Author's Note: Just a quick one shot of the early years of the young Germaine family with Emma being just a little baby/kid. Hope you all like it as much as you did Flying V.

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Guy stared at the mess in the kitchen and wondered how something so small could cause so much destruction in so little time. Where once had stood a perfectly clean kitchen, gotten that way by a solid hour of scrubbing and polishing, now stood a disaster area. They had only tried to feed Emma breakfast, and in a few short minutes she had baby food and spaghetti strewn all over the room, even up as high as the light fixture. It was a feat that both Connie and Guy had puzzled at when a bit of it had plopped down onto the top of Connie's head when she was in the middle of trying to clear some old newspapers off of the table. She had taken Emma to the bathroom to get her cleaned up for daycare while Guy was left to try to clean up the kitchen as best he could before both had to get ready for work. Guy was still playing hockey and trying to get one of the pro teams to notice him but like he told Charlie it didn't pay the bills so they had both found jobs. Guy worked full time in a sports supply store and Connie worked as a receptionist at a clinic.

"Haven't you cleaned the kitchen up yet," Connie shouted from the bathroom as she pulled Emma's diaper off, wrapped it up, and then threw it in the diaper bin, trying not to breathe in any more than she had to until it was safe to breathe again.

"What do you think…she got it everywhere," Guy moaned back with an unhappy pout on his face as he walked over to the sink and then got a washcloth wet.

"I think that you should stop groaning and get to work, I just have to give Emma her bath and get her dressed and we can take her to daycare, you have to get to work early remember, you're opening the shop today," Connie said with a rather stern and matronly expression on her face as she momentarily left Emma long enough to give Guy a good glare before she hurried back to Emma.

"I know, Bobby got back last night but got in so late that I have to open the stupid store because he wants to sleep in," Guy grumbled under his breath with an unhappy frown on his face as he set about cleaning up the mess that Emma had made. He quickly wiped off the refrigerator and the counters before he rinsed out the washcloth and walked to the hall closet to get the step stool to clean the light. When Connie walked back into the room with a cleaned up Emma in her arms Guy had the kitchen looking presentable again, not completely clean but no dirtier than it usually was. "So, what do you think," Guy asked with a proud smile on his face as he waved his arms around as if he was presenting her with an award as he showed off his handiwork. At first Connie remained silent as she slowly walked around the kitchen, every once in a while stopping to look closer at something. "Well," Guy asked with an anxious half smile on his face, as he was growing more and more impatient.

"You missed a spot," Connie whispered softly into Guy's ear before she leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and then left to take Emma to the sitters.


Connie's day had gone from normal to far worse after getting to work. Calls were coming in almost nonstop from one parent after another wanting to sign up for an appointment to see the doctor. Emma had spit up a bit as Connie had taken her out of her seatbelt at the sitters and she had almost been late to work in her attempts to clean it up. She had done a pretty good job and decided that the mark on Emma's frilly dress wasn't that noticeable before giving her daughter a quick kiss and then rushing off to the clinic. As lunch was approaching Connie finally got a break from the telephone and the herd in the waiting room had thinned out enough that she was able to take a break and slip back to the break room. She wrinkled her face up as she peered into her paper bag lunch. A hastily thrown together turkey sandwich with an apple and some chips. Being young parents and only fresh out of high school Connie and Guy were always short on money and often had to do without. Every chance he got Guy would take the opportunity to go out to lunch dates with possible new clients, often bringing home a good portion of his meal to eat later and share with Connie. Even though he wouldn't say anything about it Connie had noticed that Guy had lost weight. She had been worried that she wouldn't be able to lose the weight after Emma had been born but in the end it had only taken her about six to eight months to lose it all. She attributed it to their lack of funds and all of the running around that she and Guy did in an effort to make ends meet.

"Wanna trade," Terry asked with a warm smile on her face as she tapped Connie on the shoulder and saw the somber look on her face.

"Nah…that's okay Terry, it's just I've been eating the same lunch for weeks and," Connie started to reply to the much older woman before Terry couldn't help but grin.

"Then don't eat it," Terry replied with an almost goofy grin on her face before she grabbed Connie's lunch and threw it into the trash. Connie's eyes nearly popped out of her sockets as her jaw hit the floor, leaving her mouthing words of shock before Terry intervened. "Go ahead Connie, take your lunch break, we'll be able to manage till you get back, besides…if I had a husband that looked like your Guy…I wouldn't keep him waiting…unless you're playing hard to get," Terry added with a happy smile on her face that only grew and grew as she spoke before she took Connie by the shoulders, turned her towards the large picture window in the break room and pointed out into the parking lot. Much to her surprise Guy was standing beside his car holding a large bouquet of red roses. Connie's eyes instantly began to tear up as she slipped away from Terry, who had to wipe away a happy tear from her own eye, before she threw on her coat and walked out into the parking lot to meet Guy.

"Guy…what are you doing," Connie started to ask with a confused and slightly nervous look on her face before Guy laid the roses on the hood of his car and then pulled her into a warm kiss, one the likes of which they hadn't shared since Emma had been born. Connie was left almost breathless when they broke apart to breathe.

"These are for you, for putting up with all of my faults and screw ups, and for being the best soul mate that a bum like me could ever ask for," Guy said softly with a very honest and sincere look in his face as a few tears slipped down Connie's cheeks as she slowly shook her head. She took the roses in one hand and leaned into Guy's embrace before she sniffled and then spoke.

"You're not a bum Guy, not to me," Connie whispered back with a very sincere tone to her voice as she forced herself to lift her head and look up into Guy's eyes, almost losing herself in their depths.

"You always know just what to say…maybe that's why I love you so much, and why I'd better tell you the good news before I burst," Guy whispered back softly to Connie as they rubbed noses before he kissed her again just as she was about to reply.

"What good news," Connie asked with a surprised and somewhat nervous look on her face as from how Guy was acting she knew that something hadn't happened to Emma or anyone in either of their families.

"I got a tryout…with the Chicago Blackhawks," Guy whispered back with an absolutely elated look on his face, as Connie almost couldn't believe her ears.

"Oh Guy…that's great," Connie exclaimed with a look on her face that mirrored the look that Emma got when Guy came home after work before she wrapped her arms around Guy and gave him the strongest hug that she could muster, albeit crushing the roses in between them, but neither seemed to notice. Terry watched the two for a few more moments before smiling to herself and returning to work.

End of Emma 1

Author's Note: Basically this is going to be a series of short one shots that cover the life of the Germaine's from Flying V. I've thought about it anyone else wants to write a story about them, I know it's a weird idea but it might be fun, just write the story and email it to me and then I'll put it up with your name with it so no plagiarism or anything like that and we'll see how it goes. Sorry if this is a crazy idea and I'm overstepping my bounds or whatever. My email address if on my profile page, or at least it should be. So hope you like this story and there are going to be more to come, provided that you all like this story that is…