Author's Notes - Merry X-Mas(or w/e holiday you celebrate) everyone! Heres the next chapter. Many thanks to my beta,the wonderful Christine Erik.

Katherine stared at Angela as she explained what she had seen. The mental image of Tim and Dally going at it was giving her a migraine. "Look, if they're fuckin' each others brains out, it's none of your business."

"Kitty, it's my brother! Of course it's my business!" Angela replied, crossing her arms defiantly.

Kitty shrugged, taking a drag on her cigarette. "Think they'd mind if I watched?"

The other greaser girl gawked at her, giving the impression of a fish out of water. "I don't think anyone else even thinks they're...well, together."

"Oh, damn. I'd love to see two hot guys like that going at it." Kitty said with a laugh, shaking her head in amusement at the female Shepard's reaction.

"Damn Dal," Tim said, studying his back in the cracked bathroom mirror.

Dally's laughter floated out of the shower. "What can I say, you're that good."

"Stop trying to give me a bigger ego than I already have," Tim replied, trying his best to look annoyed. "These things hurt like hell."

"Like the ring of hickies don't hurt?"

Tim rolled his eyes. "I imagine they only hurt when I was putting them there."

Poking his head out of the shower, Dally grinned at the eldest of the Shepard family."Aw, c'mon weren't complaining earlier either."

Reddening slightly, the leader of the Shepard Gang gave a rueful chuckle. "I was kinda focused on somethin' else."He said before adding,"I think I shocked Angel."

The water cut off in the shower before Dally pulled back the curtain and looked at him. Stepping dripping wet and naked onto the floor, he caught the towel Tim tossed at him. "How'd ya shock Angel?"

Tim laughed, pulling his shirt over his head to cover the scratches on his back."Remember earlier, when we woke up? She saw the marks on my back and on your neck."

"What if she says somethin'?"Dally asked, drying himself off.

"She won't. No one would believe her anyway."