Well I think we all know that I'm not J.K. so me telling you again is just an insult to everyone..This popped out of nowhere tonight..Thought I would share, let me know what you think...Theteller of this talecould really be anyone you wanted, perhaps even the young school girl in all of us..


Some might say it dirty, go so far as to hint to complete indiscretion. It was forbidden, sending the desire over the edge of reason, bringing it just within the distance of a breath. Even now I will not say it wrong, nothing that maddening could be anything less than perfection. It was the combination of all the great forces of the cosmos; it brought the promise of life and the eventual subtle satisfaction that only death can bring. It had been the combination of exacting substances carefully positioned at the time of our births that drove us to actions polite society would not approve. Nothing other than divine forces could explain an attraction so positively spellbinding, so precise in its target, so completely sated by simple connection. Just one word, just one look was all it had taken to bind our destinies together. It had been returned with eyes that spoke volumes beneath lashes lifting towards the heavens. From that moment we became forbidden love, we knew that our actions from this moment on would become deplorable. It had been a sin easily carried by both, always carefully and with great reverence but with ease all the same. I regret not once one moment spent with him. Hours spent languishing each word he spoke with such devotion, carefully committing each to memory. The feel of his hair running between my fingers, or the eyes the first time I brushed a strand from his face. It had been a simple brush of fabric against skin; no other living being even noticed my fortunes being altered. It did not even make so much as a tremble in the very tapestry of time; but it had caused us both to become instantly and undeniably aware of the other. With that one look, that one mere act of contrition it had begun.