notice when his step father Tezuya had a rather remarkable guest. It happened as he was completing a ten-page essay on the translated works of John Keats. His acute demon-enhanced senses detected a small disruption from the lounge. Actually, he would have been able to hear the disruption without his inhuman abilities, as it consisted of a thumping noise which sounded like a cat in a washing machine. A large crash followed this, followed by a string of curses, then finally what sounded like a cry of recognition.

Kurama was on his feet in an instant. He leapt gracefully down the stairs, his hand reaching subconsciously to his ruby locks, and landed in a defensive stance. Laughter coming from the lounge forced Kurama to still his attack, and instead to lean his ear against the door to hear what was going on inside.

"It's certainly been a while, Hatanaka. You lead a very muggle existence, I see. Sorry about your fireplace, it didn't occur to me that you would have it blocked in," Said a stranger's voice.

"No need to worry Moody! It has been a while- fifteen years? It was just about a year or two before Suichi was born. I don't know if you had heard this, but Myuki died since then," Tezuya replied. Suuichi frowned. If the stranger's arrival wasn't strange in itself though, the fact that his father and the stranger were speaking in English…he didn't even know his step-father spoke English. Suuichi knew English because he was a thousand-year-old kitsune, and one tends to pick things such as that up easily after a couple of centuries. There was also one word, 'muggle', which Suuichi could not translate.

"Yes, yes. Terribly sad news, everyone went through a lot at that time. It was unfortunate about the Death Eaters who carried on even after you-know-who's demise. Ministry's fault, as usual. She was a lovely lady indeed. My condolences. Do you and Suichi live alone now?"

"No, I remarried. Another lovely lady, muggle, actually, and her son lives with us. Also named Suuichi, as it happens." Tezuya replied. "So, can I offer you tea? Floo travel always makes my stomach very unsettled, and I have some stuff that would do just the trick." Floo travel? Kurama thought with bewilderment.

"Sorry, I'm here on urgent business. I don't know if you are still in contact with the wizarding world, but if you aren't, there are some things that you should know. I don't mean to load this on your shoulders, but…He's back," the one his step father had called Moody said. Moody's statement was followed by a gasp from Hatanaka.

"No…how can this be happening? He died nearly sixteen years ago!" Hatanaka cried, and there were sounds of rattling tea cups.

"Well, apparently not. The Death Eaters have once again started their reign of terror over the wizarding community, in Europe at least. I don't know how far it has spread yet, but let me tell you; he's back with a vengeance, and he's gathering together a veritable army of wizards and demons." Moody paused to let his information stick in, before carrying on, "He's determined, Tezuya. The Aurors are having a hard time keeping the situation under control, and the muggles in Britain have already started putting the blame on whoever they can find as the perpetrators of mass-muggle-murders. It's like sixteen years ago, only worse. Of course, the muggles will not start suspecting that wizards were behind the attack until all other options have run out, so we still have some time. Precious little, granted. But…we need all the help we can get to assist the fight against the Dark Lord."

Tezuya sighed. Kurama decided to get into a more comfortable position when he discovered that the discussion could go on longer than he had previously thought. He perched on a table in the hall. Although he was completely alone, he still had the distinct feeling that he was being watched.

"I'm guessing this is where I come in," Tezuya said wearily.

"I'm afraid so. If there was any other way to defeat He-who-must-not-be-named, we would rather keep it localised to Britain. Unfortunately, Voldemort seems to be planning to take this to a global scale. I've been to all the continents of the world searching for helpers- I notice they give me all the grunt work. To tell you the truth, many of the people I've contacted don't want to be a part of this mess. Understandable, of course. Most of them think that it won't affect them if they don't become involved with the revolt against you-know-who. I don't need to tell you how stupid that theory is. This needs to be stopped. I'm not one for begging, but we need your expertise," Moody said grimly.

"My expertise?" Tezuya inquired.

"Yes. I did mention that Voldemort is allying with demons. You're the best demon killer there is; if it weren't for you the last time, I would be dead, remember?"

"Well…I don't know. I gave up magic when Myuki died. There were too many painful memories. I hope you can understand, I don't want to put my son or Shiori and her son in any danger. Sorry, I really am," Tezuya said guiltily.

Moody was silent. "I see. I don't think you understand, Hatanaka. Voldemort's forces are gathering, and we really can't afford to wait until the problem has come knocking on our doors before we act. And if it comes to that, you will be forced to act, but by then it may be too late to even hope for a favourable outcome!" Moody said, his voice had risen. "By the way, do either of your sons understand English?"

"No, they don't. Why?" Tezuya replied.

"That's a relief, because one of them is listening outside the door as we speak," Moody answered. Kurama gasped. Moody had been able to detect him! To what extent, it was hard to know, but if Kurama showed even the slightest sign that he had understood Moody's words, his cover would be blown. He remained perfectly still and schooled his features into a passive expression.

"Oh. Well, it won't do any harm. What does he look like?"

"Long red hair, quite tall. Wearing what looks to be a pink suit," Moody clarified. Kurama had to stifle another gasp. Moody could actually visualise him! He had the strong impulse to barge in to the lounge and yell, 'It's magenta, damn it! It also happens to be my school uniform which I would not otherwise wear by choice, it clashes horribly with my hair!' luckily, he managed to suppress the urge.

"That would be my step son. He is a little older than my son. Actually, I'm quite surprised it is he who is eaves-dropping on our conversation, it's not at all like him. Moody, I'm grateful you warned me about this. I understand that you will need my assistance with demon-slaying. Give me until Monday for me to give you my answer, could you? I have the feeling that the rest of my family should be told about this. I'll have a definite answer by then," said Tezuya.

Moody shuffled about as if he was about to depart, but then he said,

"Oh yes, and Dumbledore would like to offer you the position of Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, gottagonowbye!" With that there was a loud crack!

"Wait! I…Oh. Oh, kami-sama. What the hell am I going to do?" Tezuya asked himself, still in English.

As it appeared the conversation was over, Kurama went back to his room, deep in thought. His logical mind worked to set the facts in a reasonable order.

'Okay first off, Tezuya is a wizard. Second of all, he appears to be a demon-slaying wizard. Thirdly, a dark wizard by the name of Voldemort has gathered an army of other dark wizards and some demons and is about to take over Ningenkai. Fourthly, Tezuya is about to tell mother that demons are evil, thus reducing the chance of a favourable reaction when- no, if- my mother discovers my true identity. Fifthly, Tezuya has been offered a job teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. Last of all, Koenma has not mentioned anything about this, so it can be assumed that he does not know. Okay…I need a rest." After thinking all of this over in his head, Kurama went to bed, rubbing his forhead in a futile attempt to stave of the headache he knew was coming.

'Let's hope a headache will be the worst of my problems-although I'm seriosly starting to doubt it'.

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