Author's Notes - This is my first attempt at writing slash. Be gentle. For those following SotD AV, the next chapter will be up soon and will be extra long, I promise.

Disclaimer - As I am not S. E. Hinton, I don't own any of these characters.

Tim doesn't remember ever being this happy. Long fingers brush idly though the white blonde of Dally's hair, as the tow-headed teen slept contentedly against his chest. Their first time had been something of an accident, both being drunk and having ended up in bed together at Buck Merril's one evening. The second time was almost the same as the first, only this time they weren't drunk. The 'accidents' kept happening more and more frequently, to the point where they hated waking up. None of his gang, nor Dally's knew of their relationship. Noone noticed the covert looks the two hoods would share across a crowded room. Nor did they notice how Tim would look at Dally with longing in his eyes and cause the blonde teen to blush ever so slightly.

Studying Dally's face, Tim notes how Dallas looks innocent in sleep. The mask that he kept on so tightly during waking hours would fall off and he'd be completely relaxed and almost innocent in his own way. He knows that both he and Dally are far from innocent, both having seen to much at too early an age to ever be truly innocent again. Dallas suddenly snuggles closer to Tim, nuzzling his chest slightly before settling back down with a breathy sigh. Giving a true smile for possibly the first time in his life, Tim relaxes and drifts off to sleep, his hand still in Dally's hair.