Author: HughJackmanFan

Rating: T .- adventure/horror/supernatural

Disclaimer I don't own Van Helsing. The Character: Cardinals, monks, Van Helsing, Dracula and Stephen Sommers, these words from movie and screenplay to owner Universal Studios.

Summary: It's my beginner novel and I bring my idea of character Van Helsing, his life is survive and his memory lost, he search for the answer…The Cardinal helps him. This story was little bit from history and I give to mix another story of Vlad to Archangel Gabriel, my idea is good. ) Wallachia is true story of Vlad lll his military governor of Transylvania.

Van Helsing: In Search for the answers


October 31st, 1462: in Wallachia, Romania

The final battle war of the last Wallachia ancestor Vlad Tepes, he is such a great warrior and he was Prince of Wallachia. The people from his homeland Wallachia, they believed Tepes is the Devil of the Son and called him "Dracula Tepes". Why did they call him? Tepes wasn't believe the God's work and he gotten himself life for the Devil, he started by killing enemies peoples and failed them but Vlad is strict disposer.

What was named "Tepes"? It's named in Romanian "stake" and of course, the Vampire Hunter Gabriel Van Helsing, he does same after 400 years ago…

Flashback "Finally, you come!" Tepes grinned evil Flashback end

The battlefield was full and army fought with the Turkish army, but one dispose wasn't there. Who was won on the battlefield? It was the Wallachia army,Tepes and proud of the country and lost of Turkey. Failed this war of conquest and Hungary helped with Transylvania army and made the power of the Order of the dragon, Vlad was member of the Order of the dragon. The ancestor ring is within the emblem dragon of the right hand. This was true history, one man was an Angel and nameless Archangel fought too same battlefield. Tepes wasn't Vampire and not the Son of the Devil, he was still the disposer. But the Village people said, 'Tepes is awful murder and horrific scene of death people on the stake with headless. We called him "Dracul" '

On the field filled the darkest bloody from death warriors, the boots are dirty with blood and the cloths are dirty too of the blood, one screamed male of the pain. The death was Vlad Tepes, he fell on the bloody field with the sharpen sword on the chest of the heart.

He really was death with darkest pupil's eyes and in open eyes couldn't move. His body was cold and deathly pale skins.

The Archangel praise for the God's work and left his death body, and then he was quickly disappeared from the sky.

The sergeant saw all that who killed by Vlad Tepes, he was swore about the God's work but the army wasn't believe him and he won't existed but he lift the one white-gray feather from bloody field. He swore his old story of the war and he wrote on the diary book to the future of the world.


The Archangel killed with his the sword to Vlad's chest, Vlad screamed loud of the pain.

"No, this cannot be!" Vlad yelled

"You must be the Son of the Devil!" Archangel commanded to Vlad

"unfair!!"Vlad broke his pain of the death

"Ne-ver" again broke his lower voice.

"May he rest in peace" Archangel said softly and whispered to Vlad's ear "I really so sorry!"

Vlad doesn't answered and was death now, he covered Vlad's eyes and saw one man who come from the way.

Flashback end

The sergeant and his army made the big obsequies with Vlad's death, his funeral was secret and the way wasn't there. Never know where he was on the funeral. The Village people wanted to know where the funeral is and nobody said about it. Maybe people feared to back the Dracula, if he doesn't death when he was drank with blood in since killed by the victims. What was the power of the life with healing body? It is unlikely standing the funeral from outside behind the secret door in the Castle Bran. One day laid the black coffin under the catacombs; when the priest came into and he wanted saw Vlad's body and he was believed before he heard the story about the Son of the Devil. He noticed the coffin was close with heavy lock and never opened it. At the midnight ring the clock bell at the twelve times. Vlad slept with deathly body but he could to feel his vein when blood worked harder into the whole veins and his heart pounded low and more then fast flooding into the body. Vlad croaked his air and breathed in small warmly air, he still alive! The priest looks the clock, but he couldn't hear Vlad's breath and he turns his back from the black coffin and stares at the cover, the cover clattered little in the seconds time and he frighten pretty scary, he won't opened the heavy lock but he turns again towards chamber, he whispered small voice "God, I can't think it. Requiescat in pace" and sudden Vlad stands by the priest's back.

"How long been it? Was I died?" Vlad whispered to priest's ear.

The priest frightens very deathly shock and turns slow his back to Vlad, he stares to him.

"Oh my God!!!" he shouted.

"Nice that you see, who am I? Should you call me as the Count Dracula?" Vlad asked quickly.

"I-I-don't kn-ow…I-wi-sh you, Vladi-laus…" he stammered and his heart attacked of his health and he could died, his last word said:

"Draguli….a" he fell in the death with eyes opened wide.

Vlad was clear and he doesn't give the real name, just called better Vladilaus Dragulia.

His body worked very harder and transformed his skins and saw very grayish pale, his back grows slow the wings, when Vlad screamed of the pain and he could to cry his beautiful life and his memories was in last war. He's still forever life and no heartbeat, he laughed louder and he saw an Archangel from the small windows and he groaned and hissed to Archangel.

"Who are you?" he hissed loud

"You don't remember from last night?" Archangel announced.

A scream of hissing and he flies out to the small windows, Archangel fell out on the floor.

"Good boy, Vladilaus!" he shouted.

A larger wings fly into the air of the dark night sky beside the full moon lighted very brighten.

Vlad wanted the Castle and he searched anywhere else…to Transylvania?

The Archangel followed to Vlad but doesn't catch him and he need to watch everywhere.

Vlad knew when Archangel came with us; he could to hide on the trees. The Archangel landed at the forest and looks around the trees, the color of the trees are darker grayish peels. A loud of the voice with hissing Vlad jumped on the floor.

"Nice wings…" Vlad noticed to Archangel's wings "isn't beautiful, right?" stepped one "white-gray, I love yours color." Vlad gave a small smile.

"What are you talking?" Archangel in questionable

"I don't know, what is your name, Mister?" Vlad wanted to know.

"I've no memory, Mr. Tepes" Archangel answered.

"Don't call me Tepes. Tepes is death! I am Count Vladilaus Dragulia." Vlad bowed few short and started again answering.

"Are you Michael or Gabriel? You like such an Archangel of the God's work. I know you're the God and you aren't human. You see yours wings! I hate the God and I am the Son of the Devil. What did I like that? Yes, I am bloodsucker and I am forever life!" Vlad spoke in end words.

"You can to read in my mind, Vlad" Archangel said.

"Because your name is Gabriel, I read your mind." Vlad smirked.

"Yes, my name is Gabriel Van Helsing." He answered and his memory lost in past one days.

"Van Helsing?" Vlad spat "You're insane! Here is fourteen sixty two year"

Gabriel doesn't answered, Vlad laughed loud.

"Insane, Gabriel!" Vlad laughed and flies to disappear into the airs.

One day later…

November 1st 1642, End Game in Dracula's Portal

In the brighten color of red to oranges picture likes the flames, hot and deathly fire danced around and bigger flames spats out into higher air, nobody stand the things: no trees, no cloudy, no leafs, no animal, no insects, only two human on the earth of the portal.

Its open land, but no the color seen around red, yellow, red blood and oranges painting are nightmares and horrific scenes in battlefield.

The fog of the smoke danced to two men's face, both fought harder and cannot quite by fight.

"We could be friends. Partners! Brothers-in-arms!" Vlad shouted.

But nothing spoke the words and both fought again with the blade swords, one other spears and the Battle axe on the hands. On the portal room heard a loud of the scream with two men's voice, the level is higher who like the mountain and a circle platform. Both played like the cats and mouse game, they fenced the swords that like the pirates and began to talk,

"Do you not understand from last night?" Vlad shouted and continued his voice higher


No word more than Gabriel still quite stunned and taken out his hand with sword again fenced to Vlad. No heard a pain, we fought more times and the time was later, the sky was deep of the painting wall. Gabriel looks Vlad's ring finger with huge ring and shouted him, but the sky thunder loud and we cannot hear the words.

"I WANT TO HAVE YOUR RING!" Gabriel's voice high and holds his sword.

"WHY? WHAT DID YOU WANT?" Vlad shouted back and holds his Battle axe.

Both weapons are together adhered, Gabriel and Vlad are strong of the power, then Vlad shoved and Gabriel fell on the floor and watch out when Vlad swings his Battle axe to Gabriel's shoulder, he avoided and again back, Vlad annoyed and his power is low and tried again hit to Gabriel's shoulder. His pain screamed and his left upper arm was wounded, his skin was ugly opened but it was flesh wound. And Vlad laugh and talked him

"Never hit me! You loser!" Vlad triumphed his proud and Vlad lift his Battle axe high and wanted to hit to Gabriel, sudden split second Gabriel's sword twinge to Vlad's belly and he screamed anger of the pain, his Battle axe fell down from Vlad's empty-handed.

"I told you, Vlad! You are the Son of the Devil and you're a vampire. I know!" Gabriel holds his sword to Vlad's belly, the blood flow slow through and Gabriel's hands with full blood. Vlad couldn't answer but his mouth opened and croaked his breath and fell backwards on the floor, Gabriel taken his sword and looks Vlad's finger ring and cut the finger ring off. His eyes were shining with joy he smiles and takes the ring on the right finger ring sudden he could to feel below par and his memory doesn't awake and always same things in the memories. He could to close his eyes and breathe out and looks his dirty bloody hands inside the ring and his hands shiver. Gabriel doesn't understood why is feel bad and sudden he turns back where Vlad stands up unlike dead and rant to push to Gabriel and Gabriel fell from the higher portal floor, the air is higher down the empty floor unlike the sky and Gabriel screams louder and Vlad looks unlike little child, "Gabrie-lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll". A sudden change to figure the color of the sky unlike orange to yellow at blue sky then darker colors and the Portal is the cover closed; the end of the death?

Author alert: This is my first review story on and I have never know then I was happy and show here my story. My apogolzie may this is my english not better. Next chapter is here. I hope, enjoy fun with reading. )