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IV. Rape?


Even with the dark, I have to keep my head down. I think if I look at her, I might maul her.

"Hm…perhaps it was too soon, sporadic. I should have let our first kiss come naturally…" Tomoyo's voice floated in the air not quite settling in my throbbing ears. She grasps my hand with both of hers and questions, "Sakura?"

Maybe she's curious about my current state, maybe she's just teasing me. Either way, I don't think I can hold myself. Tomoyo, I'm very very sorry, or you're very very welcome.

I close the little distance between us and capture her lips into mine. A soft gasp escapes her mouth, but it forms into a smile. Hanyaan her lips are soft! I hope I'm not bruising her with my enthusiasm, and I hope her heart is racing as fast as mine. This is so much better than the first kiss which was fleeting and discombobulating. Now my eyes are closed to heighten every sensual caress—and she's laying those feathery touches all over! So delicate, so sweet, so soft…unhhh.

Tomoyo breaks away to gently exhale and trap me into her amorous gaze. I'm still holding my breath in anticipation of what she'll do next. She slowly takes the hand that she never let go of and raises it to her chest. Impossible! Despite her composition, her heart is thudding rapidly into my hand. It's all the encouragement I need.

I whisk her up by her waist and move us toward her bed. I don't know what I'm thinking, but that just seems right. I crawl above her and just stare at the beauty that is my Tomoyo. Her fair skin is slightly flushed, nothing compared to mine. Her hair is spilling out in waves to accentuate her angelic face. Hm, but her demeanor, at conflict with her exterior, shows some devil. Her eyes tell of patience, yet scream of sultry; her brows cocked in curiosity, but play on derision; her mouth is small of peace, and altogether ready for action. Well I adore all of it. I fell for the angel, and I'm tempted by the devil.

I descend to our third kiss, not really knowing what else to do. It's similar to the second one, and I wonder if that's all. This is wholly pleasing, but the more I do it, the more I want. I can feel my body screaming, but I'm so ignorant. I shift my body directly above her for comfort, and now I'm straddling her like a horse. Oy, now my body is really screaming. It's driving me crazy that her hips keep bumping against mine. I just want to permanently glue them together, or better yet, hoe, rubbing is killing me! Before I can even find a solution to the burning, her lips feel suddenly wet. Wait, that's her tongue… I open my mouth to ask her, but she seals my opening with her tongue and lips. If anyone had ever told me prior about exchanging saliva, I would have grimaced, but this is incredibly delectable. Sharing each other's taste is so intimate, so mind-numbingly hot. She contentedly sighs into our kiss and my hands are everywhere. From her locks, to her jaw, to her arms, to her waist…I don't know when to stop. Her hands are little troopers too, from my neck, to my shoulders, to underneath my shirt! Lord, she's drawing circles on my stomach! She starts to trace my slight definition, and I can't help but moan.

The noise that I make frightens me. It's so uncivilized, so animalistic. Even moreso, I think I'm about to do something horrible to Tomoyo, so I stop.

"Tomoyo, gomen!"

"What for?"

"For attacking you like that!"

"Well I didn't put up much of a defense…"

"I don't know what came over me!"

"…it was more like a welcoming parade."


And then she started giggling.

"What's so funny?"

"Ahahaha, oh, I'm sorry Sakura, it's just that you're so cute, hehehehe!"

"After what I just did?"

She looked at me peculiarly. "There was nothing wrong with what you did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It makes me happy when Sakura-chan wants me so!"

"But but…I was out of line! It felt like something possessed me. I wanted to do BAD things to you."

One of her pretty eyebrows raised, "Tell me; I'm curious." She leaned in with a hungry, almost mocking look.

"L-like that," I pointed dumbly at her patronizing. "I was so anxious about what was going to happen. The stuff that we did just egged me on with ecchi thoughts."

"Oh?" she smiled at me.

"You're not taking me seriously Tomoyo! I wanted to rip that pesky uniform off of you and touch you…roughly! …I wanted to hear you scream?"

Her eyes seemed to widen at each sentence, but she shook her head in what looked to be an internal-conflict. She took my hands kindly and soothed away, "Sakura, everyone feels like that sometime. It's very natural, especially when you're growing up. I felt the same way. I just show my affection differently."

I frowned at myself more than her. "But Tomoyo…you never take me by will. I was so aggressive…I could have hurt you…like, like a rapist!"

If Tomoyo has a fiber of fury in her, this is the first time it flared. "Sakura, NEVER compare yourself to such rubble! My goodness…your onii-chan keeps you far too sheltered, bless his soul, I thank him, but this is just too much. The fact that I never felt any danger or fear from your advances proves that you are certainly no assaulter. It's all about how the receiver feels." The holocaust within her subsided to a cozy campfire, and she wrapped her arms around my waist and perched her chin on my shoulder. Her warm breath sent tingles all over me, and she whispered in my ear, "It felt really good. Please don't ever be afraid to express your love to me, Sa-ku-ra."

Her emphasis on my name said so personally blew all the logic and bad feelings in me. "Mmm," I nodded.

"Excellent," she exclaimed with a rub of my tummy, "let's prepare some dinner!"

It's amazing how she can make me feel. While there's no doubt she can keep me at the edge, there's always breathing time. Tomoyo is the one person I can feel most comfortable with, that is, when she's not pushing my buttons.

We're skipping around the kitchen from the stove to the oven like we were when we were in grade-school. Our aprons are messy and worn, but there's not a spot of ill in here. Even the lady-guards in black that used to scare the bowel-movements out of me don't faze me. Their stoic stares are really warm greetings, protective hugs. And there's Tomoyo—singing and dancing her own kind of recipe. I thank whatever is out there for letting me accompany, no, be with this goddess. The sacrifices she made for me will not be forgotten in vain. She's bound to find out that I pray at her temple alone.


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