A perfect day.

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Epilogue - Some Kind of Wonderful

It was really late at night, almost midnight, as Harry sat alone in front of the large Christmas tree, which was in the decorated living room of the Weasley's home. It had not only been his first Christmas at the Burrow, but it was also his first Christmas with his father, and it had been wonderful. His family was there, his friends were there, and even Draco and Devon had been invited, or rather everyone wouldn't let them refuse.

Of course, Devon didn't really have a choice as Harry insisted that he wasn't staying at Hogwarts alone, not when Harry felt responsible for leaving the boy an orphan, even though Harry knew it wasn't his fault. Besides Harry had become attached to the kid, and he'd also grown on everyone else in the past couple of days.

Harry had laughed as Draco had literally been dragged along by, oddly enough, Ron, who insisted that Draco needed to see the upsides of having a big family. A thing that more then surprised Harry was when he found Mikhail and Draco kissing under the mistletoe earlier in the day, and it hadn't been anywhere close to a friends only kiss. Apparently they'd formed a bit of a relationship while he was in a coma. Now that Harry had a chance to sit back and relax, he'd learned that he had missed quite a lot while he was sleeping.

One of the major things he had missed was that the Vampires had decided to turn their attentions elsewhere after they had learned what Harry had done to Merrick for trying to turn him. Also after they found out that Harry hadn't been turned from Merrick's bite they chose to believe that he was one of the rare humans that couldn't be turned. Of course, they didn't know about the potion he had taken.

Harry looked out the window into the night and into the falling snow. He was deep in thought; he hadn't really had much time to consider what had happened before he had killed Voldemort. The curse Voldemort had shot at him through the sword had hit him. He hadn't had time to dodge, but as it hit him it dissipated. Harry would never forget, and he knew that he would be eternally confused. For whatever reason, Lady Magic had offered him her power again. Harry had refused adamant that he didn't want to be controlled by anyone. She had given her power to him anyways and then taken it away just before Harry had killed the Dark Lord, saying that she would wait until he was ready to accept it. Harry knew he'd never be ready, and so did Magic, so why did she let him go? Harry didn't think he'd ever understand.

Shaking all thoughts out of his head, Harry smiled as he looked back to the lavishly decorated living room. Nothing could have made the day more perfect. Harry glanced up to the old clock, which labeled the Weasley family and smiled when he saw the two names that had been added to the clock, and that all of the hands were pointed at home. His name and Hermione's name had been added that day, one of the many joyous things that also accompanied the holidays. Remus had finally gotten the nerve to ask Tonks to marry him. A shocked Harry hadn't even known they were dating, so was much surprised by the event. The Snape's had finally found the cure to Lycanthropy and given it to Remus the day before as an early Christmas gift, which probably helped make the decision easier.

"Harry?" Hermione asked from the doorway. Harry shook his head from his memories and looked up to her, Ron, and Ginny, who all stood in the doorway in their nightclothes, and smiled as they came in. The girls each had a quilt wrapped around them over their nightdresses. "Couldn't sleep?"

"No, I just wanted to finish this day. It was perfect. I know it's weird, but I wanted to make sure it ended perfect," Harry told them as Hermione came and sat down beside him and Ginny took his other side while Ron took a chair across from them.

"Mind if we make sure it ends perfect with you?" Hermione asked and Harry shook his head, blushing slightly as Hermione leaned her head on his shoulder and Ginny took up company of his other shoulder. Ron chucked at Harry's cheeky smile as Harry put his arms around the two girls and settled back into the couch. He looked back out into the snowy night as the clock chimed midnight and then he blinked and straightened and then he blinked again.

"Harry, what is it?" Ginny asked with concern in her voice as she looked at him.

"It couldn't be," Harry whispered. It was.

A large grin came to Harry's face as he jumped up and ran to the door, Hermione, Ron and Ginny on his heels, trying to get his attention. In bare feet and pajama's Harry ran out into the snowy yard and stopped in front of the man, who had just changed from a large black Grim like dog. Harry was rather surprised to see that he was looking rather healthy and was wearing what looked to be brand new dark blue robes.

"Harry who is it?" Ron called from the doorway, not having seen the man change shape as he tried to focus through the dim of the night.

"Hey," Harry said casually trying to keep a composed air about him, but Harry couldn't hold back his glee as he heard the clock strike for the final time from within the Burrow and then he threw his arms around his godfather. "Sirius, you're back!"

Sirius hugged him fiercely back. "Hey Pup, didn't think I'd leave you alone for too long, did you?"

"Well…" Harry said flippantly beginning to pull away.

Sirius grabbed him back and pulled him playfully into a headlock as he ruffled his hair until it was well into unruly again. Harry laughed and tried unsuccessfully to flatten back down his hair. "Don't bother, Pup, you look better this way anyways." Sirius laughed, ruffling Harry's hair again.

Harry all of a sudden remembered his friends in the doorway, and realized that he was still standing barefoot in two inches of snow. He pulled away and led Sirius back to the house. It was a shriek and a thud as Hermione knocked Sirius over with her over enthusiastic hug that awoke the entire household. Ten minutes later everyone was in the living room welcoming Sirius back. It helped their suspicions that Harry had finally gotten around to telling them all that Sirius was alive not two days before.

Harry turned to Hermione, a bright smile alight on his face and she smiled back just as brightly. "I'd say the day ended perfectly," Hermione laughed as well as Ron and Ginny.

Harry nodded back to her a content smile plastered on his face. "Yes, Hermione, it did."

The End…


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