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Chapter the third

Drama at Genkai's place

It was hardly any effort for Kurama to walk up the many steps to Genkai's temple. After all, you had to be in good physical health if you wanted to protect your family from demons who wanted to take their revenge on you for deeds you had committed in your previous life.

As he entered the cool of the temple, Yukina came out to meet him.

"Kurama-san," she greeted. "The others are all in the kitchen," She motioned towards the kitchen from where sounds of a fight were issuing.

Kurama took off his shoes and proceeded to the kitchen.

"Why you shrimp! I'm gonna skin you!" came an enraged cry.

"Hn. I'd like to see you try, oaf," Came the deep reply. As Kurama entered, he could see Yuusuke crying with laughter at the same time as trying to hold back Kuwabara. Hiei was standing in a bored way in the centre of the kitchen drinking coffee. Botan was hiding under the kitchen table and Genkai stood watching the scene with indifference.

"Take that back! You're just jealous 'cos Yukina loves me, not you!" Kuwabara said with satisfaction. Hiei visibly tensed. Yukina looked on in confusion, from one boy to the other.

"Yeah, Hiei! You're just jealous!" Yuusuke sang. Kurama hid his laughter behind his hand.

"What?" Yukina asked innocently. "I love both of you."

Kuwabara's face did a dramatic fall. "B-but Yukina…the shrimp's a freak!"

Everyone turned to Hiei as he slid his sword from it's sheath with a shik. "Baka!" He hissed dangerously. Kuwabara faltered at the murderous gleam in the fire demon's eyes.

"Hiei, please could you save your threatening for another time. I have a more important announcement to make." Everyone looked up at Kurama from their various positions. "Thank you. I know this is short notice Botan, but I must take a break from the Tantei work. I am moving to England in a few days," Here, Kuwabara and Botan gasped.

Racing through the team's minds were countless questions, which all but Hiei and Genkai blurted out at once. Kurama flinched and put his hands over his sensitive ears to protect them from the onslaught. He had hoped this would stop after a few seconds when everybody discovered they were getting nowhere, but found he had overestimated their intelligence.

"Could everybody please be quiet…one question at a time…please…" No use. "SHUT UP!" That seemed to work. Everybody was stunned into silence to hear the fox shout. "Excuse my shouting. Botan, will you alert Koenma to my absence?" He asked.

Botan answered, "Of course," And then, finding attention turned on her, began her questioning again. "Sowhyexactlyareyoumoving, I mean, younevermentionedthatyou mightbemovingbeforenow, sowhythesudden-"

"Botan," Yuusuke interrupted, cleaning out his ears with his middle finger.

"Yes, Yuusuke?"

"Shut up." Botan huffed.

"Botan, I'm moving because Tezuya's job has changed. He will be working at a school in England, teaching defence against dark magic, of all things," Kurama replied. "Apparently, he's a wizard."

Yuusuke looked a mixture of amused and extremely worried. "Ah, Kurama? Don't you mean Magician? You do know that there are no such things as wizards, don't you?"

"Thank you for your concern Yuusuke. Actually, I do mean wizard. Botan, does Reikai know of the existence of a magical community in the Ningenkai?"

Botan put her finger to her chin and frowned, as if trying to remember. "Uh…yeah, actually. I mean, Koenma has to pretty much know everything about the ningen if he wants to sort their souls," she replied. "They view magic very differently in Europe compared to Asia, though. They use it to do their everyday chores for them as opposed to using them for combat like Yuusuke does, with raw spirit power."

Yuusuke jumped in excitement. "I'm a wizard? That is too cool!" Kuwabara looked confused, Hiei looked bored, and Genkai looked interested, for once.

"It seems you know quite a lot about them Botan," Kurama commented.

"Hey, if he's a wizard, does that mean I'm a wizard too?" Kuwabara asked in a whiney voice.

"No, I didn't say that Yuusuke was a wizard. He uses his raw spirit power, but to be a real wizard, you've got to have the right training. You have to convert the spirit power into magic signals using the right incantations and stuff," Botan said. "Not that I'm an expert on wizards, or anything." She giggled guiltily. Yuusuke stopped dancing. "Actually, I'm not even supposed to tell you about the existence of the wizarding world at all. It's a huge secret, so no telling," she pleaded.

"Oh, but I wanna be a wizard," Yuusuke whined, and sat grumpily at the table.

"Koemna doesn't want us to know about wizards? How are we supposed to protect the Ningenkai if we don't know about important things like the fact that there are wizards?" Yuusuke grumbled. "For that matter, why do we have to protect the Ningenkai from the Makai if there're wizards to do that?"

"What do you say, Genkai?" asked Kurama

Genkai stirred from the corner of the kitchen, as if she had been waiting for someone to invite her into the conversation. "Of course I know about the wizarding community," she said harshly. "I used to be a part of the wizarding community. I dropped all contact with the other witches and wizards sixteen years ago when He-who-must-not-be-named started gathering followers from all over the world. You didn't know who you could trust, so I went back to the ways I used to know, and used my spirit energy directly instead of bothering with fiddly magic." Everyone gaped at Genkai. "What?"

"Why did you give up magic?" Yuusuke asked hoarsely.

"I just told you, dimwit! It wasn't a style of spirit energy manipulation that I was comfortable with. You have too much power over people. You can control them and use them; I didn't like it. To tell you the truth, it made me uncomfortable to be around people who could be under the mind control of the enemy." Kuwabara cast Hiei a nervous look.

"So, I'm guessing this 'He-who-must-not-be-named' guy is 'the enemy'?" Yuusuke asked. Genkai nodded.

Kurama was surprised how many people he knew had been affected by the dark wizard. "Voldemort," He whispered. Genkai turned sharply to him, and Botan gasped.

"That's right. Everyone in the wizarding community knows and fears his name. Even now he is dead," Genkai said, glaring at a spot of coffee on the ground.

"Dead? Voldemort isn't dead. He's back," Kurama said. Genkai gaped and Botan looked as if she was going to faint. "He's gathering a demon army, that's why they need my step-father."

"You-know-who did that last time. I can't believe he's back. This is bad news, very bad," Genkai said, rubbing her temples.

"Wait a minute, demon army? Why hasn't pacifier breath said anything about this to us?" Yuusuke demanded. "I can't believe that little shrimp wasn't even gonna tell us about wizards. They're gonna need help defeating an army of demons, and we all know we're the best in the business, but that brat wasn't even gonna mention it 'cause he wants to keep it all hush-hush about the wizarding world? The whole of the Ningenkai could be at risk!" He blustered on and on, his hands clenched tightly into fists which he banged onto the tabletop every so often.

"I agree Yuusuke. I believe he was cutting off his nose to spite his face, so the expression goes," Yuusuke looked at him blankly. "Anyway, we know now. I don't know the details of the demon army yet, but as soon as I get into England, I will be doing some…research," Kurama said.

Botan and Yuusuke exchanged a knowing look. "Uh, Kurama, does this research involve breaking and entering?" Asked Yuusuke. Kurama shrugged.


"'Kay. Just checking. So, if you find anything, you'll tell us all right away so we can come and kick some demon arse?" Yuusuke said hopefully. Kurama smiled indulgently.

"Kurama," Genkai called his attention. "Breaking into a place of magic is not as simple as just breaking into a house guarded with demons and traps. Be careful." Kurama nodded. "What is the name of this school your step father will be working at?"

"Hogwarts, I believe. Suichi-chan will be going there too, as a student," He answered.

"That name rings a bell. I think it is one of the more famous European schools of magic. Your brother has wizard qualities, then?" Genkai asked.

"I could tell you for sure if I knew what these qualities were. I've never known how to distinguish a wizard from the normal ningen before," Kurama answered. "His mother was killed by rogue Death Eaters in England. I believe they are Lord Voldemort's followers?"

"Wow!" shouted Yuusuke. "So can these wizard guys actually defend themselves against the demons?"

"I find that magic is really only effective on creatures native to the Ningenkai. It takes a very powerful spell to take down a demon using magic, but it can be done on C or low D-class and below," Genkai said, rubbing her chin in an agitated way. "Demons have natural barriers that deflect magical signals, or spells."

"Phew, that's okay then, innit? I mean, only weaker demons can get through the Kekkai barrier. It should be pretty easy to defeat them then," Yuusuke reasoned.

Genkai sighed. "No, dimwit. Magical artefacts have been created which allow the user to create a portal between the worlds. We'll be dealing with as many demons as Lord Voldemort chooses to allow through. Don't worry though. They probably won't be above high B-class. I don't think You-know-who would want any demon more powerful than himself to come through," she said. "I'm going to look for a book on Hogwarts."

As Genkai walked out of the kitchen, everyone turned back to Kurama.

"This sucks, man. I can't believe you're moving!" Kuwabara started. Botan nodded.

"People will be more suspicious there, Kurama. Please keep your true identity secret, people are really afraid of demons from what happened sixteen years ago. They won't have heard of demons who are on their side. They'll want to kill you," said Botan.

"Bunch of wizards who can't even take on a B-class? They'll be no match for Kurama!"

"Yuusuke, I'm worried about what Kurama might do to them when he's defending himself!" Botan snapped.

"Hey, what did you mean when you said that your father was being called because of a demon army?" Yuusuke asked Kurama.

Kurama sighed. "He's a demon hunter." They all gasped. "I know, it doesn't sound good does it? He hasn't realised I'm a demon yet, so I'm hoping he never will," Kurama said.

Genkai walked back into the room with her nose in a book.

"Ah, yes. It's all coming back to me now. This place is apparently the safest wizard establishment in England, guarded with layers of spells and enchantments, some specially designed to stop demons from entering the grounds," she said, lifting the book so that the cover was seen. In kana it read; Hogwarts, A History. She put the book down. "These spells are lifted from the entrance gate whenever the students are going in or out." She turned to Kurama. "This better be an inside job, Kurama."

Kurama sighed. "So you're saying that it will be impossible for me to enter the Hogwarts grounds without being a student or member of staff?" He asked.

"Yes. That's exactly the case."

"Hey, he's not called the King of Thieves for no reason! Our fox can do this!" Yuusuke said. Botan covered her ears.

"Yuusuke, I dropped that title," Kurama said. He didn't like to be reminded of his not-so-innocent past.

"Right, right."

"So how does the fox pass as a student?" Hiei asked. Botan yelped, she had forgotten he was standing behind her.

"It's quite simple. In order to stay in constant contact with the defence, who he is trying to work with, he must become a student," said Genkai.

"Wait a sec, how's Kurama gonna do all the wizard stuff if he's a demon?" Yuusuke asked, scratching the back of his head.

"Demon? If anything, this should improve his chances of becoming a good wizard. You should know by now that in most cases, demons have a more powerful ki. It is different, certainly, but not enough to affect the outcome of a spell," said Genkai. "Any being with at least E-class youki or reiki can perform magic."

"So Kurama gets to go and be a wizard? That is so unfair!" Yuusuke whined.

Genkai snarled. "Shut up dimwit, or you can come back to me after school every day for extra training," She hissed. Yuusuke shut up at once.

Kurama looked around his gang for the last time in a long time. "Well, goodbye. I suppose I won't be seeing you now for another few months. Oh, and you can expect an owl from me as soon as I get to England," he said. Yuusuke and Kuwabara looked at him as if he had gone mad, but seemed to accept it.

"We'll miss you Kurama!" Botan squealed, then burst into noisy tears. "it's the end of an era!" she sobbed. Yuusuke patted her awkwardly on her back.

"Chill, Botan, it's not like he's leaving the Tantei," Yuusuke said. Botan stopped very suddenly.

"Okay! Bye then, I'll just go tell Koenma-sama about the developments!" She said, and disappeared off on her oar. Everyone sweat-dropped.

"Annny-way," Yuusuke said, clearing his throat. "I guess we'll see you, fox boy. Damn, I wish I went to that school!"

Genkai's eyebrows shot up. "What's this? Yuusuke wishing he could go to school? Never thought I'd live to see the day, dimwit," she said, almost fondly. Yuusuke scowled.

"Ah, well I'll be off now." Kurama turned to walk out of the temple. He said goodbye to Yukina in the entrance hall and ran home before his mother could worry about his whereabouts.

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