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It was a full moon as the pink haired kunoichi jumped off the bridge with her short hair flying behind her and landed gracefully. She ran the rest of the way into the forest and into a familiar clearing. She had been sneaking out here for the past week. The summer air was most pleasant and the sounds around her were comforting. In her hands she had a blue rolled up sleeping bag and spread it out on the soft grass. She laid down and smiled contently as she snuggled in and looked up at the sky. Suddenly images of team 7 laughing together, having good times together flooded her mind and she sighed happily.

She had recently made jounin after much practice and strained efforts and team 7 was once again whole. She was now 17 and had the body to prove it. She would never admit it but she was one of the most desired women in Konoha. She was a well-known medic nin and has yet to have lost a patient. Her gentjutsu could be rivaled by few and her ninjutsu was up there as well. Her Taijutsu could still use some work but it was still slightly better than average. She didn't like to go out much though but that didn't put a damper on her popularity one bit. Being best friends with Ino an all. There weren't many chances for group 7 to get together but they were now all on the same level save for Kakashi of course and would take as many chances to get together as possible.

She had long since confirmed Sasuke to be asexual and had finally settled for their brother/sister relationship. He had finally come back to them and was still searching for his brother but had loosened up a considerable amount although he could still be pretty touchy at times. Naruto was the same hyper-active, sweet, determined, annoying(at times) brother she never had. He and Hinata had gotten together a while ago and Naruto had told her that he was going to propose to the shy girl soon. She felt excited and quite satisfied with his decision. He would without a doubt make a great hokage one day. Images of her sensei came to her. He was still and it seemed shall forever be an enigma to her. At this she frowned. She didn't know what quite to make of him. He wasn't exactly a father figure but not close enough to be a brother either.

She gave a mental shrug annd smiled again as she made a mental image of her mysterious teacher. She imagined his slouched posture and his crinkled eye as he smiled. The way he would always be there for them and how he would always have his nose in that perverted book of his. At this she snorted and started to drift off. "perverted scarecrow.." she muttered as sleep finally grasped a hold of her. She never detected the presence of the dark-eyed ninja looking down at her from his hiding spot in the tree nor did she see the way his eye crinkled as her muttering reached his ears.

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