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Chapter The second


At Breakfast on Saturday, Kurama noticed that his step-father was acting strangely jumpy. Well, it wasn't that strange to Kurama who knew what Tezuya was thinking about.

"Are you alright, Tezuya?" Shiori asked sweetly, pouring her husband some tea. Tezuya choked on his cornflakes on hearing his name.

"What? Yes, yes- I'm fine." Here he paused and looked up at his trusting wife. "Actually…There's something that we all need to discuss…" He said. The boys and Shiori looked up.

"Go ahead, dear," Shiori prompted.

"Ah, well… I'm a wizard…" Tezuya stuttered.

Shiori dropped the teapot.

About an hour (and several revivals of Shiori and 'cool's from Suichi) later, Tezuya had explained the situation to his family.

"The bit that I'm really not sure about though, is the teaching position I've been offered. Defence Against the Dark Arts will be a very important subject to the students of Hogwarts in these times of Dark Magic, and I'm honoured to be offered the post. But, it would mean leaving Japan for England for most of the year. You can see the predicament that I'm faced with?" Tezuya asked his family. Shiori lay prone on the sofa, and had been for the last half-an-hour, but now she started to sit up slowly.

"Tezuya, if the horror this man can create is as bad as you say it is, then I cannot ask you not to help those who need you. The thought of Demons invading…it doesn't bear thinking about," Shiori said, her eyes growing wide with fear. Kurama felt his heart plummet, but his cool façade remained intact. "Why can they find nobody else to do this though?"

"They need somebody trustworthy. A boy named Harry Potter attends Hogwarts, and, according to a prediction, he is the only one who can defeat You-Know-Who. If You-Know-Who was to send demons to the school, the average wizards would not know how to defend against them. I have a feeling this is what Dumbledore fears will happen," Tezuya explained. "They know I will be trustworthy. When a person's wife is killed by the followers of an enemy, that person is hardly likely to betray everyone to that enemy."

Suichi gasped. "Okaasan?" He whispered.

"Yes. Myuki was murdered by some rogue neo-Voldemort Death-Eaters. They were still trying to carry out their master's work even when people said he was dead. I was a main player in destroying his previous demon army, so they got Myuki. I have a feeling You-Know-Who is planning something considerably bigger this time around though."

"Kaasan's Death must be avenged, Tousan!" Suichi cried, jumping up from his chair with rage in his young eyes.

"Suichi-kun, calm down. I am going so I can protect the future, not so I can vent my bitterness at what happened in the past," Tezuya reprimanded.

"So you are going," Shiori said quietly. When Tezuya was about to say something, she silenced him with a gesture. "I understand."

"Was Okaasan a witch?" Suichi asked.

"Yes, and a good one at that," Tezuya replied fondly.

"So…does that mean I could be magical too?" Asked his son.

"Well, I haven't really given magic any thought since Myuki's death. I suppose she would have wanted for you to learn how to deal with your magic instead of letting it go to waste…Unless I am mistaken, you are a wizard Suichi. Don't get too excited yet, it doesn't mean anything unless you have a wand and the proper training," Tezuya said. Suichi had leapt from his chair again, and was now jumping wildly around the room.

"Yes! Finally something I can do that you can't!" He yelled, pointing at his step-brother. Kurama gave a small smile at this. Even if Suichi became a wizard to his highest abilities, he doubted that his brother would ever be as skilful in combat as he himself was.

Tezuya frowned at his son's rude behaviour.

"Suichi, stop that at once. When I go to Hogwarts, I will take you with me to train you with other wizards of your age. Don't assume that it will all be fun and games when you go to a boarding school full of magic. There are three years' worth of magical incantations and such that you have no knowledge of. They learn very hard at that school, so I wouldn't doubt it if you are put into a year lower than your peers.

"Aw, no fair!" Suichi cried. When he had woken up, the wizarding world was unknown to the fourteen-year-old, but now he had found out that he had a stake in this mysterious underworld, his sense of right had extorted. Kurama bit back another smile.

Shiori turned to her son now.

"It'll be us alone together again." She sighed, then smiled. Kurama returned it, with a slight rise of spirits. His mother actually wanted to be with him more often! Her boundless love for the demon was a source of overwhelming security to Kurama.

"Shiori, I was going to ask you something about that. I know that your answer will probably be no, but I'm going to ask you anyway. There is a wizarding village about a mile away from Hogwarts called Hogsmead. Normally muggles…I mean, none-magic-people cannot see the village, but with a little dose of magic, that should not be a problem for you. I was wondering, if there happened to be a house for sale there, you would move in to it. Just so I can keep an eye out on you. The area in the Hogwart's vicinity is around the safest in the world, you know," Tezuya said, looking hopefully and slightly desperately at his wife.

Shiori smiled at her husband warmly before replying as he had expected.

"I'm sorry Tezuya. You know I could not leave Suuichi in Japan by himself. You must come regularly to visit though."

Kurama gulped. His mother was forsaking her happiness with her human family to be with her demon son. It would be just as dangerous here in Japan without the constant presence of witnesses as it would be near the school in England.

"No mother! I must protest. You will be very happy in England with Tezuya, and if you are worried about me being on my own, I will come with you," Kurama interjected before his step father could sigh in disappointment. It was in Kurama's mind already to go to Britain and fight the demon army (along with the rest of the Reikai Tantei) anyway, so living there to keep his mother happy would have it's advantages.

Shiori's eyes glistened.

"Would you, Suuichi-kun? Oh, that would be lovely. Are there any schools around there for none-magical people?" Shiori asked her husband, who shifted nervously.

"Ah, well…it's as far away as possible from the rest of the muggle world so that muggles don't wander in the magical realm by mistake. It's pretty hard to get a muggle in anyway, there are so many spells and enchantments." Seeing the saddened look on Shiori's face he added, "Don't worry, we'll arrange for a portkey to send Suuichi to a muggle school every day, how about that?"

"Arrange for a what?" Shiori asked, puzzled.

"Portkey. It's a form of wizard transport. Takes you in a second to a destination of your choice. Very useful if you haven't learnt to apparate, or if there isn't a fireplace connected to the Floo network nearby."

"Floo network?" Kurama muttered under his breath, remembering the word from yesterday.

"Yes, the Floo network connects certain fireplaces to one another. You sprinkle some floo powder into the flames, step into them, call out the name of your desired fireplace, and bingo! You're there," Tezuya said, who had obviously heard Kurama's mutterings. "Unfortunately, Moody didn't realise our fireplace was blocked in." 'was' being the operative word there.

"I was going to ask about the mess…" Shiori said, glancing over at the rubble.

"I'm just so happy that you're coming with me! I thought it would be a lonely task indeed, but with you living just down the road, we can go home every night, ne Suichi-kun?" Tezuya asked his son merrily.

Suichi's face fell.

"What! But I wanna board. That's all the fun!" He protested, missing Shiori's hurt look, and Kurama's rather intimidating one, having noticed the effect of Suichi's words on Shiori.

"Well, I don't know. I don't think anybody used to go home during term-time while I was there, so I don't know if they even allow it…" Tezuya admitted, while Suichi punched his fist in the air, earning another irritated look from Kurama.

Kurama was in his bedroom packing for the swift move to England. Term started in September for the English, and as it was August, there was very little time to settle Shiori and Kurama into the new house (which had conveniently come onto the market at just the right time), get Suichi's supplies, and generally let Tezuya get ready for his new classes. In the midst of folding his underwear (yes, he is one of those people) into a suitcase, he felt a familiar youki.

Without turning his head, Kurama smiled.

"Hiei! It has been a while, hasn't it?" He asked, knowing his lively attitude always confused the small hiyoukai.

"Hn," was the calculated response, as the said person leapt nimbly onto Kurama's windowsill. His black coloured clothes which were well suited for blanding in with the shadows of the Makai stood out against the bright and clean colours of the kitsune's bedroom.

"I'm glad you came now, because I have something important to reveal to all of you. I have arranged a meeting with Yusuke and Kuwabara at Genkai's temple in the evening. I have also told Yusuke to make sure that Botan is present. When I said important, I was very serious," Kurama told his diminutive friend.

"So important that you are fleeing?" Hiei inquired, glaring accusingly at Kurama. Kurama smiled sweetly at the mized expression on Hiei's fave. A mixture of confusion and suspicion. No worry, Hiei would never team up with someone who was less able to defend themself than he was.

"Actually yes. However I am moving towards the source rather than away from it. In fact, my entire family are leaving," Kurama said, finally snapping shut the suitcase containing the last lot of his clothes.

Hiei's face remained stoic, but Kurama noticed that the cogs were turning furiously in his head, trying to figure out why the over-protective kitsune would bring his family along with him to a place of danger. Kurama waited patiently for the question.

"Why are you taking the nigen?" He asked.

"I will explain everything to all of you at Genkai's. It is a long story, and I don't want to repeat it. Moreover, Hiei; I do not own my ningen family, and where they move to is not down to me, although you believe that I am stronger than them and they should therefore bow down to me. That they are moving towards the source of the disruption is purely a lucky coincidence," Kurama stated.


Hiei flitted off into the trees again without a backwards glance. Actually, now he thought about it, he wondered why he had wanted all of his precious family to move into a dangerous place. Perhaps he was sick of them thinking that the supernatural was just in fairytales. Yes, it would be refreshing if they were more involved with the supernatural aspects of my life…it's becoming so hard to hide it, he thought dreamily. The fact that Tezuya was a demon slayer was a little worrying, but withsome tinkering, whatever his step-father used to kill the demons could be re-programmed not to fire off and hit Kurama. Abosolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing. What could possibly go wrong?

"Suuichi, have you finished packing?" Shiori shouted up the stairs.

"Yes Kaasan," Both Suuichis yelled in reply.

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