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Chapter Eighteen

Before the storm – Part One

"The Deathly Hallows?" – Harry repeated. "But what had they to do with…?" – And Harry stopped in the middle of his sentence suddenly realizing what Caelus had told him. "But how is this possible?"

"The Deathly Hallows transcended through the centuries. Only few wizards believe in them." – Caelus replied.

"But this is fairy tale?" – Hermione interjected skeptically. "It's just a fairy tale, they do not exist."

"Actually, Mr. Granger, they do. Harry possesses in this very moment one of the Hallows – the Invisibility Cloak of the third brother, the name of which was Peverall."

"Peverall?"- Harry repeated. "I've heard that name before."

"Yes, you have while visiting a memory Dumbledore showed you."

"How do you know about that?"

"How is not important. What is important is what you saw in that memory. So search, Harry."

"Which one?"

"The second."

"The second…ah…you mean the Gaunt house?"


And suddenly Harry remembered. "The Ring," he shouted.

"Yes, the ring."

"The ring is the second Hallow – the resurrection stone."

"Yes, very good."

"And Professor Dumbledore took it, it was a horcrux." – Harry said suddenly realizing what Dumbledore has done.

"Unfortunately for Dumbledore, it was a horcrux." – Lord Caelus said.

"Why unfortunately?" – Ron asked bewildered.

"Albus Dumbledore was one of the few wizards that believed in the Deathly Hallows. Well, when he was young at least. He shared this passion with another brilliant wizard whose name you all know – Grindelwald."

"Grindelwald?" – Hermione repeated with horror. "The dark wizard he defeated."

"Yes, but firstly they were very good friends."

"No, that can't be." – Harry uttered.

"Yes, they were before Albus' sister died. They believed in controlling the world – wizard and muggle with the help of the Deathly Hallows as the Masters of Death. The one who possesses the Hallows is said to be master or conqueror of death."

"This is impossible. Professor Dumbledore always stood for the muggles and…"

"Harry, this was in the beginning. Albus Dumbledore was brilliant as a student. He had won every prize that Hogwarts could offer. And logically, like anyone before him, his head turned of the intoxication of being so brilliant. We all fall in this trap. He regained his cool head when his sister died in an incident. His brother Aberoth never spoke to him again, and broke his nose. From this day forward, Albus changed. He forgot the glory of the Hallows till the day you father should him the cloak. The cloak, Harry, as you just heard, was given from father to son."

"So what you are saying is that Harry is the descendant of the third Peverall brother?" – Hermione asked.

"Yes, he is, of Ignatius Peverall."

"Wow, mate." – Ron exclaimed.

"And the wand?" – Neville asked with interest. "What happened to the wand?"

"Well, Harry knows the answer to that. Ollivander told him." – Caelus replied.

"He told me that Gregorovitch, the other wandmaker had it, but it was stolen. It was stolen by a young man…"

"With blond hair and he became a dark lord." – Caelus finished his sentence.

"Grindelwald!" – Harry exclaimed suddenly understanding. "So that's why Voldemort went to find him, and kill him."

"Yes, indeed. But I thought I warned you not to mention the name of the Dark Lord openly."

"Oh, what have I done?"

"Relax, we are relatively protected here. But don't mention it again."

"I won't."

"Harry, how do you know You-Know-Who sough it of Grindelwald?" – Hermione asked.

"I saw him through my scar. I couldn't stop it at the time but now I can." – Harry replied then realized something. "And Professor Dumbledore took it from Grindelwald."

"Very good, yes he did."

"But that means that it is in his grave. He possessed the Elder wand all along."

"Yes, he did. Not for long, I'm afraid though."

"Why?" – Harry's eyes widened.

"Well, if you have figured it out then…"

"Then he would figure it out too." – Harry completed the sentence.


"Although," – Harry wondered where Caelus was going with this and had an epiphany. "Although even if he gets it he wouldn't be able to use it because…"

"He is not the true master of the wand. Remember what Ollivander told you – the wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around. So whoever disarms the owner of the wand wins it for him although possession alone is not enough."

"Snape killed Dumbledore so it is rightfully his." – Harry shot.

"No, it is not Snape."


"But then who?" – Ron asked confused.

"Think, Harry, think!"

"Draco! He disarmed Professor Dumbledore therefore it is his." – Harry reasoned.

"You're getting closer." – Lord Caelus smiled.

"And…and I disarmed Draco. Does the wand know that?"

"Yes, it does."

"So I'm the owner, the master of the wand."

"Yes, you are the master of the Elder Wand. You got it, finally, if I may say."

"Wow!" – Harry exclaimed. "But it will be in his hands."

"It does not matter that it would. He will not be able to use its power. He is not the true master."

"You said unfortunately." – Hermione reminded. "Why?"

"Oh, someone has been listening. Unfortunately, it was because the ring was a horcrux and Professor Dumbledore tried it on."


"All horcruxes are…"

"Protected!" – Harry exclaimed, bitterly realizing what Dumbledore had tried to do.

"Indeed, the curse protecting the ring almost killed him, well almost. Albus was saved in time by the very one, Harry, you hate."

"Snape?" – Harry's jaw fell in surprise and disbelief.

"Yes, Headmaster Snape."

"Headmaster?" – Hermione shot stunned.

"Yes, headmaster. Nevertheless, Dumbledore had only a year left of life so actually Snape killed after Dumbledore asked him too. Any guesses why?"

"So Snape would become the master of the wand." – Neville suggested.

"Yes. But obviously the plan went wrong and Draco got there first, which is very fortunate for you all. But before the end, you will meet Snape, Harry. Actually, you have to meet him. You can ask why but this I can't tell you. You have to learn it on your own."

"I understand." – Harry nodded. Somehow he knew that Caelus was right.

"I sure hope so." – Caelus said seriously. "Now, to business. I've brought you here to teach you. So far, you've been on an interesting journey. You've made contact with the Elder Snakes, learnt about the Elder Dragons and met the only creature the Dementors fear – the Ghost Dragon. Funny, isn't it that the only creature that can repel the Dementor is a creature of Darkness?" – Caelus said thoughtfully then added. "You have also learnt that some of you though that someone has great doubts possess one extraordinary gift and very rare one – yes, Mr. Granger, I'm speaking about you – the draconigena or the ability of the Dragons – speech, strength and wisdom. This ability, however, will only come to terms when you come to terms with it. You would argue that you're from a muggle family therefore there is no way you could possibly possess it. But the truth is that you do. Your skills with fire spells are incredible, and rarely seen."

Hermione obviously was about to protest but of course Caelus' words stopped her. Sentinel hissed scornfully.

"Ah, Sentinel, guardian of the Queen!" – Lord Caelus turned to Sentinel, while depicting a strange fiery symbol in the air.

"My lord." – Sentinel replied with reverence in her voice, which stunned Harry.

"I didn't realize you speak their tongue." – Harry said.

"Once, I penetrated the defenses of their lair while on mission from my order, and they captured me. But were amazed by my skills and made me Prince of the Snakes, of all snakes. Therefore, no snake can attack me." – Caelus explained, his eyes flickering with flames.

"So you were the one about which Cusp told us of?" – Hermione exclaimed surprised.

"Ah, Cusp, yes, I'm the one!"

"I found a note you left in the…"

"Oldest house – Slytherin, yes, I did."

"But I…"

"Did not understand the content of the note." – Caelus finished again her sentence. "Magic, Mr. Granger, is neutral. There is no other way of saying it. The way you use a spell determines whether it is good, bad or evil."

"And the killing curse?" – Harry shot.

"Ah, well, there are some exceptions."

"Is there a counter spell?" – Ginny asked suddenly.

"Yes, there is or should I say there are. One is in front of us – Harry Potter, the Boy who lived, because of magic law a foolish dark lord ignored. And there is the second but I doubt even Merlin himself would have been able to cast it."

"What is it?"

"The spell belongs to level 13, which is before the last and most powerful magic level – 14. Harry's life was saved by the highest level of magic – Sacrifice for love. If the dark lord knew the true meaning of sacrifice he would not have ever killed his mother but then he wouldn't be Voldemort. Now, the spell is called Illuminati! Illuminati is the core light of existence. It is very powerful therefore very dangerous. When used against dark magic, it becomes light, pure light, stronger than the light of sun, consuming all darkness, defeating even death itself. Unfortunately, Illuminati is neutral. It can also be used to cause harm. Anyone or anything struck with Illuminati loses all sight from the world of light and there is no remedy. It can also be used to kill Dementors. As I said Illuminati produce the core light of the universe, of existence, the light of creation but against living it becomes death!"

"Wow!" – Everyone exclaimed.

"I'll not be teaching this spell, because none of you can cast it but even if someone of you could, I still would not have. To cast this spell, one needs to understand both sides – light and dark. I'll be teaching, however, some defensive and offensive spells, ones that I believe would be useful for you in the battle to come. Now, you need to get some rest. Nothing will bother you. After all, you have an excellent guardian – the Ghost Dragon."

"It guards us?" – Hermione asked stupefied.

"Well, it guards the draconigena and his mistress – Miss Lovegood, and obviously their friends."


"I'll see you all tomorrow. Now, get some rest, you'll need it for the training tomorrow. Sleep well, nothing will disturb you!"

And with that Lord Caelus vanished leaving the youngsters alone. Only a minute later, six comfortable beds appeared out of thin air. The youngsters looked stupefied for a moment but then jumped in, and fell quickly asleep.

The next morning, Harry woke up first. He stood up, dressed up and looked for water to wash up, which appeared next to his bed. When he was done, he went to stretch a bit. He followed a path leading deeper into the forest. The path widened into a glade where placed six stone stools were. They were placed in a circle. In front of each stool there was a small table with a cauldron. All cauldrons were simmering with shimmering blue white fumes. Harry sniffed and aroma of roses mixed with strawberries hit him. He wondered what this potion could be.

"This potion ensnares the senses." – Lord Caelus said while coming from the opposite direction of Harry's.

"What is it used for?"

"It is used for training purposes. It will confuse your senses so that I could determine how you act when you're not in control." – Lord Caelus replied.

"You're joking, right?" – Harry asked with disbelief.

"No, I'm absolutely serious." – Lord Caelus said seriously. "It's part of your training. The ability to act normally under stressful or impossible circumstances is part of what you'd face in war. And you have to learn to control yourself because if you don't at the first sign of trouble you'd run away or lose yourself, and in that case you'd be dead."

"Are we going to drink it?"

"Heavens, no! You're going to bend over it and sniffed it out."

"What would happen if someone drinks it?"

"He'll die, painfully."

"It smells nice though." – Harry noticed.

"Actually, it smells differently to everyone. You smell one thing, I smell another, and the others would smell something else. It works like Amorentia though the effects are different."

"So what do you smell?"

Lord Caelus smiled. "I smell a young man asking too many questions."

"I didn't mean to offend you."

"No, you're not. I'm just joking." – Lord Caelus laughed. "I smell raspberries mixed with cherry. And you, young Harry?"

"I smell roses with strawberries." – Harry answered honestly.

"Hmm, very interesting." – Lord Caelus mumbled.

"Would people smell the same thing as for the Amorentia?"

"No, but it isn't unseen."

"HARRY, WHERE ARE YOU?" – A voice came from the forest.

"Over here." – Harry shouted back.

Shortly after, Ginny came along with Neville. The saw the cauldrons and stopped.

"What is this?" – Ginny asked while eyeing suspiciously the cauldrons.

"It's a potion." – Harry answered.

"What for?" – Neville looked also suspiciously at the potions.

"For ensnaring the senses." – Harry grinned.

"You mean we'll have to drink this?" – Ginny shot.

"No, you won't." – Caelus inserted. "You'll have to sniff it."

"Why?" – Neville looked terrified.

"You'll learn in a moment when everyone is here." – Caelus replied patiently.

Hermione, Ron and Luna joined in about an hour. Everyone gathered around the cauldrons.

"Now that you are all here, I can explain what you'll have to do." – Lord Caelus started. "The cauldrons, you see front of you, contain an ensnaring potion that confuses the senses. You'll sit on the stools, bent over the cauldrons and absorb the fumes, sniffing them. Then you'll head down this path, the one on your right…" – Caelus showed the path. "…while evading stunners. I'll be waiting for you at the end of the path. Any questions?"

"Stunners?" – Neville asked.

"Evading them, pff, no problem." – Ron said with confidence.

"Whoever arrives first will collect a prize." – Lord Caelus said.

"What's the prize?" – Ron asked.

"You'll learn when you complete your task." – Lord Caelus replied.

"But why not tell us now?" – Neville asked impatiently.

"Now that's the interesting part, isn't it? But you'll learn in the end."

"But we are competing for something that we don't know what it is." – Ginny remarked.

"Exactly. Good luck!" – Lord Caelus said all beaming and vanished.

The youngsters looked at each other confused. Harry sat on one of the stool first and the others followed.

"Let the best win." – Ron exclaimed and dived into the cauldron.

As Lord Caelus had not said how long they needed to stick their heads into the cauldrons, they stayed five minutes. Then Ron, first, got up and headed for the path on his right. Luna was the second to pull out, and followed the path on her right. And then the others one by one, pulled out and followed the path on their respective right side, which of course meant that everyone got on different path, which was different from the one Caelus had shown them.

As Ron was the first to stand up he also was the first stunned. He did not even see it coming.

Luna was second but managed to evade the first stunner only to be hit by the next.

Neville tripped and thus evaded some of the stunners before being hit for real.

Ginny managed somehow to evade ten stunners and was very happy about it but then her luck changed and she was stunned many times after that.

Hermione noticed the direction of the stunners and thus selected an alternative way to pass so to evade them but the lucky star did not shine upon her. The stunners' shooter simply shifted with her and brought her down while she was trying to block them.

Harry chose another approach. He simply waited for the stunners and as they came he just moved aside thus evading them but soon realized that's not going to be that easy as his head started to spin, his vision blurred, his legs became as though made of led. He tried to stay focused by he couldn't. The more he resisted the effects of the potion the worse it was getting. So Harry did the unthinkable – he let the potion possess him entirely. He did not resist it anymore, he did not fight it.

And then a miracle happened. Harry could clear sense the stunners coming, and evading proved rather enjoyable and easy. His body was in total chaos. He was walking like a drunken man and all stunners were missing him because the shooter couldn't get a fix on him, as he was constantly shifting position. In this, almost, trance state, Harry managed to reach the right path and its end. And though he was hit by stunners he couldn't feel them as he was barely feeling his own body.

At the end of the path, he saw Lord Caelus sitting around a table full of phials with bright green liquid. Harry reached the table somehow. Lord Caelus then handed him a phial and told him to drink it. Harry immediately felt the effect of the potion. He senses were coming back as well with the pain from the stunners. Lord Caelus then gestured to him to sit.

The next person to come was Luna. She was barely walking. Harry stood up immediately to help her but Lord Caelus stopped him.

"Stay where you are!" – He said with authority.

Harry sat down while Luna reached the table crawling on legs. She then drunk the phial and felt better at once.

Then they waited, and waited till thirty minutes later Ginny came along, also crawling. She drank the potion then sit up looking beaten up. Then Neville came walking gingerly but with a happy smile on his face. He was alright few seconds later. Then they all waited, and waited but there was no sign of Hermione or Ron. Harry started to get worried. He looked questioningly at Lord Caelus who just shook his head.

Then after one hour, stressful hour they came hand in hand. They were barely walking. When they reached the table they just fell unconscious. Lord Caelus stood up, wave his wand once, and then poured the potion down their throats. They regained consciousness at once while looking disoriented for a few seconds.

"Please be seated." – Lord Caelus said.

Then Lord Caelus vanished in the direction from which they all came. He came an hour later. In the meantime the gang felt better and discussed their strange experience.

"Now," – Lord Caelus began. "The test is complete. Of six that started only one has passed. Any ideas who that might be?"

All shook heads, which made Lord Caelus smile.

"Harry did. His approach was the right one. All of you were trying hard to resist the effects of the potion – why? Why did you resist? I know that you all have belligerent spirits that you all are strong and willful but the longer you resist the change the more futile it'd become. No, you must embrace change not fight it. A moving target is hell of more difficult to hit than a static one. When you lose sight of reality embrace the new one. Do not try to go back into what you've lost or you will perish." – Lord Caelus said. "You have all fought the Dementors and you know that they bring the worst in you, the worst fear. If you let the Dementor have that fear, the Dementor will suck you up. You must learn to face your fear."

Lord Caelus paused then a few minutes later continued.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. I'll face my fear. I'll let it pass through me and when gone it is, only I'll remain. Remember this every time you face your fear whatever it might be. There is nothing to be afraid of but fear itself. Just like being against a Bogart – the Bogart brings your fear to life but are you afraid of it – no – you're not – for you are using the only spell to beat it – laughter. The forces that you are going to encounter into the last battle are evil. And to beat them you must be at peace. You will have your fear – fear for yourselves, fear for your friends and fear your love ones – its part of life but only one who is calm and at peace can overcome the darkness."

Caelus paused again. There they stood all in silence assimilating the words they've just heard.

"Now, I know that this test was exhausting therefore I'll give you two hours of rest and then we jump straight into training. I'm warning you – it's going to be difficult and very exhausting but you have to learn a great deal in a very short amount of time but at the very least it'll provide you with what you need for the storm that approaches."

Two hours later, the youngsters jumped into full training, which as promised was very exhausting. Lord Caelus pushed their abilities to the limit and even beyond it. The level of magic, they had to learn was way beyond their usual. The spells were complicated and required more concentration and precision they had ever to use before. By the end of the day, they were all very tired.

"Not bad for the first day." – Lord Caelus said at the end of the day. "Get some rest, tomorrow we'll continue with offensive and defensive light magic."

The next few days were the most exhausting days of magic training the youngsters had ever experienced. Their bodies were aching of pain, their brains hurting like hell, as they had to learn an insane amount of information but Lord Caelus was inexorable.

In those few days, they can truly say that they had learnt more spells than through their entire education. The extensive magic knowledge of Lord Caelus was surprising making Hermione wonder why there was no reference in the books she had read.

Lord Caelus taught them defensive spells such as speculum magicus, Scutum Terra, ignis murus, arma ignare, aegis armus, defendo arcis, protego maximus, murus aquare, ignis mare, Elysium vigoris, caecus lumen, lentus and glacius aegis!

He also taught them offensive spells such as flamma vectis, glacius phala, Fulgur flatus, sagitta magicus, Projicere Terra, ferra manus, ignus globa, insamia hostis, glacia vectis, catena Fulgur, volani cludis, obicio, voco dines and strangulo presteri!

"These will suffice in the battle to come." – Lord Caelus said at the end of yet another the day. "I'll be teaching or at least try, some major spells, few of which could be used to destroy horcruxes but only as a last resort. Now, as you have learnt to destroy a horcrux you need to render the horcrux beyond magical repair. The best and the safest way to do so are to use the venom of the Basilisk. Nevertheless, there are two other ways the Dark Fire and the Fire Bosom, all of which are advanced magic."

"I've read about the Dark Fire – Fiendfyre – it's very dangerous." – Hermione said with horror in her eyes and voice.

"Indeed and it has to be used only as a last resort. The equivalent in light magic of this spell is the Fire Bosom, although, of course, some wizards could argue that this spell is a dark one as well." – Lord Caelus said seriously.

"What are the spells?" – Neville asked.

"Fiendfyre is a non-verbal spell, and very dangerous. It requires concentration and a must. As all magic spells, you must want, you must intent it to happen, if not the spell will not produced to the desired level and it will change. The incantation is crux daemonis. The incantation for Fire Bosom is Sinestra Ignis. Both spells are part of Major Fire Magic. They are usually well beyond the normal wizard level of casting. Now, the problem with the dark spell is that once it is cast, it will burn everything in sight. It can only be stopped by the counter incantation, which is Imbra Tonitris (as it is also called the rain tornado). However, whatever you do make sure you're out of sight of both spells."

"But…" – Harry interjected suddenly remembering. "Sentinel and Hermione used two other spells to render Nagini dead."

"They did?" – Lord Caelus looked surprised.

"Yes, I did use something." – Hermione said, trying to remember. "It was a sort of dark bolt of flames."

"Deecera Ginea?" – Lord Caelus asked quickly, in a language only Hermione understood.

"Yes, I think so."

"I'm impressed." – Lord Caelus looked amazed at Hermione.

"What is it?" – Ron asked blinking.

"Well, it is a spell that was not used for almost ten generations." – Lord Caelus answered. "And it belongs to Dragon Magic. Only few wizards, in our time, could even dare to dream using it."

Ron as well as the others looked proudly at Hermione, as it was obvious that even Lord Caelus would not use this spell.

"And Sentinel's?" – Neville reminded.

"Sentinel!" – Harry called. "What spell did you use on Voldemort's soul fragment?"

"Something to remember our goddess with." – Sentinel replied.

"Mortis Spiritus?" – Caelus asked stupefied.

"Yes." – Sentinel hissed proudly.

"Well, I can say that Sentinel used a spell cast only by the Elder Snakes. Of course, usually, when you destroy a horcrux, the soul fragment is destroyed as well. There are of course few exceptions.

Now there are few spells left that I must teach you, although I doubt you'll be using even a fraction of the spells I taught you so far, but it is a must to have as much as possible at your disposal. The spells you're going to learn now are High Light Magic or as it is called Supreme Magic. They are not easy to cast but could help you.

The first one is called Holly Armor. It is the best shield charm, and logically it is one of the most difficult to cast. The incantation is Pius Armemus! It is a spell using and imploring all positive energy, all positive thoughts and feelings. Watch!"

Lord Caelus moved away from them. He closed his eyes and calmed his breath. He remained still for several seconds before his lips moved. He directed his wand and pronounced the incantation – Pius Armemus. It seemed as though he whispered it but the sound of the spell filled the air with positive energy, lifted the spirit and cleared the heart. An enormous field of golden like light appeared, shaping into a giant shield bubble.

"The Holly Armor (also called the Divine Protection) was created not only to protect but to lift the spirit, to create an area of peace. It requires uncanny peace of mind, peace of oneself. To cast the spell under battle condition is close to impossible, because your heart is racing, and you fear for the love ones, for everyone, but the Divine Protection could save lives.

The second spell is a kind of disillusionment charm, but only a kind. This spell is a mass charm. It acts not on one person but on many. It can render them, into a specific space, invisible to all others. Imagine it something like a giant Invisibility Cloak. The incantation is Occaeco Terra! Luna, Neville, Ginny, stand there and stand at a distance of 100 paces of each other."

Luna, Ginny and Neville moved opposite of the rest. Lord Caelus directed his wand in their direction. He started depicting a circle in the air, and then cast it - Occaeco Terra. Instantly the three vanished out of sight.

"Now, you can't see them but they can. As long as they do not cast a spell they will be invisible."

Lord Caelus made another circular movement and the three reappeared.

"The third spell is called simply Daylight. Daylight charm produces an intense light. It basically lights up the area of the spell. So let's say, it is a dark night, you can't see anything, or it's intensely dark either by a spell or darkening powder, the best spell in your possession is Daylight. For Daylight will illuminate everything within the casting area. The incantation is Lumi Lucis! Unfortunately, now, we can't try it, as it is still day. But you will at midnight.

Of course there is a spell that can counter the Daylight and it is called ironically the Nightfall. The incantation for which is Nox Casus. When cast, it causes the area of the spell to fill up with impenetrable dark fog thus protecting the caster. When cast in broad daylight, it renders the area of the spell temporarily into complete darkness in which case the counter is the Daylight.

Daylight obviously requires of you simply to think of the day or to be more precise the day light, the sun. As for the Nightfall, well, as you gather, it is simple enough to think of the night. So shall we?"

Lord Caelus moved back lifting his wand and pointing it at the sky.

"Nox Casus!" - He shouted and immediately all light from horizon to horizon vanished into darkness. Harry and the gang couldn't even see their arms, or bodies. It was like being in a dark pitch.

Then came the counter spell. "Lumi Lucis" And the light of the day was restored.

"As you can see Nightfall and Daylight are very powerful spells, although what is required for you to cast them is very simple.

The forth spell, you will be learning, is one of the rarest used in combat. A long time ago, a powerful mage used it for the first time in combat, which was a disaster for both the caster and his pray. However, don't worry; the caster got hit because he was stupid enough to stand on its path. Remember one thing (which I'll be repeating constantly), major spells are the sort of spells with which you have to be extremely careful and never to stand in their path, or they would become just as dangerous for you too. Now the spell summons spirits to fight on your side although there are other spells that can summon elemental spirits, let's just say this is the most harmless of them all and less devastating. The charm summons what we call the Ice Spirits. They look harmless and charming but they can freeze your opponents, causing them to be out for several minutes binding their magic. The incantation is simply "E glacia Spiritas".

And there is one more spell for today – the Divine Speed. This charm can increase your speed, so if you want to reach a target or a place before anyone (given of course you can't simply disapparate). It basically turns you into a speeding bullet. The incantation for which is Divus Celeris. Now, you will try it, but tomorrow. For I believe that today you have learnt a lot, and you need time to assimilate all the spells and charms you've learnt so far.

Tomorrow, we'll be practicing all that you have learnt today. And hopefully by the end of after tomorrow, I'll put you through a test to see how much you've learnt. Now, all to bed."

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