"Woah, Hannah, slow down! You make me feel tired just watching you. What's going on?" she looked suddenly worried. "It isn't Robbie, is it?"

A radiant smile broke out on Hannah's face. "Oh no, his fever broke! I have wonderful news! You remember David Granger? He's home! Here in the Valley!"

Maggie reached for her hand. "Of course I remember him. He brought you back safely to me and Mama. He called me pretty too!" she laughed.

Eric walked in, catching the last of that. "Who's this?" He faked defensiveness. "Oh, you remember David Granger! HE was with the Rescue Company last winter."

"Oh, yah. The one who stole Hannah's heart. I know him." Hannah swatted his arm playfully.

"Enough of that. Let's just go see him!" Hannah blushed.

Hannah smiled inwardly as she approached the Granger's modest home. She wasn't nervous anymore. Eleanor rushed out when she saw them coming.

"Hannah! Maggie! Hello. Isn't it wonderful?"

"Wonderful! We prayed for his safety everyday." Mary answered as they stepped inside.

"David! The McKenzie's have come." David broke away from his family and came over to where they were standing, grinning. Hannah watched as he hugged Mary and Maggie. She watched as Eric stuck out his hand and ended up in David's crushing embrace. Then she watched as he turned to face her. His eyes lit up with pleasant surprise as he saw her. He took in her healthy and rosy appearance and long hair and hugged her tightly.

"Hello, Hannah."

"Hello, David." She smiled. "Welcome home."

He released her and turned to her family. "Thank you all for coming. I thought of you often while I was away. Man, am I glad to be home!" They all laughed. He winked at Hannah. "I'm sure Mother was just about to ask you over for supper. Won't you join us?"

His mother swatted him playfully. "You'll make me seem ungracious, David. Let me handle this." She turned to Mary. "But he's right. Won't you stay for supper?"

"Of course, we'd love to. Maggie can run home to take care of Robbie."

David looked surprised. "What's the matter?"

"Oh…Robbie has got a bad case of the fever. The spring air will do him good though. His fever broke last night." Mary told him happily.

"Oh, I'm so glad."

"Well, . Maggie and I will help you in the kitchen." Mary, Maggie, Eleanor, and , headed for the room at the back of the house. David looked over at Hannah. He grinned and grabbed her hand. "Come on." Together they slipped out the front door.

Walking along the street, they were silent for the moment, enjoying each other's company. The sun was sinking lower into the horizon and a cool breeze had crept up, reminding them that winter was not entirely over. David looked over at her and smiled softly. How beautiful she looked! He had thought she was beautiful on the Plains, but, now with a season full of food and clean water her beauty was even more apparent.

"So, Hannah, how have you been? Really…" They walked to the side of the road and Hannah sat down on a rock, thoughtful.

"Over all, things have been wonderful. We have a house as do Maggie and Eric. It is wonderful being among the Saints. Robbie and I can walk outside without being pelted with rotten food for being Mormons. It's a good feeling." She sighed, her eyes happy.

"They really did that to you in Scotland?" David asked in horror. She looked up at him

"Oh, yes. Everyday after school. We would have to wait for Maggie to walk us home. On the days that she forgot…" Hannah shivered. David reached out and pulled her shawl tighter around her, although he knew the reason for her shudder.

"Well, I'm sure glad you're here." That brought a smile to Hannah's face.

"And I'm sure glad that you're home."

"I missed you, Hannah. I- I meant what I said to your mother, Hannah. But, was that too forward of me?" Hannah instantly shook her head.

"No, David. It wasn't." He looked relieved.

"I really like you, Hannah. I thought about you all winter." Hannah looked surprised. Inside, her heart soared at his words. "You do?"

"Can you not see that?" He reached his hand up to touch her cheek. She closed her eyes and he jerked his hand back. "Oh, sorry."

Hannah shook her head. "No, it's alright." She grinned sheepishly. "I closed my eyes because I liked it."

David laughed. "Yes, you haven't changed a bit." He touched her cheek again.

"It's only been a season." She closed her eyes again and felt her breath catch as he leaned closer. She was a heartbeat away from receiving her first kiss when-

"Hannah! David! Supper's ready!" Hannah opened her eyes reluctantly. David dropped his hand to hold hers and held it even as they approached the house and didn't drop it until they opened the door. Maggie smiled at Eleanor knowingly and Hannah knew she must be as read as a beet. She looked away.

Eleanor sang out, "Good, they're finally back. Let's eat."