The Darkest Night

Prologue Two: Night Games

Ah. The night he had so long awaited. The one night that he, Demon Lord Krayon of Egae, could enjoy to the fullest extent. The one night he could finally woo his beloved, with no barring of the way.

He tapped his fingers against the stone balcony, watching as the last sliver of moon dipped into oblivion. A predatory grin crept into his expression, and he whispered one word into the still air.

The night was cold indeed, and watching his beloved down below warmed him slightly. Were it not for the fact she herself was freezing, he might have watched her for longer. But tonight, he must take full advantage. The Eclipsed Moon came only once every millennium. Time was not a plaything in this event of a lifetime.

Krayon's golden locks waved in the breeze, long and elegantly curled. A black cloak fluttered naturally, blending smoothly with his sleek onyx ensemble. Oh, tonight was his night indeed. The power of the moon charged through his veins, his essence, his very being. Tangible in the roof of his mouth, he sought to perhaps enhance its sweet taste with the taste of his darling.

And as he lowered himself to her line of sight, witnessing her part-shocked, part-fear expression, he thought only one thing:

Let the games begin.