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Genres:Romance / Angst / Sexual Tension / Supernatural

Plot: Martin and Diana are given an assignment at a honeymoon hotel during Christmas. They must investigate undercover as a newlywed couple. Can they manage to complete this assignment without being affected themselves?

I do not own the concept of Martin Mystery. The premise was created by Alfredo Castelli, who had written Martin and Diana into his comics as an engaged couple. Marathon had received permission to create a show based roughly on the comic book series. They get paid for their work, but I don't. Their show has Martin and Diana's characters cast as teen step-siblings.

The story premise is my idea. Aside from the characters that appear on the show, and Diana's mother, who is an unseen character but still exists according to the show, the rest of the characters in this story were created by me. The hotel was created in my head. The special mist/fog was a plot device that I came up with on my own. The entire plot line and the entire story was written by me. Therefore, it is my intellectual property according to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. I've researched that treaty thoroughly and I know what I'm talking about. The Internet has already started its mention in this convention.

Some of the readers may claim that this story does not contain incest because Martin and Diana are step-siblings. They may not be blood-related, but their relationship would be considered incestuous under family and marriage laws in Québec, which is where the show takes place. Personally, I wouldn't consider their relationship incestuous, but opinions on that vary greatly. The only answer that we can depend on is the one that the law provides. The law itself also varies from one area to the next regarding sexual relationships between step-siblings, but Québecois and Washington law are the only ones I'll regard in this fic.

Chapter 3 is up now. It was a rough start but once I got past that, the rest of the chapter wasn't impossible. I still feel there's something wrong there; something I could have done better. I call it Writer's Syndrome. If there is something wrong, give me some concrit and point it out. In fact, give concrit either way. I appreciate that. Just remember to take note of the fact that this is where the M rating starts to come into play. There's mild nudity involved (Martin and Diana in their underwear), as well as vague references to sexual tension on Martin's part. Those who are legally old enough to be reading this will know what this means.

This fic has been put on hiatus at the moment. For further information, please visit my LJ. The links are in my profile. Chapter 4 will build on the sexual tension theme, but I also have to venture into unfamiliar territory for part of the chapter. Said territory will come into play again throughout the fic. Fortunately, I have been receiving helpful information from adult forums and have also procured a male beta reader to look over those aspects.

Please take note that I'll be posting the next chapter on AFF first. This is because of the adult content. I will write the censored version after the uncensored one. However, I also have another beta reader who will compare versions. She's an excellent reviewer on both sites and a member of this site. I know she'll do an excellent job. Don't take this the wrong way - I love this site. However, at one point, my fics got taken down because of a rating issue. I just don't want to make that same mistake again. Posting on AFF and censoring here are the best precautions I can think of.

If you are at least 18 years of age, then you are allowed to visit AFF. The links to each AFF fic and individual chapters can be found on LJ. IF you read the fic on both sites, please feel free to leave reviews comparing the two versions. We'd appreciate that.

I suppose that's all that needs to be said. If you have read this, good for you. You shall be able to avoid certain questions in your reviews that I shall not answer because they have already been explained on this page. The information this page gives you also will allow you to enjoy the story more thoroughly. Now start reading the story. You've earned it.

PREVIEW: The scene starts off at the window of a hotel room. The camera enters the room through the window and moves to the left, tracing over the scattered components of a white dress, white tuxedo, silky white lingerie, and silk boxers. The trail of clothes lead to a bed where an attractive young couple are glowing in the aftermath of love-making. At the moment, they are exchanging soft kisses while intertwining their fingers. The glint of their wedding bands is the only light in the room other than the moonlight from the window.

While the couple are enjoying themselves, a light white mist wafts towards them from the foot of the bed. The mist is nearly invisible, and the couple breathe in the delicate scent of nectar, which mingles beautifully with the musk in the room. Suddenly they are invigorated, and start copulating with an animal fervor. The camera moves to the door, where we see the light mist seeping under the crack of the door, and return to the window, where we then watch the rapid progression to sunset.

At this point we hear a knock on the door, and swing the camera around to see a maid opening the door. She starts complaining angrily to the still, silent, sweaty couple because she never had a chance to clean the room. When the couple doesn't respond, she hesitates, then goes up to the naked couple with the intention to nudge the woman on the shoulder. It is after this action that the maid starts to worry. She noticed that the sweat was actually colorless crystalline droplets and that their faces were frozen in expressions of climax. She starts to scream and runs out of the room.