"I'm sort of tired." Ghost pronounced after finishing half of his pizza. Nothing stood up and put the box into the empty (or nearly so) refrigerator.

"Well, you can sleep in my room or Molochi and Twig's room." Nothing states while closing the refrigerator door.

"I don't want to take your room." Ghost says tiredly. Nothing smiles.

"Fine then. I'll see you when you wake up."

Ghost shuffled toward the dark room and collapsed onto the bed. He barely had time to cover himself in blankets before he fell asleep. The sleep was interrupted, as a dream had broken that blackness. This was a dream he'd had before. It was about the twins. Something about those wretched twins terrified him more than anything, so he soon awoke. He began to run toward Steve's room bu quickly remembered that he was not with Steve anymore. So he stopped and collapsed in the silent living room. His sobs nearly echoed through the apartment.

"Are you ok Ghost?" Nothing questioned while hurrying toward him. "Did something happen?" He grabbed Ghost and gently wrapped his arms around him.

"I had a dream." Ghost cried.

"Dreams are supposed to be good." Nothing responded quietly.

"Well this one wasn't." Ghost answered wrongfully angry at Nothing's ignorance.

"So it should be called a nightmare rather than a dream." Nothing tried to cheer him up with a timid smile.

"No. Not mine. Dreams can happen...or come true in one sense or another. Nightmares are always just that...fear." Ghost demanded. "All of my dreams have either happened or will happen or are happening. They can't be nightmares for just that reason." Feeling there was nothing to say, Nothing held Ghost and waited until he stopped crying.

A few minutes went by as Ghost continued to cry, but he finally stopped. Nothing went to let go of him but Ghost's grip did not loosen.

"Just hold me." Ghost whispers while he wipes away a tear. Nothing did as told, all the while smiling, knowing he was helping. Minutes turned into an hour then finally Ghost let go and looked up at Nothing. They slowly stood up together and as their eyes met, Ghost felt his heard beat fast again. Quickly, he turned around and walked to the couch. "I'm sorry I woke you, you can go back to sleep if you want."

"I'm not tired." Nothing responded while taking a seat on the couch. There was a gap between them, and they made it as big as they could, neither comfortable with the way their heart was beating. "Wanna watch a movie?"

"What do you have in mind?" Ghost questioned, happy to break the uneasy silence in the air. Nothing looked to the television.

"I had started to watch Edward Scissorhands yesterday. How's that sound?"

"I've never seen it." Ghost admits.

"All the more reason to watch it." Nothing nodded and turned on the TV. They sat and silently watched the first half of the movie before the phone rang. Nothing ran to get it. "Hey." He stated while picking it up. It was, of course, Molochi. "Oh yeah? I'll be glad to see you." Looking over to Ghost and the television, he continued. Of course both of you." There was a long uneasy pause. "Yeah." Nothing's tone sounded very different suddenly. "But it's not like that." He looks over to Ghost carefully. "I"m just helping."

Ghost suddenly had the feeling that they were talking about him and that whoever it was (probably Molochi and Twig) it was knew he was here. The thought sort of made him cold. As if the hands of death were nestled on his neck. Yet, nothing happened and Nothing continued to talk.

"Just be ready." He stated "Yeah, it was sold." There was a brief pause. "Yeah, to him." He tapped the nightstand with his fingertips. "Ok, well, I'm watching a movie...bye." Nothing hung up the phone and walked back over to the couch. "Sorry for the interruption."

Again, the two men simply sit in silence as the movie progresses. When the movie reaches it's end, Nothing starts to chuckle a sad but humored laugh.

"Sometimes I feel like Edward." Nothing states, more to the air than to Ghost. "Locked up all alone. Waiting for someone to come and see me. I simply watch as the world around me dies and all the while I stay the same." Nothing looks down at his hands. "I don't want to be like Edward..." He states quietly. "I...don't want to be alone anymore."

"Are...you alright?" Ghost questions when he hears this quiet rant. Nothing nods and shakes his head.

"I"m always alone. Please don't leave me alone. I...just don't want you to leave." Nothing whispers. He then pushes his eyes shut and lays his head on Ghost's shoulder. Tears suddenly start to fall. "I don't want to be alone anymore."

Ghost places a pale hand on the back of Nothing's head. Suddenly it all makes sense. Why Nothing had been so willing to take him in, why he tried so hard to make Ghost feel at home home. All along, Nothing was afraid of being alone. even though he stayed here by himself and swore to Molochi and Twig that he was fine, inside he was actually afraid.

"I...I'll stay with you." Ghost nearly began crying as well. He knew how it felt to be alone. As he helped Nothing, Ghost realized his own words were helping himself too.

"No. You don't have to...it's just that I get carried away. I-" Nothing is stopped mid-sentence as Ghost's fingers cover his lips. The two of them sit silently in the living room, staring deep into each other's eyes. Both of them rapidly realizing that this is why their hears have been beating so differently. It was all because of the person in front of them. This person that has helped them cope. For Nothing it was the feeling e was alone, and that feeling wasn't there when he spent time with Ghost. Meanwhile, for Ghost, the feeling of heartbreak and loneliness had settled in but with Nothing by his side those feeling quickly began to subside.

"I'm sorry." Nothing sobs quietly. Ghost pus his fingers back on Nothings lips and leans toward him.

"Shh." He utters while slipping the fingers away and replacing them with his lips. It was the kiss, that was what their hears had been waiting for. The became well known because in that moment, while their lips were attached...both hearts stopped. And time stood still. Both were still so innocent, in ways they never though possible.

The door swinging open broke the silence...and the long-awaited kiss. There, in the open doorway, red with rage and swaying in drunken splendor, was Steve.