Author's note:

I decided that since Fire of the Covenant is not very well known, I would give a little synopsis. In 1856, the McKenzie family, along with many other immigrants, arrives in America and make their way to the edge of the wilderness. There they begin their preparations to travel by handcar to Utah. The main Church leaders, already in Utah, came up with the handcart idea so they could help the many Mormons in Europe reach the Valley. Because of poor communication, word had not reached the leaders that the Willie company and Martin company were still coming from England and Scotland. The leaders still sent them on their way but advised them to hurry because they were way behind schedule. Sure enough, out on the planes, storms hit. Many die from starvation and the cold. They send a few men ahead to reach the Valley and bring back help.

Maggie falls in love with Eric and that's an interesting story in its own but not the focus in my story. Hannah, her younger sister, falls in love with a "Valley Boy", David, who was sent along with many others to help the people out on the planes. When the emigrants have to leave all of their belongings behind because they are to weak to bring them, David is one of the ones assigned to stay behind and watch them for the winter. He sends a note back with Hannah addressed to her mother asking if he can court Hannah when he arrives home. That is where this book ends and mine begins.

Hope that helped a little bit. Of course if it's still a little fuzzy, I recommend you go out and find a copy of the book! 