By: Cali-Kateri

Raven sat atop the roof and watched thesun set in the sky. Streaks of red and gold with silver lining crossed it and disappeared over her head. She sighed and stood to go in.

Just as she started down the stairs, an explosion practically blew her eardrums out. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. The alarm echoed through the hallways like a ghostly wail. Every Titan that resided in the tower stopped what he or she was doing and sped toward the crime scene.

Raven hadn't waited for orders though. By the time the alarm had started she was already out the door.

She got to the street before anyone else.There the young sorceress saw a sight that made her mouth drop. The other Titans got there a moment later and, just like their comrade, their mouths were open in a flash.

Adonis was sitting there on top of a robotictyrannasaurus rex, holding a laser gun. Raven rushed at him. Out to meet her opponent.

Out to meet her last moments as human.


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