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Chapter One

The Sky Tower and leaving the Dursleys

It was fairly cloudy with slow eastern wind. Everything was dark on Privet Drive except for a window on the second floor of number four. A boy was starring at the window. His name was Harry Potter. He was an extraordinary boy. The summer holidays were the most unbearable season of the year for him. And most importantly – Harry is a wizard.

It was near midnight, when he finally moved and looked around his room as he was expecting to see something unusual. Actually there were many unusual things in the room. Near his bed, a trunk stood open. In it there was a cauldron, a silver mantle, some spell books, a wand and his broom – the fire bolt the fastest broom in the world. A run of parchments were scattered all over his desk near the cage of Hedwig – his snow-white owl. On his bed there was an opened book, it was the book he has been reading. The pictures inside were moving. Players with orange mantles were flying around on the their brooms passing each other a red ball as appeared and disappeared from time to time. Harry picked the book and put it on the bookshelf. He was not in mood for quiditch his favorite sport. Harry looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of tallboy with light green eyes and shaggy hair. Harry smiled at himself. But the most unusual part was the lightning shaped scar on his forehead. It was unusual even for a wizard. He received it on the night when he was a year old. It was then when Voldemort the most powerful Dark Wizard of the time, wizard whose power was growing steadily for eleven years came to his house and killed his dad, then his mom. Then turned his wand to Harry and spoke the killing curse that killed many wizards and witches to clear his path to the ultimate power but as unbelievable as it was it didn't affect Harry. Instead of killing the boy the curse rebounded and struck back Voldemort. Harry escaped with a lightning shaped scar on his forehead but Voldemort barely survived. He had almost lost his entire power but managed to escape. And at once, the Wizarding world was relieved and Harry became famous – The boy who lived.

And Harry ended on Privet Drive with his aunt and uncle. For ten years they have tried to eliminate everything magic within him but ultimately failed when at his eleventh birthday he learnt that he was a wizard. To his great surprise everyone in the hidden wizard world knew his name and when he arrived at Hogwarts he noticed that wherever he was going people turned their heads and whispered. With the time he learnt not to pay attention to that.

The alarm of the clock rung it was midnight. Harry was seventeen-years-old. At last he thought. He had to endure the last few hours before leaving this dreadful place forever. He had many memories from here most of them bad but there were some good. He smiled mischievously at the thought of aunt Marge bouncing off the ceiling. Or the look on his uncle's face when he mentioned he had a godfather who was a mass murderer. His smile grew wider when he remembered how he coerced his uncle about going to Quiditch World Cup with Weaseleys by mentioning Sirius. He also remembered the time before his second year when Dobby was trying to save his life and that led to Ron and twins coming to rescue him with the flying ford Anglia. And after flying with it to Hogwarts that almost resulted in the sacking of Mr. Weaseley.

His smile began to fade as he was thinking how lonely all this summers where. But this one was the last. Harry went to his bed. He was still thinking back for the time and all the experience he had.

He had gone to Hogwarts for the last 6 years. Harry faced the ceiling. Seemed like yesterday – Harry thought. Each year was filled with surprises. In his first year he met his nemesis Voldemort. He was still very weak but dangerous enough. In his second year he fought him again along with a basilisk of Slytherin. His third year he learnt that he had a godfather who was unfairly accused of a murder and he cleared his name. The year that followed, he saw the rising of Voldemort and the death of Cedric – one of his classmates and a contestant for the Tri Wizard Tournament. He still had nightmares about that night. The fifth was a painful one. Voldemort lured him in the Ministry of Magic and there he lost his godfather. He was still feeling guilty about day. And he also learnt why Voldemort tried to kill him. It was because of a prophecy. But the most painful year was the sixth. The year when Albus Dumbledore died, no when Snape killed him. Snape was his potions teacher and as of last year the DADA teacher. He was one of the persons he hated the most since the first day they met. Moreover Snape turned out to be not only the Half-Blood Prince but a death eater as well.

Last year he learnt also a lot about Voldemort since Albus told him about the horcruxes. He then understood why Voldemort survived as well the killing curse. He knew what he had to do now. He was not to return to Hogwarts instead he had to go and find the remaining horcruxes to destroy them and at last to kill Voldemort. Harry sighted. That particular thought was not thrilling at all. He felt the same way when he first heard the prophecy. He sighted again. It was getting late. In few hours he will be leaving Privet Drive and the Dursleys. He put away his glasses and the lights off. Slowly he closed his eyes hoping that he will have a dream without nightmares in difference to the last several days. And right he was. Cause the dream he had was unlike any he had before.

Harry was standing on a cold stone floor on the roof of a tower. He moved towards the edge and looked down. He quickly moved back. It was quite high the highest tower he has been on. He looked around. There was a trapdoor but when he tried to open it something or someone invisible pulled him back. He almost fell. But there wasn't anyone. He was alone. Then he saw a golden chair – more like a throne chair with emeralds and sapphire crowns. He moved towards it. Under the crowns there was an image. A blade crossed with a rose. On the arms of the chair he saw also this image. Looking closely at the jewels he had the impression that they were in fire and the rose was turning from black to red. Under each image there was something written but in language Harry did not know.

Suddenly he heard a noise. He quickly turned around. He saw the trapdoor opening. A shadow came through or so it seemed. Walking towards the edge he saw a hooded man. At first he thought that this might be Dumbledore. But he soon realized he was wrong. The man was tall very tall. His black mantle was sweeping the floor. He was holding a staff with a black glowing crystal. Harry looked at the spot where the man's face is supposed to be but saw nothing except his eyes - calm brown eyes with flashes of lightning.

Harry was about to say something when he heard a crackle. He turned around and found himself back on his bed. It was already morning. He stood up slowly and reached for his glasses. He was startled when his bedroom door opened. The door opened and he saw a familiar face. It was Ron.

"Gee Ron! Don't do that again. You scared the Merlin out of me."

"Sorry mate. By the way Happy Birthday, Harry."

"Thanks. You came to rescue me!" – He teased him

"Yeah!" – Ron grinned. "Hermione is here too."

"Happy Birthday, Harry." – Hermione said coming from behind Ron.

"Thanks. What are you two doing here? I was not expecting you guys."

"We came to take you to the Burrow. Ron said he informed you with his last letter that we are coming on your birthday to take you away."

"Oh! I completely forgot. Well I'll better gather my stuff. Where did I put my 'towers'? Ah Merlin. Oh my trunk."

"Harry are you all right?" – Ron asked in a worried ton.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I just had a really weird dream. I tell you all about it later." – He gathered all his stuff and put it in his trunk. He took all his robes and remaining clothes and threw them in as well.

"Harry, are you ready? Good. Aren't you going to say goodbye to your uncle and aunt?" – Hermione asked.

"Well I will leave them a letter."

He took a piece of parchment and wrote –

"Dear Aunt Petunia Uncle Vernon,

As of today you may breath cause I'm leaving you for good. To never seeing you again.


He slipped the letter under the door of his uncle and aunt. He was free – at last.

"It is done. Now I'm ready to leave this shit hole. Lets go. How will we be leaving?" –Harry asked looking at Hermione.

"Well we'll have to apparate. That's how Ron and me came here. Well I helped Ron apparate." – Ron was about to reply to this statement but decided against it.

"I can apparate on my own, Hermione."

"Oh! Really?"

"Well I did it last year with Dumbledore.

"Ok. Lets go!"