Chapter 2

65 million BC.

Pokemon evolution has made a terrible mistake. A supreme pokemon has been created that can destroy anything.


The sound of its name was enough to drive any reasonably intelligent creature away. What unearthly powers made such an abomination, nobody will ever know, and nobody really cares. All they see is that the power, and to command it, is to be the ultimate master.

The time machine gently appeared into the scenery. They stood on a slightly raised platform. A bluish field surrounded the path, the only barrier to the true prehistoric earth.

"Here we are." Said Lucca. "Now for the rules. Two are most important, only go after the designated Magikarp. I will ensure you do that part. Secondly, never step off the path." she then got of the machine.

"Hey Lucca," Ash called. "If we capture it, doesn't that mean we are altering the future anyway?"

"No Ash. We have made safe guards to ensure that never happens," She said proudly. " So long as you do not step off the path, you are in a completely controlled environment. Nothing you do while here will alter anything. When you fight the magikarp, it will be a specially prepared one."


"Okay, look. The magikarp is already destined to die. When magikarp die, they do not lie on the ground. Their psychokinetic powers make them fly up into deep space. The gravitational force of the sun then catches them, where they are destroyed. The one we are after will die very shortly. Even if you capture it, it will not matter."

"Are you sure?" Ash said suddenly worried.

"Positive." Lucca replied. "Besides, this pokemon is impossible to capture" She replied with smugness.
"Also, even if you did 'somehow' alter the past, I have a device that will automatically undo anything we did." She said confidently. "At least if multi-dimensional theory is correct," That one final safeguard should be packed in the back of the Time machine....

"Hey wait a sec! What good is having a pokemon that will die soon?"

"That has also been taken care of. You will get a certificate saying you caught it, and you will be extremely famous, so you get recognition..."

"Well, that's a little better, but I would like to use it in fights"

"Where's your sense of sportsmanship?" Said Lucca surprised at him.

"Well.. I... I 'will' catch it fair and square..." Ash replied weakly.

"If you did catch it, you can win any fight anywhere, assuming it obeyed you. " She said, but caught Ash's crestfallen expression. "Listen, Scientists are also interested in it, we can always clone it."

"You can do that?"

"Absolutely, you can see it when you want as well" Lucca replied.

"Alright, lets get started, Pikachu let's go!"

"Pika?" Pikachu said.

They got off the machine and walked down the path. Lucca walked a slight distance from Ash so as not to interfere.


Team rocket got out of the Epoch, gasping for air.

"Next time, we travel first class," Jesse said after a bit of coughing.

James looked at the wilderness jungle before him. "Jesse, look where we are"

Meowth also looked. The sight was overwhelming. Strange twisted trees prevented then from seeing very far. They could also see large insects, and animal life that they never seen before.

"That pokemon is bound to be here somewhere." Jesse said getting to the mission at hand. She saw Ash on the luminous path. It curved slightly to the right. "We can get ahead of him if we cut through the jungle." Out of nowhere, she handed cutting tools to swipe at the plants and vegetation.

However, as they were about to step over the path they saw something shimmer in front of them. There appeared to be some sort of a field on the edge, though it looked passable.

Meowth put his hand on it, and watched in amazement as his hand went through. "Would ya look at that"

Jesse Pushed Meowth completely through.

"Watcha do that for!" He cried on the soft dirt.

"We had to test it Meowth. Now we know we can go through," Jesse said.

The trio walked completely through, and onto the prehistoric Earth.

Suddenly, they heard the most terrible wail. The noise was so strong it rocked the ground. "MAAAAGIKARRRRRRRRP"

"What was that?!" James clutched his head in agony.

"I think that was the pokemon we are after!" Jesse shouted excited but afraid.

"Let's let the twerp fight it. You know, to make it easier to capture." said Meowth slightly scared.


A little further ahead, Ash had also heard the noise. He and Pikachu both gulped in nervousness. "Come on pikachu," Ash said boldly. "We can take it on!"

Pikachu cringed at the noise.

"You can give up anytime you want," Luca smiled.

"Never! We never give up!"

"Tell me when you do."


Meanwhile, back at the jungle, James were starting to have second thoughts. "Jesse, I don't want to be here anymore. I want to go home," James whined.

"Not yet, we need this break. Just think about the reward" Jesse pictured it again. Then, she felt something go on her head. "Help! Something's in my hair! Something's in my hair!" She screamed.

"Ill get it!" James said. He swatted the bug. It fell dead on the ground.

"Phew that was close" Jesse sighed. "But I'm not taking any chances" She took out some bug spray and started using it on her. She also sprayed it continuously around her throughout their walk, as well as on a few suspect plants. Just to be on the safe side.

"Let's set a trap for it. I have the perfect one. All we do is dig a hole! All we need is bait..." James looked around.

They started digging.

Of course, to make space, they had to chop a few trees, redistributed a few seeds that probably wont have grown but will now, or maybe the other way round. They also destroyed a few bits of dirt, algae, the primal ooze that is so important to the fate of the human race. (You get the picture)

Then, after all their hard work, (done in anime record time) they got hungry so decided to have a picnic. (Also done in anime record time.)

Of course, there was no rubbish bin, so they left it neatly on the ground, they spilled a little fizzy drink, (To the delight of a young sapling) but they were outside, what did it matter? After the trap was set, they decided to look for Ash. He always found the rare pokemon before them.


Lucca waited patently for Ash to find the magicarp, or chicken out. What ever comes first, she thought. Then she saw something that made her blood run cold. She just caught a glimpse of a fallen tree. She had been in this era so many times. She knew each thing that was suppose to be here. That tree was not suppose to have been broken. What was going on?

Suddenly, Team Rocket decided to show up.

"Prepare for trouble!" Jesse started.

"Make that double" James said.

"What are you doing there!" Lucca cried interrupting the motto. "You could be altering time as we know it!" She was becoming hysterical.

"Pikachu thundershock" Ash commanded.

Pikachu shot the electricity into them. Team Rocket fell back, destroying another ancient dandelion.

Lucca screamed even more. An entire species destruction flared in her mind. "You Idiots! Don't you realise what you have done! Get back on this path now!"

Team Rocket looked at the girl with incomprehension. However, they jumped back on the path.

"Pikaaachuuuu!" Pikachu thundershocked them again, incapacitating the trio.

Lucca was just staring at the destruction she saw. "Our future is gone" She whispered.

"What do you mean?" Ash said. "We're still here."

"We exist outside of time. When we get back, the future will not be the same."

"But you said you can undo the damage..."

Lucca looked up. "You're right!"


They got back to the time machine, dragging Team Rocket. Lucca was dredging through all the stuff at the back of the time machine.

"Where is all my stuff?" She wondered in a panic. The device was supposed to be here! Most of her equipment looked crushed beyond repair.

"It's not here! It's not here!" Lucca shouted. She wondered how Team Rocket got here. Eventually, she put two and two together.

Meowth started to awaken, and got picked up by Lucca.

"What did you do with all my stuff!" Lucca started shaking Meowth.

"S-to-op sh-ak-ing-m-e" the pokemon tried to say.

Ash and pikachu watched the action, not knowing what to say.

Eventually, Lucca put Meowth down. She went back to the pilot seat and turned on the computer.

"Are we going back?" Ash asked as he strapped himself aboard.

Lucca gave a giggle. It then broke to a short laugh. "Go back? Sure. We'll go back. Eventually, the universe will realise we are not supposed to be here. Time catches up with us. What happens then is anyone's guess. Thanks to them," she pointed to the unconscious Team Rocket, "We may not exist."

"Pika chu!" Pikachu cried. Denied existence. So many battles left undone. So many, ketchup bottles untested.

"Don't worry pikachu, We'll get back." Ash comforted his friend, although he too was becoming worried.

"I've got a readout on the damage to the time stream" Lucca looked at a monitor. "This is the first time I have had to access our multidimensional system. That device was supposed to activate a homing beacon in my lab, so we can finds our particular future."

Ash scratched his head at the explanation. "Did you understand any of that Pikachu?"

"Just forget it Ash," sighed Lucca. She tapped a few more buttons.

Ash waited patiently.

"Okay, I think I have a plan. I will send you ahead, to our time. while there, you can tell me if our time has changed." She handed a device. "This will allow you to communicate with me here. I will attempt to send you to our time. Our correct time. When I've got it right, you can tell me, and we can all go home.

"Okay." Ash took the small communicator. Pikachu also was set to go.

Lucca pushed a few buttons. "Good luck Ash. Be careful. You may not like what you see. I just hope the planet is still habitable..."

"I'll be careful." A soft blue light enveloped him, as he disappeared.


Next time.... Ash is hurtled though time and space. Shifing aligences, strange posibilities, and other weird stuff await him. Will he ever make it home? Or will he settle in a new paradise? *shrug* who knows? Not me. At least not yet. :)