A Matter of Trust and Other Drabbles

by Shawny Wong

Disclaimers: The following is a work of fan fiction. Yu Yu Hakusho is a copyright (c) of Yoshihiro Togashi / Shueisha Fuji TV., Studio Pierrot. The characters of Yu Yu Hakusho do not belong to me. These stories are written without permission, for fan purposes only. These stories are mine. Please do not reproduce without permission. Copyright (c) 2005

Author's Notes:

These drabbles were written for the yyh100 Live Journal Community. Whenever I complete a collection of 7 drabbles, I will add another "chapter" to this collection. Writing drabbles is a lot of fun - and good practice for me, especially since I haven't written anything creative in 5 years. As such, some drabbles turned out well, and others... need work.

Please enjoy. C&C are much appreciated. Flames will be ignored.

Title: A Matter of Trust
Word Count: 100
Challenge #14: Friendship
Characters: Kurama, Yuuske

Out of all the friendships he claimed, his friendship with Yuuske was the most important to him. Yuuske had trusted Kurama, had trusted him from the beginning - even though he'd had no reason to trust and every reason not to. Yuuske had trusted him enough to listen to his story. Yuuske immediately offered to give up half his life so that Kurama could live. Even Hiei had not trusted him then. They might have worked together to steal the 3 artifacts, but each had their own agenda.

While he had many true friends now... Yuuske was his first true friend.

Title: Choices
Word Count: 110
Challenge #15: Sacrifice
Characters: Kurama

Sometimes he wondered if his time in the human world, in a human body, made him soft. In his previous incarnation, he would not have thought twice about choosing his life over the life of some human. Why waste his life for a human one? The human life was brief, only a flicker in comparison to the near immortal lifespan of a youko.

But without his mother – and her unconditional love for him – his life was empty. His life or hers? What a ridiculous question! Let her live and be happy.

"Very well then, as you wish, I shall grant your desire!" intoned the Mirror of Utter Dark.

Good-bye, Mother.

Title: Second Chances
Word Count: 353
Challenge #19: Alternate Universe
Characters: Atsuko Urameshi

The amber liquid sparkled enticingly in the clean glass.

Keiko must have done the dishes again, Atsuko thought guiltily.

Somehow, she had made a mess of it all. She was an alcoholic – and worse, her son disliked her. Oh, he probably still loved her – probably. But she could see in his eyes and in his behavior that he didn't like her – at all. How many years had it been since he called her Mom? She couldn't remember.

It had been difficult being single parent. She'd been young, uneducated, and unmarried. Whispers had followed her wherever she went.

Tramp. Slut. Unfit mother.

In those early years, her baby had made them bearable. Yusuke's bright eyes and sweet smiles kept the whispers away. As he grew older and needed her less and less, the whispers became louder, haunting her. Finally, he grew old enough to understand those hateful whispers. And unable to face the disappointment in his eyes, she found solace in the bottle. That had been her downfall.

Then he died.

And she realized with horror that she had missed years of Yusuke's life because she'd been too drunk to spend time with him. (Or if she had, she'd been too drunk to remember.) She had wasted her time with her baby, her Yusuke. He would never know how much she loved him – because she had always been too drunk to show him. It was her fault. And he was gone.

Then by some miracle…

He was back.


She had a second chance with Yusuke. She couldn't change the past, but she could make a better future for him, for herself. She could be a better mother. She would make a new start for them here, in their new apartment. She would get a job. She would earn his respect.

No matter what it takes.

The liquid poison spilled so easily from the glass. As it ran down the drain, she wondered at how little the drink tempted her. She tossed the empty bottle into the trash where it shattered, much to her satisfaction.

I have a second chance.

She wouldn't waste it.

Author's Notes:

One thing about YYH that's always bothered me is Atsuko's behavior. She falls apart when Yusuke dies – which proves she does love him. But when he comes back to life, she doesn't change at all! She's still an alcoholic, still irresponsible. I've always thought that his death should have shaken some sense into her. So this is my AU take on it.

Title: Speaking without Words
Word Count: 127
Challenge #22: Evidence
Characters: Yusuke/Keiko

Keiko knows that Yusuke cares about her whenever he protects her from enemies – human or not. He lets her hit him – or she'd never be able to land a hand on him. He would do anything for her. His spirit self, Puu desires her over anyone else. She doesn't need him to say, "I love you."

She already has all the evidence she needs.

Yusuke knows that Keiko cares about him whenever she scolds him for skipping school – again. She gives him free food at her family's restaurant. She stands up for him when other people malign his character. She ran into a burning building to save his life. He doesn't need to hear the words "I love you."

He already has all the evidence he needs.

Title: Brothers Not by Blood
Word Count: 128
Challenge #2: Family
Characters: Hiei

Family was precious.

For the longest time, only Yukina – although she didn't know it – had the honor of being his family. He would fight for her and protect her. He would die for her. Then ever so slowly, almost without him noticing, three others became family, too.

He respected Yusuke's leadership and raw power. He silently admired Kurama's cunning and intelligence. And finally, the buffoon's loyalty had earned his in return.

They fought together. They protected each other. And he knew without a doubt that Yusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara would die for him. The knowledge unsettled him – until the day he realized that he would do the same for them.

His brothers.

Hiei scowled. Kuwabara was his brother-not-by-blood. But he damn well didn't have to like it.

Title: Moving On
Word Count: 146
Challenge #26: Crossovers
Characters: Botan, Sai
Summary: Crossover with Hikaru no Go.
Warnings: Spoilers for Hikaru no Go: eps 60-61, manga chapter 125.

"It's time," Botan said gently, "to move on to the next world."

Fujiwara no Sai wrenched himself away from the scene below where Hikaru was searching frantically for Sai. It hurt to see the young boy so sad.

"The Gods have let you stay connected to the human world because they admired your passion for Go. They felt that searching for the Hand of God was a worthy goal – and so let you continue that search."

"What will become of Hikaru?" Sai wanted - needed to know.

"Hikaru will grieve for you. But he will continue towards the Hand of God – for you, and for himself. You should be proud. You trained him well."

Yes. He could be satisfied with that. Hikaru was his pride and joy. He could pass on knowing that Hikaru would one day reach the Hand of God. "So… Do you play Go?"

Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Word Count: 382
Challenge #24: Date
Characters: Yusuke/Keiko

Yusuke was a born fighter and a superb athlete. He could learn a complex kata after seeing it once. He could perform a roundhouse kick with flawless grace. But when it came to social situations he had about as much grace as an elephant on ice. None. So it should have come as no surprise that he stumbled – and fell flat on his face, figuratively – when he finally tried to ask Keiko out on a date.

On Monday, he invited her to see a movie with him. Shizuru assured him that a movie was appropriate for a first date.

"No, Yusuke. I refuse to watch another Bruce Lee movie at your apartment. We've watched them all hundreds of times already. I have a math test to study for – and so do you."

On Tuesday, he gave her a bouquet of assorted wildflowers. Kurama insisted that all girls liked receiving flowers – and flowers were the easiest, non-verbal way to show his interest. Kurama would know.

"Excellent, Yusuke! You remembered to bring the flowers for Takano-sensei's art class. But why did you bring so many? We only need to sketch 3 types flowers today. Mind if I take this daisy?"

On Wednesday, he bought her lunch at Botan's suggestion. ("Maybe you should do something nice for her. She's always making bentos for you. Why don't you buy her lunch?")

"Yusuke, are you trying to bribe me? If you want help with anything, just ask. Do you need help with English again?" Then as an afterthought, "Thanks for lunch."

On Thursday, he decided to follow Kuwabara's example. (Kuwabara was forever gushing over Yukina.) So he complimented Keiko's appearance and her choice of clothing.

"Yusuke, are you feeling all right? This is the same school uniform I wear everyday."

On Friday, he had had enough. He was so frustrated that even Hiei's advice sounded good. (Hiei regarded him with disdain. "You humans and your foolish courtships! Just take your woman and claim her.")

"What did you want to talk about?" asked Keiko as she followed him onto the roof of the school building. "You've been acting strangely all week. Hey! What are you…?"

He kissed her.

And amazingly, she kissed him back.

Sometimes, the direct approach worked best. Who knew that Hiei could give romantic advice?