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Idea: Cross-over with Harry Potter, Ed is undercover(kinda) at a muggle school(during a summer-school program, he was transported there(spoiler warning) after he went through the gate(slightly-wait no greatly AU), Harry is there 'cause the Dursleys wanted to get rid of him during the day, alternate 6th year.

Date started: November 20th, 2005

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Author: ShaneXvga.


Forgotten Rain


Ed groaned as the idiot teacher in front of him droned on, thinking he could teach Ed, of all people, something about science.

Ed was here, in a summer-school program, after he had assaulted a police officer. The officer had called him "small". The judge had given him two choices, a Juvenile Detention Center, or summer-school program. He choose the summer-school program. Little did he know that it would be a living-hell.

He had ended up here, in England, after going through the gate. He had thought that he would end up where he had originally went when he first crossed. Oh how wrong he was...

'Back to reality,' thought Edward to himself, as he looked up to see the teacher pointing at him and saying something.

"...Well Mr.Elric, since your 'know' so much about science that you don't need to pay attention to me and answer my questions, why don't you stay behind today, with Mr.Potter, and both of you can be my 'special pals'?" He said with a rather nasty smirk, which reminded Ed of mustang, forming on his face.

Mr.Potter, or Harry, was the boy sitting next to Edward. He had been awarded "special pal" when, after hearing a strange sound, he had pulled a stick out of his pants and started waving it around, much to the amusement of the class. The teacher, Mr.Annoying (as Ed liked to call him) or Mr.Smith, had not been amused.

"Special Pal" meant that you were invited(more like commanded) to the teachers one-on-one hour of hell. It was not something anyone enjoyed.

'At least I can get out of it tomorrow' thought Edward to himself, no one knew that he lived alone, he had plenty of money after doing some research and finding out that his father had acquired large accounts of money over the course of his life, and had become some what of a big-shot in the British government. Ed had slowly 'acquired' these accounts. Also, getting out of it was easy as he was his own "Guardian", having filled out all the paper-work himself, and signing himself off as Hohenhiem.

The bell rang; class was over. Ed began to stand up, intending to sneak out.

"Not so fast Mr.Elric!" the teacher screeched, pointing straight at Ed. Ed sat back down sighing. Meanwhile the teacher was dragging Harry back, who too had tried, with more success than Ed, to sneak out. "Okay, not both of you sit back down and be quite." Mr.Smith commanded picking up a book to read. The book was "Occult Symbology" by and author who's pen-name was 'Hohenheim', much to Eds amusement. The book had a picture of a transmutation circle on the front.

"Uh...Sir," said Ed grinning to himself at what he was about to pull off.

"Yes, Mr.Elric?" the Teacher said wearily.

"I was wondering what that circle meant..." Asked Edward barely holding back his smirk.

"And you have an interest in such things?" responded the teacher un-unbelievingly.

"Indeed Sir." said Ed mock-respectfully.

"Well," said Mr.Smith his interest excited, "It is believed that it is a rather modern symbol-"

"Maybe from around World War One?" Asked Ed interested.

"Yes, how did you know?" Mr.Smith asked questioningly.

'Great, just great' thought Harry to himself as he watched Ed go about getting himself in trouble. Mocking the teachers rather strange interests wouldn't get him very far.

'Anyway,' thought Harry, 'Edward was already weird, he always wore long-sleavs and white gloves. Even through the hottest weather. He also refused to shake peoples hands, it had gotten him in trouble with Mr.Smith who believed that you could tell a mans, or in this case a late-teens character by their hand-shake.' Harry was pulled out of his thoughts as the room suddenly went dark.

Harry saw something streak across his vision and hit Mr.Smith. Mr.Smith collapsed face-first on to his desk, blood already pooling around his head. Ed jumped up raising his fists in a defensive fighting stance.

Harry pulled out his wand, deciding that this was a sufficient life-threating situation to pull out his wand.

A figure dressed all in black, with a black cape, walked through the door of the class-room. The man pulled back his hood; his face had a long scar, starting at his right eye, and flowing in a red line down to his left ear. Suddenly his face began to change, there was a bright light and the man suddenly looked rather like Edward.

"Edward, is that anyway to greet your older brother?" the man asked, a smirk crossing his face, "After all, i haven't seen you in over 50 years, though it probably seems like only a year to you."

"Envy..." Ed grunted, clapping his palms together, suddenly a sword appeared out of his arm. He launched an attack at the man.

"STUPIFY!" yelled Harry twice, bolts of red light shot at both Ed and the man. Ed fell over stunned while the man yelled "Protego!". Sparks flew every where. The spell rebounded, hitting Harry square in the chest; he fell over stunned.

The man turned around, mumbling something about stupid Ministry Officials as he began to walk out, before he left he dropped a wand next to Ed. "Might as well make it interesting, Brother."

"Wake up." Said a rather annoyed Moody, "For Gods sake Boy, wake up." said he, shaking Harry ruffly.

"Wha-what happened?" Harry asked confused.

"You were stunned." Said Professor Lupin, helping Harry to his feet. As Harry looked around he saw several members of the order standing around, Moody, Lupin, and Tonks.

"Was he the one who did this?" Asked Tonks holding up a still stunned Ed, and holding as wand to his throat. "We found a wand near him."

"But...he's a muggle!" Harry blurted.

"Apparently not, according to the spell we cast." Stated Tonks, "He's a full-blown wizard, and apparently a powerful one at that, took Lupin and myself to stun him again when he came 'round."

"Maybe you should wake him up?" asked Lupin.

"Oh, right!" Tonks exclaimed, "ENNERVATE!"

"You bastard!" Ed yelled struggling against Tonks, who restrained him. "What? Where did he go? What happened?" Asked Ed confused.

"You were stunned." Said Harry, restraining a laugh. "But who was that guy? He called you his little brother?" Harry asked seriously.

"He's not brother of mine!" Ed yelled.

"Hold up." Interjected Moody, "What exactly happened?"

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