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Little Fly

"Naughty little fly
Why does it cry?
Caught in a web,
Soon will be . . . eaten"

Gollum grinned as Shelob opened her mouth.

"Wait!" Frodo shouted in a loud voice that shook the tunnel. Shelob took a step back, wondering what had caused her meal to shout so loudly.

"What doessss nasssty Hobbit want, Precioussss?" Gollum hissed.

"Eaten doesn't rhyme with web," Frodo objected. "The first two lines of the song rhymed, but then you rhymed web with eaten. That's not right at all!"

"What isssss Hobbit-Breath ssssaying, Precioussss?"

"Why not try something like this:

Naughty little fly
Why does it cry?
Caught in a web,
Soon will be dead

Little fly squirms
Like a can of worms
But to no avail,
For it's caught by its tail

The sticky web
Its death-like bed
Oft the resting place
Of this winged race"

"Precioussss, make it sssstop!" Gollum shrieked. "Make it sssstop terrible ssssong that makessss no ssssensssse!"

"What do you mean? You started the business about flies," Frodo pointed out.

"But that wasssss a metaphor, yessss, Preciousssss. Nasssty Hobbitsssesssss have no wingsss, oh, no, Precioussss. Oh, what sssshall we do? Masssster doesss not undersssstand metaphorssss! Massster--" Suddenly, he realized Frodo had slipped away.

"Trickssssy Bagginsss!" Gollum shrieked. "Wicked! Tricksy! False! Ssssoon, yessss, Preciousssss, sssssoon will be . . . eaten!"