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Forgotten Rain




Chapter: 6



Professor West allowed a slime, tight grin to his face as he picked himself up; he had fallen down when Edward's right fist connected with his face. "I see you know who I am," he said taking out a syringe and stabbing it into his own arm, the massive damage that Ed's attack had caused to his face instantaneously healed. "I didn't expect anyone at Hogwarts besides Dumbledore to understand why I am excluded from scientific circles."

Edward continued to glare at Professor West, his fists trembling in rage. "How dare you, how could you do what you did? It wasn't even to achieve anything, but your sick lust for the unknown and strange!" Edward screamed into Professor Wests face.

"Ego non baptizo te in nomine patris, sed in nomine diaboli." replied Professor West, grinning now. He turned his back to Ed, "Shall we get on with the class now."

Edward pulled back his fist, an animal snarl coming to his otherwise handsome features. Suddenly, a thing, that smelled of the grave slammed into Ed's chest, knocking him back. Pain flooded through Edward, he felt as if he would never breath again as he hit the ground with tremendous force. He gasped as wonderful, life-giving air flooded back down into his lungs. He glanced up noticing the shocked look on the faces of his classmates, then he felt the weight on his chest. He looked down and screamed.

Edward transmuted his arm, the blade sliced right through the thing; red-black blood splashed down drenching Ed's cloths as he jumped up, charging Herbert West.

Dumbledore burst thought the class room door, quickly stunning Ed and then looking accusingly at West.

"West, what happened here?" Asked Dumbledore coolly, the normal twinkle in his eye gone.

"He attacked me, I took what I decided were appropriate actions to rectify the situation." Said West calmly averting his gaze from Dumbledore's eyes.

"You're appropriate actions, were not so appropriate." proclaimed Dumbledore coldly, "Never again treat a student like that." He turned to the class "Class is dismissed, Someone please take Mr.Elric to the hospital wing." he said enervating Edward.


"That was bloody awesome!" said Ron as he and Harry helped Edward walk down the hall to the hospital wing.

"What type of magic was that?" asked Hermione curiously, "I've never seen a spell that allowed the arm to be used as a weapon before." Ed's arm had changed back the moment Dumbledore had stunned him, and with the commotion of class ending no one had noticed Edward hurriedly repairing his cloths with a spell.

"It's something I learned, from one of the restricted books I bought." said Ed putting his left arm behind his head and chuckling awkwardly.

"Can I see it?" Asked Harry eagerly, ever since the summer break he had taken a superfluous interest in the Dark Arts.

"Uh, I don't think thats allowed." Ed replied nervously 'I hope none of them realized the fact that I didn't use a wand or speak an incantation' thought Edward to himself.

"Aw, come on. You can let us see it." said Harry.

"Harry, you know the Ministry's rules, it could get us in trouble if they found out." Hermione stated, once again showing her love for rules.


"What happened to him?" screeched Madam Pomfrey looking at Ed's blood-stained form worriedly.

"He got into a fight..." said Hermione trailing off, thinking it best to leave 'with a teacher' out.

"With a teacher!" Ron interjected loudly.

"Tact Ron, tact." said Harry softly, shaking his head sadly.

"With a teacher?" inquired Madam Pomfrey, "I'm assuming he's already been punished enough by the look of him." she waved her wand casting a spell on Edward. "He's good as new now, he just had a minor sprain in his right ankle and a sprained left wrist; just take him back to his dorm so he can change and get cleaned up" she said the last part with a tone of disgust as she walked off, mumbling about 'psychotic students with death wishes' .

"Ron, how why would you tell her that it was with a teacher?" Hermione asked angrily turning to look at Ron.

"I thought it was an interesting fact!" Yelled Ron indignantly.

"Um...guys," Said Harry looking around. "I think we should move on...we're attracting a rather large crowd." They looked up to see about thirty students watching them curiously because of the yelling.


"Very good." said Professor Firenze looking at Luna Lovegoods assignment. "50 points to Ravenclaw." Neville groaned in unison with the rest of Gryffindor.


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