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Summary: What happened between Honor and Logan at Thanksgiving.


"LOGAN!" Honor called when she walked into her childhood home. "Logan! Where are you?"

"Right here. Stop yelling." He said sullenly.

"What's wrong?" She asked, looking around. "Is Rory here? I really like her."

"She is with her family I guess."

"What do you mean, I guess?" Honor pressed

"Nothing. Leave it at that." He said angrily as he started to walk away.

"Logan! What the hell is wrong with you?" Honor yelled, starting to get angry herself.

"WE BROKE UP! OK?" He finally screamed, and went into the library.

"Oh my God." Honor said quietly.

She quickly followed him, and forced him to sit down, poured each of them a drink and made him talk to her.

"What happened?" She asked, lighting a cigarette.

"I got back from Omaha, and-" He started

"Honor! Please! I'm quitting and here you are, lighting up. Take that outside." Shira scolded as she walked by the library.

"Fine Mother... Don't even think this is over." Honor said as she slipped outside.

She pulled out her cell and scrolled through her phone book before finding the number she was looking for.

It rang twice when the voice she knew her brother loved answered.


"Rory! Its Honor Huntzberger!"

"Oh, Hello, how are you?" Rory said, sounding surprised.

"Fine, I'm so sorry about you and Logan."


"That you broke up, I'm so sorry. Idiot. Him, not you."

"He- He- He told you we broke up?" Rory stuttered, sounding upset

"Yes, I had to drag it out of him, but still, we can go shopping, Bergdorfs is calling our names."

"Yea, sure call me with details."

"Of course. Bye!"

'Hmm, She sounded shocked by me saying they broke up. I wonder what's going on." Honor thought, going back into the house.

"Logan, why did Rory stutter and sound upset when I gave my condolence's for your relationship's demise?" Honor demanded when she walked into the library.

"WHAT? YOU CALLED RORY?" Logan yelled

"Yes, I wanted to make sure we could still be friends. Did she even know you two broke up?"

"She's the one that blamed me."

"Logan, talk to her. Unless you don't want to be with her anymore."

"Honor, I love her, she says that she loves me. But I was an ass, and we yelled and she hasn't called me since, I assumed we were over."

"Did you call her?" Honor pressed

"No." Logan said quietly.

"Talk to her." Honor said as she walked out of the room to call Josh. "Logan?" She called as she stuck her head back into the room. "Tell her you love her. That's all you need. Love."


A/N: One-shot on what I think happened before and after Honor's phone call. Or what should of happened. Hehe... sorry if the phone call was off a bit, I was shell-shocked after Honor said they broke up. Hehe tell me what you think!