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"But I wanna stay up with you guys," A now seven year old Emma cried with a defiant expression on her face as she stomped her foot and glared up at Guy.

"I'm sorry honey, but you're not old enough to stay up all night, besides you have to get up early tomorrow morning to go visit your grandmother," Guy replied with a hesitant look of exasperation on his face as he tried to explain to Emma why she couldn't stay up all night and see the new year come in.

"But mom said that," Emma started to argue with an impatient pout on her face, one that she had copied from her mother, before Guy reached down and laid a finger on her lips and interrupted.

"Your mother is with your brothers trying to get them to go to sleep, so if you could keep your voice down," Guy interjected with a nervous look on his face as he hoped that Connie was having good luck in putting the twins to bed. Ever since they had been born they had been notoriously difficult to get to go to sleep at night.

"So what, she said that I could stay up," Emma shot back with an upset pout on her face as she balled up her little hands into fists and placed them on her hips as she glared up at her father.

"No I didn't Emma, I said that you could try to stay up but that you'd be asleep before the ten o'clock news was over so you should just go to bed now," Connie stated with a tired yawn as she walked back into the living room and smiled at Guy.

"But," Emma pouted back with a very angry scowl on her face as she stomped her foot and headed for the couch, leaving Connie and Guy to exchange confused looks.

"Emma…honey, what are you doing," Guy asked softly with an unsure expression on his face as he slowly turned around and began to walk towards the couch while seeing Emma hop up onto it.

"I'm gonna sit here until next year," Emma proudly declared with a confidant smile on her face as she pulled her legs up under her and reached for the remote.

"On no you don't munchkin, you're going to bed," Guy replied with a slightly skittish grin on his face before he reached over the back of the couch and scooped a surprised Emma up into his arms. Almost immediately she began to fight against him to get him to let go.

"Stop fighting Emma, if you wake your brothers up," Connie started to say with a frustrated frown on her face as she met Guy on his way to the hallway before she grabbed one of her daughter's flailing feet and made sure that she was heard.

"You know what…maybe we should let her stay up honey, she's a big girl," Guy said softly with an odd tone to his voice as Connie's gaze immediately shot up to see if she had heard him right. She was about to question him when she saw him send a wink her way, as if he had something planned.

"You know what…you're right, but you can only stay up if you get ready for bed first, that means brushing your teeth, washing your face," Connie started to say with a slightly unsure look on her face as Guy let Emma down before she squealed softly and scampered off down the hallway towards the bathroom. "Are you sure about this," Connie whispered harshly to Guy as he slid an arm around her waist and pulled her close.

"Trust me, she'll be out in no time, then I'll carry her to bed and when I get back…Mrs. Germaine, you and I are going to celebrate," Guy whispered back with a soft snicker to his words before he nipped at Connie's ear and then pulled away, leaving her to look on in confusion.


Guy's words ended up ringing true as it was no more than an hour after Emma had reappeared in the living room and sat down on the couch than her eyelids were getting visibly heavy. Though they thought it was a bit wrong both Guy and Connie couldn't help but smile and giggle at the sight of Emma trying to keep herself awake, nearly falling backwards into the cushions each time. Several times Connie had silently asked Guy with her gaze if she should just take Emma off to bed. But each and ever time Guy would furrow his brow and shake his head before he would go back to watching Emma's fight to stay awake. Five minutes after the last time that Connie silently asked Guy her question it all became too much and Emma flopped back into the pillows at the far end of the couch. When she didn't immediately pop back up Guy and Connie cast each other concerned looks. They waited patiently for a few more moments before they both let out a sigh of relief as they heard the faint sounds of Emma snoring. Connie's face broke out into a smile as she walked around the end of the couch and carefully picked her daughter up into her arms, giving her a soft kiss on the top of the head before she turned back around and headed off towards the hallway, all without giving Guy a second glance. When she returned from putting Emma to bed Connie found the lights out in the living room and the entire area lit by candlelight. She was about to ask Guy what was going on when she looked over and saw two fancy glasses filled almost to the top with champagne sitting on the coffee table next to the bottle.

"Emma off in dreamland," Guy asked softly with an amused and warm smile on his face and tone to his voice as he materialized out of the darkness beside Connie, almost making her jump.

"Yeah…what's all of this," Connie asked with a delighted but confused half smile on her face as she gestured to the candles and the champagne.

"Just thought that maybe you'd like to celebrate a little," Guy replied with a casual shrug of his shoulders as he took Connie's hand and led her over to the couch.

"Well yeah but…you didn't have to do all of this," Connie said back with a pleased smile on her face as she tried to make it seem like she wasn't flattered immensely by Guy's actions as the two sat down on the couch.

"Maybe, but I see this as one of those moments that we'll remember for the rest of our lives, our first new years in the new house, I just kind of thought that we could celebrate a," Guy said softly with a happy smile on his face as he reached up and gently caressed Connie's cheek with one hand while rubbing his other thumb up and down the inside of her arm. His words were broken off by a kiss from Connie as she leaned forward and placed her lips against his.

"Thank you…I love it," Connie whispered back softly with a happy grin on her face as she broke off the kiss but kept her face only a mere inch from Guy's.

"I thought you would," Guy replied back with a cocky swagger to voice, though behind it Connie could hear the joking edge to it, as he pulled away just enough to pick up the two glasses of champagne and then hand one to Connie while keeping the other for himself.

"So now what," Connie asked with a slightly sultry pout on her face as she jutted out her lower lip and batted her eyes a bit at Guy.

"We relax and wait for the new year…then we celebrate," Guy replied with an excited smile on his face as he and Connie slowly got more comfortable on the couch while putting their legs up on the coffee table and staring off into the flickering flame of the candles.

"I like that idea," Connie replied softly before the two shared another kiss that led to them almost spilling their drinks. Guy turned the television back on at the end of the kiss but kept the volume really low. The two watched in a silence broken only by their breathing for several moments before the ticker appeared and then the ball dropped.

"Happy new year Connie," Guy whispered softly into Connie's ear as he pulled her closer and raised his glass as if to make one half of a toast.

"Happy new year Guy," Connie added back with an equally happy smile on her face as she raised her glass to meet Guy's. The glassed clinked together softly and then were drained of their contents before being set back down on the coffee table. Guy was about to pick the remote back up to turn the television off but Connie grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss that led to more celebration.


Author's Note: Sorry for this being a bit short but it's just another one shot of Emma and Connie and Guy and their first new years eve and beginning of day in their new home. Like most young children Emma wanted to stay up and see the New Year in but she fell asleep early. Guy planned the little romantic bit ahead of time and used the time that Connie spent putting Emma to bed to get it ready. I'm not sure what one shot will be next but I'm open to suggestions. As always reviews are appreciated and to everyone I wish you all a Happy New Year.