Unchained Darkness

By; Aerys Krystie

Hey y'all! Ok, this is just a FFVII and D.N.Angel crossover. Sephy, everyone's sweetheart, is an assassin, for a well known branch called "Unchained Darkness". For his, unknown age, birthday, Aeris and Cloud by him a little toy, so he isn't so sexually frustrated all the time. Only, his little toy is an "unbroken slave", who was beaten by his father before the owner of "Arsenic Passion" found him. Is love permitted between slave and master?

Well, that's summary so far! And for reading that far, I will give you the first chapter! Enjoy!

Glowing jade eyes opened leisurely, only to close again. They shot open when a rock was thrown through the window. He rolled his eyes, and rolled over onto his front, and stared at his door. He counted slowly backwards from "five". Before he even reached "one", Aeris, Cloud, Yuffie, Vincent, and Barret were in his room.

'Are you sure Ican kill those little punks?' Sephiroth asked, completely ignoring the fact that his well kept butt was showing.

Aeris cleared her throat. 'Well, maybe if you had a little decency, they wouldn't be doing crap like this. Cover yourself up!' She removed Vincent of his cape, and threw it over Sephiroth's naked form.

'Hey, I don't know who, what, or where he's been! Why use my cape?' He sighed and glared at Sephiroth. 'You can keep it.' He shuddered and walked out the room, followed by the other four.

'Oh, Sephy, don't forget that we have a meeting in an hour.' Yuffie closed the door behind herself.

It was Sephiroth's turn to shudder. Great! Not another one! Someone shoot me now, and spare me the pain of my brain turning to mush! He removed Vincent's cape, stood and stretched, moaning softly to himself. He pulled on a pair of gray sweatpants, and walked out of his room, not bothering with the rock and broken glass.

He wandered down the stairs, and into the dining room, seeing everyone had already seated themselves. 'You lied.'

Yuffie only smirked smugly, and shrugged, then turned her attention to Vincent. 'Alright, Sephiroth, just to make your head swell even more…As you are our best assassin, then is one little, tiny, small, miniature mission I need you to go on. I – '

'I don't like it already,' Sephiroth cut in, and rested back against his chair. 'The usual questions apply. How many people do I kill, how much am I paid, how long will it take?'

Vincent rolled his eyes. 'Direct, aren't we?' He groaned. 'It shouldn't take anymore then five hours, depends on how swift you are. The minimum is thirteen people. I have everything else written down for you, including your pay.' Vincent threw a folder at Sephiroth, and watched as the silver haired man caught it.

Sephiroth opened the folder and quickly scanned the information. 'Deal.' He stood and walked back into his room.

'Thank you, Vincent.' Aeris smiled, and looked at Cloud, who nodded.

'Yeah, that should keep him away while we get his birthday present.' Cloud smirked.

Yuffie rolled her eyes. 'How can you even be sure he wants a boy? Why not get him a female?' She raised an eyebrow at the two.

'Because Sephiroth has a thing for long haired males,' Tifa said as she joined them at the table. 'Besides, you don't have the room next to his, and you don't have to hear the moans and shouts.'

An hour after Sephiroth had left, Aeris and Cloud also left. They headed to the worst part of town. This part was so bad, it made the Bronx look good. They stood outside the old wooden doors that led to "Arsenic Passion", a slave trading business. This is the place where Aeris and Cloud had decided to get Sephiroth's present. They walked through the doors with boldness.

'Welcome to "Arsenic Passion". I am Mikhail. How may we be of service to you?' A tall, good looking blond, stepped in their line of sight.

Aeris nudged Cloud forward. 'Ah, hi. We're after a present for a friend of ours, who is, well, how would you put it…?'

'Sexually frustrated, and needs to get laid immediately,' Aeris filled in.

Cloud raised an eyebrow at her, but shrugged. 'Yeah, that too. Long haired, pretty. Any of your slaves fit this description?'

Mikhail snorted. 'We have all of them. From the tough Arnold Schwarzenrgger, to wimpy Orlando Bloom. From the sounds of it, you want an "Orlando Bloom" type. We had a never brought in two months ago. Would you like to see him?' Aeris and Cloud nodded. 'Gael, bring through "Topaz".'

' "Topaz"?' Aeris and Cloud asked in unison.

'You'll see.' Three sets of eyes landed on a long haired blond, that was standing in front of another male. Aeris and Cloud could indeed see why he was called "Topaz". 'Gorgeous isn't it he?'

Cloud was pretty sure he was drooling out the river Nile. Topaz was dressed in a white cotton pants, and a white shirt that looked as though it were nine sizes too big for him. His long hair cascaded over his shoulders, and the fringe blocked view to his eyes, which both Cloud and Aeris were dieing to see.

'We'll take him.' Cloud got his wallet out.

Mikhail nodded, and walked to the little counter to the left of them. He got something out of one of the drawers, and walked back over to the customers and Topaz. He removed the cap from the syringe, and noticed how Topaz turned away. He slid it into the neck, and injected the clear fluid in it. Thirty seconds later, Topaz was asleep in his arms, and he was handing the long haired blond over to the spiked haired blond.

'Don't bother about paying. You'll return him in two weeks. If he doesn't find his way back to us.' Mikhail smiled and nodded his head.

Aeris and Cloud frowned but nodded and left, Cloud carrying the blond slave.

Sephiroth groaned as he walked back into the ShinRa Mansion, and into the kitchen. He threw a blood cover Masamune onto the table and splashed cool water over his face. He looked up when someone else walked into the room.

'Happy birthday, Sephiroth. Here's you present from Aeris and Cloud. I think he's really pretty.' Yuffie stood in the doorway, a rope in her hands that led to the rope around the slave's wrists.

Sephiroth sighed and turned around. He walked over to the two in the doorway. He took the rope from Yuffie's hands, and glared at her. 'Leave.' He watched as she frowned, but complied. 'What's your name, slave?'

Krad looked away, only to be forced to look into glowing jade eyes. 'My name is "Topaz".'

Sephiroth nodded his head. 'Very well. You will call me "master", unless stated otherwise. You will dine, shower, and sleep with me. You will not look away from me. Do not think I wont do punishments, because as far as I am concerned, that's all slaves are good for. Am I clear?'

Krad's eyes widened slightly before he nodded his head. 'Yes, master.' Shit, he's gonna be a challenge to escape from.

'Good.' Sephiroth walked over to the table, picked up Masamune, and cut the ropes. 'Follow me.'

Krad nodded and followed after his master. He looked at all the doors, and walked into his master's back, when he stopped suddenly. 'Sorry, master.'

Sephiroth inclined his head, and opened the door. He saw that his window was repaired. He removed his leather slicker, and shirt. 'Sit on the bed.' Sephiroth walked into the bathroom. He wet a clothe, and ran it over his torso and shoulders. He walked and saw "Topaz" sitting on the bed.

Krad looked up as his master walked back into the room. He bit his lip and lowered his eyes.

Sephiroth walked, and stood before the blond. He lent down and kissed the slave possessively. He smirked when he saw the blond's lips were swollen. He knelt on the edge of the bed, and eased Krad onto his back. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and felt the blond tense and close his eyes.

'I said, "you will not look away from me". Closing your eyes is a form of looking away.' Sephiroth slowly pulled the folds of cotton away from porcelain skin, and saw the reason why the blond looked away.

'Please, master?' Krad slowly opened his eyes and looked into jade.

'No.' Sephiroth pulled Krad up into a "sitting" position, and removed the rest of the shirt. His eyes widened as he looked at the pallid back. 'How did that happen?'

Krad frowned and sniffed. 'It doesn't matter, master.'

Sephiroth ran his fingers over the "astrix" scar that took up the back of his slave. 'Yes, it does matter, because it is upsetting you. Was it the people at Arsenic Passion that did this to you?'

'No, master.'

Sephiroth frowned, and laid the slave down on the bed gently. 'Tell me later. I'm going for a shower. I wont take you in this time, but tomorrow morning, you will join me.'

Krad nodded, wrapping his arms around his abdomen. 'Yes, master.' He watched as jade eyes washed over his body, the heat of the gaze going straight to his groin. 'Master?'

Sephiroth smirked to himself. 'I'll got for my shower in a minute. Right now, I want you to do something for me.' Sephiroth watched as the blond nodded, and wriggled out from under him.

Krad sighed to himself, as he, too, knelt on the bed. He pulled down the flier of his master's leather pants, and pulled out his stiff member. My god! I hope he intends to prepare me before he fucks me. Krad's head bent down further, and he took the large, heated organ into his mouth. He let his tongue mould to the underside of the silver haired man's sex, as his head moved up and down.

'Mmm.' Sephiroth's hands gripped to the long, blond strands that ran down the slave's back, and over his shoulders. His hips thrusted into the moist, heated cavern that encased his cock. 'Harder.'

Krad blinked his eyes, and moved up and down the length quicker, listening to his master's moans, which got him hard. One pale hand wrapped around the member, and began to siphon the silver haired man's erection. He knew it felt better when the hands in his hair got a tighter grip.

'Sephiroth?' Yuffie bounded into the room, and stopped dead in her tracks, as she watched the blond's head move.

Sephiroth stopped his slave's work, and pulled his cock back. 'Fucking hell, Yuffie! Haven't you ever heard of "knocking"?' He panted slightly as he glared at the girl.

If looks could kill, Krad would have been dead from Yuffie's glare. 'I'm sorry, but I was sent up here to tell you dinner is being set up.' Her gaze went to Sephiroth's glare, which had softened a little.

'Alright. I'll be down in fifteen.' Both watched as the girl left the room quietly. Sephiroth looked at the slave, and ran a hand through his hair. 'Ok, you will be joining me in the shower this time.'

Sephiroth got off the bed, and was followed by his slave. He walked into the bathroom, and removed his pants, watching as the blond did the same. His eyes gazed along the well curved butt, and down shapely legs. He couldn't help but smirk when the blond turned around, revealing his front.

'Looks like I wasn't the only enjoying out little session.' He pulled the slave closer, and ran a hand up his length, hearing the boy gasp.

Krad forced his eyes to stay open, and looked at his master's face. 'I'm sorry, master, it wont happen again.'

Sephiroth snorted, and turned the shower on with the hand that ran up the blond's length. Sephiroth noted the fear in the gold eyes, as he stepped under the shower, bringing slave with him. He raised a silver eyebrow at the blond, who bit his lip. Sephiroth rolled his eyes, and turned him around. He picked up the clothe and soap, and ran it over the insipid skin.

Krad relaxed visibly from the touch, and caught himself leaning back into it. He didn't resist when his master turned him around, and began washing his torso. He kept his eyes locked with Sephiroth's, for fear of the punishment that would happen if he were to disobey an order. Krad frowned and jumped slightly as he put under the cool current, which helped a little with his erection, he raised his eyes to meet his master's, who was leaning in closer to him.

Sephiroth planted a simple kiss on the blond's lips, and reached for the shampoo. 'Hope you like Apple Cinnamon.' He squeezed a generous amount onto his hand and lathered it through the top, and down the long strands.

'Yes, master. It isbetter thannon-scented.' Krad took in the scent, and moaned softly. Not from the scent, but from Sephiroth massaging his head. His eyes closed against his will.

Sephiroth rinsed the shampoo from the blond strands, and applied conditioner. 'Am I your first master?' Sephiroth mentally kicked himself for sounding as though he cared. But deep down, he knew he did. He wanted to know if he would be the one to break him in.

'No, master. You are, however, the first to show me this much care. The other's usually, um, had sex with me, than returned me like a video.' Krad's eyes opened slightly, and he stared down at their toes. 'Which is probably what you will do, master.'

Sephiroth tilted Krad's head up, and shook his own. 'Sephiroth! Dinner's ready!' Yuffie's voice called through the door.

Sephiroth sighed, and rinsed the conditioner from Krad's hair, before quickly washing his own hair and body. He stepped out, quickly drying himself and his slave. He pulled out a large, black, silk button down shirt, and handed it to Krad, while he dressed himself in black jeans. He took Krad's hand, and walked out of the room, closing the door. He walked into the dining room, and sat down, sitting Krad beside him.

Krad pretended he didn't see the disgusted look on Yuffie's face, as Sephiroth kissed his cheek. Instead, he lowered his head, and stared at his lap. He kindly declined the food, and continued to stare at his lap.

Sephiroth slid his hand on Krad's lap. 'Eat something, Topaz, before I force it down your throat,' he whispered fiercely.

Krad shook his head. 'No, master. Awhipping boyis not permitted to eat food. They are only allowed a few scraps.'

Sephiroth sighed and shook his head. 'Fine. I'll talk to you back at the room.' Sephiroth tried to explain about how the mission went, but everything went over his head. He couldn't, for the life of him, remember anything that happened before Topaz walked into the room.

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