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The next morning she got up and got dressed while humming cheerfully. /Haha! We got him good./ (the slashes are inner Sakura.)

The weather matched her mood with the sun shining brightly through her windows and spilling into her room like a flood of gold.

There was a slight skip to her step as she headed for Kakashi's apartment donning a pair of spandex shorts covered by a red skirt with a red sleeveless top sequined with Sakura petals. Her camera was hiding in her bag alongside her usual shinobi pouch.

She didn't bother knocking this time wanting to catch him off guard so she could get her blackmail. She stifled the urge to laugh. Being bad was fun.

Little did she know that what lied on the other side of the door was trouble in the making. She placed her hand on the camera and stealthily entered leaving the door open. Good thing it wasn't windy today.

Stealthily moving in she caught a glimpse of silver and whipped her camera out. As she took aim she nearly dropped the camera but quickly pressed the button. Faster than she react she found herself trapped between the wall and a bare-chested jounin.

"Good morning Sakura. And what do we have here?" His voice had a teasing tone to it and she could feel his hot breath on her face. He smelled like mint.

She found it increasingly harder to breath the longer she looked at him. Without his mask on he was beautiful. Contrary to what she thought before there was no mutation on his face or scars covering it. His skin was flawless and his lips looked firm but soft at the same time. Thinking about his lips brought back the memory of him kissing her and she felt her face go warm.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw his arm dart for the camera and just barely managed to duck under his arms and out of his reach. She stuck her tongue out at him and put the camera back in her bag along with the picture that'd she'd just taken.

She waved her finger at him mockingly. "Now, now. Behave Kakashi-chan. If you can't then I'll have to punish you."

Kakashi smirked. "I didn't know you were into that kind of thing. But if that's how you want it I suppose I'll play along."

Sakura blushed crimson as his implications sunk in. "What are you talking about Kakashi no baka!" She told herself to take deep breaths and count to 10. Breaking his apartment would be bad. 'Not that he doesn't deserve it...'

'Now how am I going to keep my camera from him?' She eyed him suspiciously waiting for him to jump at her anytime now. His normal laid back attitude and innocent expression only made her more suspicious.

'He's up to something.' /If he is we'll just have to beat him down/

"Are you hungry?" She shook her head.

"I already ate. Did you?"

He gestured at the plates that were left on the kitchen table. "Oh. Why don't I wash your dishes while you go get dressed.

Sakura's attention was once again drawn to his bare chest and had to will herself to look away which was a lot harder than it should've been. She blushed prettily.

He noticed her flushed features and inwardly smirked. So he was making an impression.

"But I thought you liked looking at my chest." He teased.

She turned away from him calling him an idiot and stalked towards the kitchen.

He chuckled and disappeared from his room. A few minutes later he stood before Sakura wearing a black, tight shirt that stuck to him like a second skin almost as if tempting her to touch his muscles and a pait of cargo pants.

When Sakura saw him she felt her jaw go slack. /Let's jump him/ Black was definitely his color. She didn't see Kakashi out of his jounin uniform often and wondered why he was dressed so casually. She didn't even think he owned anything else. Except for maybe underwear…

Quickly looking away she busied herself with drying the plates. "Uh… Sakura."

"What?" She snapped.

"If you rub that dish any harder I think it might just shatter."

Looking at the object in her hand she felt like she could smack herself. If you looked close enough there was a small crack at the edge. 'Grr… pull yourself together Sakura. Just act normal, you can do this!'

Clearing her throat she tried to look as casual as possible. It proved to be quite hard though seeing as how she twitched every time he so much as moved a finger.

He was enjoying how she's jump every time he moved his hand and would smooth out an imaginary wrinkle in his pants or readjust his hitai-ate just to see her reaction.

They moved to his living room and sat on the sofa. "So why aren't you wearing your normal uniform?"

"Since I'm not really going to be doing anything I thought a change of clothes would be nice. Besides I have to wash it every now and then. Otherwise I'd be dirty."

She was tempted to tell him he already was dirty but decided to refrain knowing he'd probably turn it back on her as some kind of perverted joke. "Don't you have other uniforms too? I mean it must get damaged a lot and it never looks worn."

He scratched his head. "We just go to the hokage when we can't wear it anymore and she gives us another. Is it really that strange for me to be wearing something different?"

She felt a little uncomfortable having his sole attention focused on her. "Yes. You've always worn your jounin uniform even when we were genin. I guess it's just weird seeing you without it."

Kakashi grinned at her. "So you're saying I don't look good like this?"

"No, I think you look hot." She slapped her hand over her mouth in disbelief. The older jounin's grin widened as he leaned in.

"What was that?" he teased. "Err… that's not what I meant. I meant to say that you… seem hot! Your face looks a little warm, maybe you're coming down with a fever! I'll go get you something cold to drink!"

She jumped up and sprinted towards the kitchen. At least that's what she would've done if it weren't for that pesky hand that was hindering her from moving as far away as possible.

She was getting a really bad feeling about this. Gulping nervously she turned to face the older jounin when she was abruptly crushed by a blur of blonde.

"What have you done to Sakura you old pervert!"

Sakura's heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest. Shock from Naruto's abrupt arrival and anticipation of Kakashi's next move had probably taken off some good minutes off her life.

She wasn't sure whether she was glad Naruto had gotten there before anything had happened or whether she wanted to kill him for ruining what could've been a very good moment.

Shaking her head she mentally berated herself. 'Of course your glad he's here. Why would you want anything to happen with that scarecrow anyways…'

Either way the Kyuubi was in for a beating. Taking in his appearance she realized that he was covered in dirt, mud, dry blood and some other stuff she didn't think she wanted to know. And he was getting it on her!

"NA-RU-TO!" she grounded out through clenched teeth. Safe to say he was sporting a few bruises and a swollen cheek afterwards.

Rubbing his cheek he gave he a sad, puppy dog face. "Ouch! That hurt. I just came back from a mission and I didn't even get any ramen yet. Besides we were just worried about you."

She snapped her head towards the door where Sasuke stood leaning with his hands folded over his chest. She glared at him and waved stiffly in his direction to which he merely nodded and stared intently at her with his black orbs. 'What is he looking at?'

"Is there something on my face?" He just shook his head and focused his attention on Kakashi who merely stared back at him. 'Well that was weird…'

"Hey! That's not fair! Why are you being all nice to Sasuke when you beat me up?" he whined.

"He's not the one who jumped on me with his body all filthy was he?" Naruto hmphed and sat on the ground while glaring at Sasuke and giving her sad, little pouts.

Sighing she brought her hand up to his face healing his swollen cheek and started to heal his cheek. "Did you guys at least go to the hospital yet?"

Naruto gave her a cheeky smile while scratching his head. "Well you see, we came back and reported to Tsunade immediately and we found out that you were here and rushed to find you right away.

She snorted. "What did you guys think he was going to kill me?"

"Ehh… not exactly." He laughed nervously.

"What do you mean Naruto? And it better not be anything stupid."

He got closer so he could whisper. "We thought Kakashi might… you know…"

"No, I don't know! Just spit it out."

"The dobe thought that Kakashi might make a move on you."

"Don't try to push this all on me, bastard! You were worried too." Sasuke hnned and glared crossly at him.

She let her hair cover her face so they wouldn't see how right they were in their accusations.

"Neh. Kakashi, why is your mask blue?"

"What? Mask!" True enough Kakashi had a mask back on his face.

She would've fallen down from disbelief if she hadn't been sitting. Instead she opted to collapse back into the sofa she'd been occupying.

She jumped back up and smiled wickedly at Kakashi causing him a bit of unease. "Guess what?"

Naruto's face lit up in an excited look. "Is it a secret? Is it, is it?"

Nodding her head she motioned for them to get closer. As she reached into her bag she dodged expertly as Kakashi tried to snatch it away from her. However she wasn't able to dodge the tackle, which sent both of them sprawling on the ground with him on top of her.

"Now, now Sakura. You don't want me to tell them what we were up to for the past few days do you?" He whispered in her ear.

"You wouldn't dare!" She yelled.

"Oh really?" He drawled. She felt him turn away from her and towards the boys.

Panic welling up she yielded. "Wait! Alright, I won't show them!"

Giving her his customary grin he took the blackmail picture from her and she hanged her head in defeat.

/We're going to get you for this Kakashi/ If looks could kill Kakashi would've been writhing in pain on the floor with his body on fire. Since they couldn't she had to settle for glaring at him.

"Looks like you guys have been getting along pretty well ne?" Naruto said slyly while leering at the pair still lying on the ground. From their point of view it looked as if Kakashi was kissing her neck and Sakura was staring into his eyes.

Sputtering indignantly the kunoichi all but shoved him off of her which didn't feel too good for Kakashi. But he just shook it off and grinned slightly lecherously. "

"Why so harsh all of a sudden? You were so gentle last night. Don't be shy just because we have an audience."

Smiling sweetly at the silver-haired man, which served as a bare warning when suddenly he found himself sailing through the air right into Naruto who was caught completely unprepared. Resulting in a swirly eyed anbu and a dazed jounin entangled in each other's limbs.

Clapping her hand together she turned to Sasuke. "Since you didn't go to the hospital yet why don't you let me give you a check-up?"

The Uchiha snorted in disdain. "I'm perfectly fine. Besides I think the dobe over there needs more attention now then I do."

Sakura hmphed. Her anger still evident in her eyes. "C'mon Sasuke-kun. Don't be stubborn! As a medic it is my responsibility to see that you are in perfect health.

He raised an eyebrow at her as if asking if she was serious.

She cracked her knuckles menacingly while giving him a scary smile. "You can cooperate peacefully or we can do this the hard way."

Sweat dropping the raven-haired anbu backed up shakily. There were three things that could make him lose his composure. His rivalry with Naruto, Itachi and the last of them bring Sakura's temper. He'd seen her splinter a tree with her pinky without breaking a sweat. He didn't intend to find out what she could do to him with that strength of hers.

"Whatever." He twitched when he saw her grin triumphantly. "Don't think you've won. I'm only doing what's best for my health."

She looked skeptically at him. "Uh-huh. Sure Sasuke-kun. Whatever you say."

She spent the rest of the day with group 7 laughing, talking or just reminiscing with them. After much pouting and whining she eventually healed Naruto's many injuries. None of them too serious except for a gash on his chest, to which Sakura berated him for not telling her sooner.

He grinned happily saying she worried too much. Dinner was cooked by Sakura. It looked peculiar at first glace but was rather good. The dishes were of course done by the guys. She almost regretted making them wash them when she heard yelling and crashes but then she remembered it was Kakashi's house and smiled contently lying down on the comfy couch.

She was startled when she suddenly felt a weight settled on top of her. "Uhhh…"

"Putting up with those two is exhausting." Came an out of breath response. "I pity their girlfriends."

The cherry blossom let out a giggle. Then remembered the awkward position she was in. "Do you mind maybe getting off of me?"

"But I'm comfortable where I am."

"What if someone sees us like this?" She tried to look towards the kitchen but his body was in the way.

He chuckled. "I don't think you'll have to worry about that."

"What do you mean by that?" she asked suspiciously.

"As usual they got caught up in their rivalry. This time to see who could wash the most dishes. I've never seen them so eager to do chores. My dishes were done in record time. Though I was worried when Naruto tried to do them two at a time."

"So where are they now?" It was strangely quiet in there. Almost as if they weren't there….

"Well, they tied so Naturally they went somewhere else to settle the score. I think I heard something about Ichiraku."

Bubble-gum locks were pulled as she felt her luck go out the door along with her last chance of escape.

Suddenly she felt unexplainably angry at the silver-haired jounin on top of her. She was angry at him for playing with her feelings like this. Acting like this was normal, and that he genuinely liked her more than a friend. She wasn't just a toy he could play with for his amusement when he was bored. At least that's how she looked at it.

'He's just teasing me because he doesn't have anything else to do. It's not like he could really be attracted to me. He was my teacher for kami's sake! How dare he treat me as his source of entertainment? How dare he make me feel like this?

She felt her insecurities grabbing hold of her and choking her. She never could deal with being scared so instead she channeled it all into something easier. Anger.

"Get off." It felt as if the room had lowered a few degrees. The coldness in her voice surprised even herself.

Slowly Kakashi got up into a sitting position beside her feet.

Stiffly Sakura got up and slowly made for the door.

"Wait." She felt her shoulders tense even more as his hand made contact with her. "What's wrong?" His voice betrayed nothing in his usual bored tone.

'Damn him! How could he remain so calm when she was so angry at him!' She wanted him to lose control. Even when he wasn't supposed to have all of his self-restraint he stayed so calm and collected.

"Nothing's wrong! Everything's fine! Just dandy!" She felt herself going hysterical. Her cold mask falling apart and she desperately clung to it to retain as much dignity as she could.

She had every intention to leave before he could stop her when he grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. Embracing her silently.

Then the dam broke. Every emotion she felt right then came pouring out. Her pain, confusion, anger and love.

"Damn it!" she cried. "This wasn't supposed to happen! Why did you do this to me!"

The stoic ninja stood there supporting her with his body, which was the only thing that kept her from falling.

Pounding her fists into his chest with her head bowed low she continued to ramble. "I tried to stop it, I even tried fighting it but it didn't go away. This is all Tsunade's fault! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her."

She glared at him through her tear clouded vision. "And you! Stop pretending to be in love with me, or whatever the hell you're doing because it's not fun anymore. It's not. It hurts…"

She held her chest where her heart was beating erratically. "Right here." Her voice now only a whisper. She looked at him with so much pain and confusion he felt his own heart clench.

She froze when his lips met her skin. He kissed her where her tears were falling making them disappear. When he stopped she looked up directly into his eyes and was surprised by what she found. His dark eye and the one with the sharingan both so different but held the same raw emotion.

He looked as if he was suffering. She brought up a hand a caressed his cheek holding it tenderly. 'He's sad…'

"Don't be sad, I'm the only one that's supposed to be sad." She tried to smile reassuringly at him but it only ended up as a grimace.

"Onegai, don't look at me like that. It's alright if you don't care about me like that. You shouldn't feel guilty for not loving me. I understand.

"No. You don't." His eyes were boring into her and she was overwhelmed with the feeling of the sharingan boring into her. Almost drilling the feelings he felt into her. She felt what he felt inside. It was like swimming through his emotions. His constant sorrow, his anger, and a ruthlessness that was buried away somewhere deep reserved for his enemies.

But past that somewhere deeper still there was a loneliness that filled him like water into a cup. An isolation and a longing that she'd guessed was there all along but didn't want to get involved in. 'Guess it's too late now.'

"But with it there was also a spark of happiness. And as she got closer to it, it got brighter. It welcomed her brightly and suddenly she was brought back into Kakashi's apartment in his arms now sitting on his lap.

He looked at her embarrassed and slightly guilty. "Sorry. I didn't mean to do that." To her disappointment both his mask and hitai-ate were back in place.

Before he could apologize further she held her hand up motioning for him to stop. "Do you have any romantic feelings for me whatsoever?"

He looked her straight in the eyes. "Yes." The passion in his voice made her falter for a second.

"U-um. Do you think we could work something out then?" She smiled up shyly at him.

He stared at her for a moment and when he was sure she was confident about this he relaxed. "I hope so."

Suddenly the clock rang midnight causing him to sigh. "You should probably get home. It's pretty late."

She played with the hem of her shirt nervously. "Do you think… I could stay tonight? With you?"

He smiled at her and carried her bridal style into his room. That night both of them fell asleep in each other's arms dreaming of nothing but blue skies and sunshine.

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