The Darkest Night

Prologue: Eclipsed Moon


The only thing that greeted her ears on this moonless night. And she didn't like it at all.

She took another step towards the castle, pivoted to glance at the stone parapets, and then turned back. Tonight was by far the coldest and most lonely night she ever had experienced. Softly her tunic fluttered in the breeze, her armor long gone. The green wool clock had long since disappeared from her shoulders; she had discarded it three days prior.

Considering that her skills in the level of sewing ability required to repair the cloak were poor, she had to wait for the fabric to arrive to make a new one. Most unfortunate, for it was late autumn, preparing to span into an early winter.

Another bitter wind swept through the deserted castle grounds. She knew it was a rather poor excuse to stroll out here, ready to state she was on guard for intruders. Powerful demon magic encompassed the fortress, courtesy of both Eclipse and the Demon Lord of Egae.

Raenef, at that time, was very lousily equipped to erect such a strong level of barrier. For her safety, the Demon Lord of Egae was quite happy to partake in his beloved's protection.

Though he would have been just as happy to exclude that monkey of a cleric from the castle.

Erutis shivered, knowing she would catch her death if delayed her return to the castle any longer. But it was so peaceful, here in the dark, and peace was something she really needed. Peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul. Something she had not recently been able to savor.

Another glance behind, around, and then to her front she swept. Trees were playing eerie games of hide and seek on the castle walls, cast by the shadows of the eclipsed moon.

Dear Rased help her. The eclipsed moon of the Demon Lords was upon her. How could she possibly have forgotten? It was the one night that she would hold no sway over any Demon Lord in any situation. The one night where she especially was at her weakest.

The perfect opportunity for Demon Lord Krayon of Egae to make his move.