Unchained Darkness

By; Aerys Krystie

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:.Two Weeks Later.:

Krad stretched and nuzzled Sephiroth's chest a little more, until he stood. He shivered, and gasped when he felt strong arms around his waist, pulling him back onto the bed. Krad giggled softly. It had become an early morning tradition, that was usually broken by Yuffie. He looked into Sephiroth's glazed eyes.

Sephiroth looked up and at the door. Thirty-three seconds later, Yuffie walked in, and received a growl, and a glare from Sephiroth. 'Breakfast is ready.' Her glare landed on Krad, who turned his face away.

'Yuffie, we haven't been having breakfast for the last two weeks. I'm pretty sure it would have sunk in by now that we aren't going to be eating in the mornings.'

Yuffie frowned slightly, but nodded. 'Should I tell Aeris to bring something up when he's stopped screaming: "harder, master! Do it harder!"?' She smirked and raised an eyebrow as she left.

'Master…I-I'm sorry. I –'

Sephiroth placed a finger on Krad's lips, and smiled. 'Shh, its alright. She's just jealous because you get me, and she doesn't.' Sephiroth got himself on top of Krad, and kissed the blond passionately. He could feel the blond shiver from the emotion in the kiss.

'Master, I don't understand. My father never cared about me the way you do. Why should care about a whipping boy?' Krad looked sadly into Sephiroth's eyes.

Sephiroth played with the long wisp of hair that fell across Krad's face. He pulled back suddenly, as if he were burnt. 'Go have your shower.' Sephiroth got off the blond, and watched as his tortured angel made his way into the bathroom, closing the door quietly.

Yeah, I don't understand either, Krad. But I guess some things are meant to be this way. Sephiroth still remembered their first time. The first time he took their relationship to the next stage.


Sephiroth gently caressed Krad's wet, and boisterous hair, as he looked into molten gold. He had Krad laying beneath him, in only a pair of white, cotton pants, as he was above the blond, exposed completely. His glowing jade eyes softened, as he stroked Krad's cheek with his thumb.

Sephiroth shifted slightly, so he could lean down. He brushed his lips past Krad's, and felt their softness. 'Krad, I cant wait any longer. I need to be in you.' Sephiroth chafed his cheek against Krad's. He felt Krad tense at his words. 'I'll be gentle; I wont hurt you.' Sephiroth pulled back and looked into contemplating gold.

Sephiroth watched as Krad seemed to debate with himself. 'Yes, master.'

Sephiroth kissed Krad's cheek. 'I promise. If it hurts, tell me.' Sephiroth got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. He opened the medicine chest, and pulled out the newly bought, ginger scented lubricant.

Sephiroth walked back over to the bed, and saw that Krad had moved onto his stomach, and had removed his pants. Sephiroth shook his head, and moved Krad back onto his back. He opened the tube, and put a considerable amount onto three of his fingers. He saw Krad inhale deeply, and beam at the scent.

'How did you know, master?' Krad looked at Sephiroth, and saw the silver haired man smirk.

Sephiroth got on the bed, and settled himself between Krad's legs. 'I've seen the way you smell the ginger-nut cookies, instead of eating them.' Sephiroth licked Krad's sensitive spot, as he eased his middle finger in. He felt Krad tense around his finger. 'Don't tense, Krad. It will hurt more.'

Sephiroth heard Krad swallow and nod. He could feel Krad trying to relax around the intrusion. Sephiroth waited patiently for Krad to get use to the feeling, before he slowly worked his finger in and out. He smirked when he heard Krad gasp, and arch. He watched the lithe body thrash beneath him, as he continued to tease Krad's prostate.

'I'm going to add a second finger now.' Sephiroth ran his thumb, of his spare hand, over the tip of Krad's erection, smearing the pre-cum, as a distraction, while he slipped a second finger into Krad's, normally, abused passage. He could tell Krad didn't know whether to moan in pleasure, or wince in slight anxiety. 'Does it hurt?'

Krad bit his lip. 'O-only a little.'

Sephiroth moved up a little more, and gently nipped Krad's lobe. 'Would you like me to stop?' Krad shook his head. 'Ok.' Sephiroth gently worked his fingers in and out.

Sephiroth rubbed his cheek against Krad's, as he did the "scissor" motion with the two fingers already in Krad's heat. He gently sucked on Krad's pale neck, as he added a third finger. He worked the three a little more harshly than the first and second. He smiled and gently nuzzled Krad's neck, when the blond moaned out.

'Does it feel good?' Sephiroth asked between soft kisses on delicate flesh.

'Nnhh!' Krad wriggled onto the fingers, and cried out when they hit his prostate.

Sephiroth smirked, and pulled his fingers out, receiving a cry of protest from Krad. He lubricated his own erection, and positioned himself outside of Krad's entrance. He took a deep breath, and eased in as slowly as his need would allow him to. He moaned at the tightness of Krad. No-one he had ever screwed before was this tight.

Sephiroth had to force himself not to thrust in and out as roughly as he could. Instead, he gently ran his fingertips over Krad's sweating brow. 'Move when you're ready.'

Krad closed his eyes as he felt Sephiroth's fingers weave their way into his hair. He smiled slightly, when Sephiroth kissed his cheek. 'You can move, master.'

Sephiroth looked down at Krad and gently kissed the blond. 'Call me "Sephiroth", please.' He watched as Krad bit his lip, but nodded.

Sephiroth gathered the small man into his arms, and felt Krad's arms hesitantly wrap around his shoulders, and his legs around the muscular waist. Sephiroth pulled out slowly, and moved back in just as gradually. He felt Krad's well kept fingernails dig into the skin of his shoulder-blades and draw blood. He felt the warm liquid trickle slowly towards his shoulders.

'Does it hurt, Krad?' Sephiroth stopped, and moved Krad's chin off his shoulder so he could look at his face.

Krad shook his head. 'Not at all! It feels fine.'

Sephiroth blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't seeing a happy grin on Krad's face. Sephiroth half smiled, and started his leisure pace again. He gently kissed along Krad's shoulder, and knew he found the blond's prostate, when his legs tightened around Sephiroth's waist, and he cried out the silver haired man's name.

Sephiroth twined a hand around the nape of Krad's neck, while his other hand ran its fingers through the long strands; tips hanging over the edge of the bed. He removed the hair-tie that held it in a low ponytail, and watched as the sun gold created a sea of bullion on the pillows and part of the mattress. Sephiroth smiled, and made his thrusts a little more harder and faster, not wanting to scare the blond. He inhaled deeply and took in the scent of the "Cinnamon Apple" shampoo and conditioner.

'Seph-Sephiroth! Harder and faster, please!' Krad held onto Sephiroth more tightly, the pleasure overwhelming his logical thinking, making him cry and beg for it.

Sephiroth did as Krad had pleaded. He could feel the heated tunnel clench and unclench around his large member, as he strived deeper, making sure to hit Krad's prostate. He moaned loudly himself from the cries, pants, and pleas Krad was giving out.

Sephiroth turned his head and looked at Krad's portrait. His eyes were closed in pleasure, and his eyebrows drawn in for the same reason. His mouth open, as he cried out Sephiroth's name, and made incoherent moans. Sephiroth wrapped his arm securely around Krad's shoulders, and held the blond as close as possible, as his other hand snaked down between them, and grasped Krad's neglected erection. He stroked the swollen and weeping flesh in time with his thrusts.

Krad gasped as his pleasure doubled. He moaned out Sephiroth's name, as he felt his body tense, almost immediately, and a white fire course through his veins, to explode at the tip of the organ Sephiroth was stroking. He came with a cry of Sephiroth's name.

'Oh…Krad…' Sephiroth panted, as he came when Krad's walls closed around his member. He let go of Krad's softening organ, and held the blond close for a few more moments, waiting for their highs to come down.

Sephiroth gently settled Krad's head onto the pillows, and kissed the gold eyed beauty with passion and hidden possessiveness. 'You're mine, Krad. You're now my lover, not my slave. I don't want you to believe otherwise, as well,' Sephiroth whispered tenderly in Krad's ear, when he broke the kiss. 'What are you, Krad?'

Sephiroth had failed to notice that he had lost Krad to the land of dreams half way through the kiss. Sephiroth smiled and laid beside Krad, pulling the pale and lithe body of his lover into his arms. He turned the bedside lamp off, and pulled the covers over their bodies, and kissed Krad affectionately on the forehead, before he fell asleep as well.

End Flashback

Sephiroth looked up when Krad came out of the bathroom, still towel drying his long mop, and dressed in a robe. He stood from the bed, and walked over to his lover. He lent down and brushed his lips across Krad's. He walked into the bathroom and got a comb. He walked back out, and over to Krad, who was standing before the large window, gazing blankly out over the front yard. Sephiroth wrapped an arm around Krad's slim waist, and gently nuzzled the pale neck.

'Anything interesting out there?' he whispered gingerly into Krad's ear, feeling the blond shudder with delight.

Krad smiled slightly and shook his head. 'I was just remembering the first time I saw you out there. You looked like a cheetah moving in for the kill.' Krad turned his face towards the shoulder Sephiroth had his chin resting on. 'Comb my hair for me?'

Sephiroth pecked Krad on the lips. 'Sure. Did you want me to plait it as well?' Sephiroth led the blond over to the bed. He watched as Krad sat on the edge, and Sephiroth knelt behind him. 'You always make it difficult, or have you forgotten how long your hair is?'

Krad bit his lip and a light red tint came over his pale cheeks, as he stood. 'Yes, I keep forgetting about its length. I have thought about having it cut to shoulder length.'

Sephiroth ran the comb through the long strands, and gently tugged on them. 'You wouldn't dare. Your hair adds to your cuteness.' Sephiroth knew it was innocent looks Krad gives him that made him hard. It was the hair that warmed Sephiroth's normally cold heart.

Krad nodded slightly, not wanting to make combing his hair any more difficult than it already was. He felt the comb's teeth run down his back, and gently work out the knots. He could imagine Sephiroth's face. Lips pursed together, and eyebrows drawn in, as he concentrated. He smiled at the tepid image of Sephiroth combing his hair. He felt the comb glide through easily, then fingers parting his hair into sections. He was amazed at how quickly Sephiroth plaited his hair.

Sephiroth tied the end off, and ran the tips through his fingers. He sat on the bed with his legs spread, and pulled Krad down to sit between them. 'Have I ever told you how beautiful you are, Krad?'

Krad had heard that compliment before, but hearing it from Sephiroth's sinfully delightful lips, made him blush lightly. 'Hm-hm,' he giggled. 'No. Unless you count this time.' He knew he was teasing, and laughed when Sephiroth licked up the side of his neck and behind his ear.

Sephiroth undid the sash of the robe, and pushed the folds of thick material away. 'Its not very nice to tease, Krad. Teasing is what mean people do.' Sephiroth breathed hot air onto Krad's ear, and watched as he shivered. His fingertips stroked the inside of Krad's right thigh.

Krad gasped as the rough, yet soft, fingertips stroked the sensitive skin of his inner thigh. 'B-but you're teasing right now!' he accused, knowing he sounds like a three-year-old that wasn't getting his way.

Sephiroth chuckled, and nipped the shell of Krad's ear. 'You're so adorable when you accuse me.' The fine hairs on the nape of Sephiroth's neck stood on end. He tensed and moved back on the bed, and stood.

'Sephiroth?' Krad also stood and followed Sephiroth's eyes to the bedroom door. 'What's going on?'

Sephiroth picked up Masamune, and walked to the bedroom. He opened it slowly and peeked outside. He glanced over his shoulder at Krad. 'Stay here, and I mean it, Krad. No matter what you hear out there, stay in the room.' With that, Sephiroth slipped out the door, and closed it securely behind himself.

When outside the room, Sephiroth listened out. It was too quiet. Cloud and Yuffie were usually bantering around this time, while Aeris, Tifa, and Vincent were playing "Trivial Pursuit". He heard a muffle cry come from the living room. He hopped over the banister, and landed soundlessly on the first floor. His eyes scanned the area, as he moved like a ghost though the house, until he reached the living room. His eyes widened a fraction as he saw someone with the same blond hair as Krad, but with pale blue eyes talking to Aeris, as they stood in front of a bounded Cloud, Vincent, and Yuffie. Even Nanaki had been bounded, gagged, and put in a cage.

When did Nanaki get back home? Sephiroth shook his head. He could ask that stupid question later. His eyes locked with Cloud's who quickly looked away, not wanting to give away Sephiroth's position. Sephiroth tensed more when he saw the Krad-wannabe, hold Vincent's gun to Yuffie's head, and pull the trigger.

The gunshot echoed through Sephiroth's mind, as Yuffie's body fell limp. He gripped the handle of Masamune, until his knuckles turned white. Yuffie may not have liked the idea him and Krad being together, but she was a great friend. And that asswipe that just shot her, was going to suffer a very painful death.

Sephiroth's eyes dropped two to three shades of green, until they were almost white. He smiled and crept into the room.

Cloud glanced around, almost as if he were praying to the gods. 'Where is Krad?' the man asked, holding the barrel of the gun to Cloud's head.

Cloud rolled his eyes. How do you expect me to answer while I'm gagged? Cloud could never understand how the bad guys never thought that far ahead. He raised an eyebrow, and let them read his eyes.

The man got the message and pulled the gag away from Cloud's mouth. 'Where's Krad?' the man repeated, cocking the gun.

Cloud smirked. 'He's at Disneyland.' He beamed like a fool, and laughed as the man's scowl deepened.

'Well, its your fault.' He got ready to pull the trigger, only to have his hand cut off at the wrist, in one fluid motion. The man cursed in pain and looked around the room. 'Who the fuck…?'

Aeris gasped. There's only one blade in this house that can do that. Masamune. Her green eyes scanned the room as well. 'That would be Sephiroth.'

The man's pale eyes opened wider. 'You're fucking shittin' me! You mean "The Smiling Assassin" Sephiroth?' He growled when Aeris nodded. 'You fucking stupid bitch! You led me into a house that has an assassin in it! You really should be blond.'

'Hey, I resent that, you pompous, long-winded twit!' Cloud said defiantly. 'Besides, its not really as if you can talk. Unless you have forgotten that you happen to be blond as well.'

The man turned and glared at Cloud. 'Shut your trap, before I do something you will regret,' he threatened.

'What? Bleed all over the floor? Well, you've pretty much taken care of that.' Cloud's hands twisted in the binds, grateful they were behind his back.

With his hand, the man brought Cloud's face down onto his knee, splitting the spike haired blond's lip. 'I can do anything!'

Cloud smirked, and wiped the blood off his lip with his shoulder. 'Oh, yeah? Clap.'

Sephiroth left his hiding place, in the far left corner, up against the ceiling. He stuck the end of Masamune into the floorboards, and used it to elevate his body. His toes connected with the man's cheek, with a sickening crack. He watched as the man went, head first, into a wall. He then turned Masamune onto Aeris, who had failed to do anything but stand as stiff as a statue.

Sephiroth's handsome face turned into an ugly snarl. He wrapped his hand around Aeris's throat, and used Masamune to cut Cloud's binds. 'Untie the rest, and tie that bastard over there up.' Sephiroth motioned with his head to the man, who still lay unconscious under the window. He turned his attention back to Aeris. 'Now, I am going to hurt you badly.'

Aeris gasped as Sephiroth's hand tightened around her throat. 'You don't know what you're destroying, Sephiroth. We can make a fortune from your little slave's blood.'

Sephiroth's hand relaxed slightly, but not enough for Aeris to get free. 'What are you talking about?'

'My blood is different from other people's,' Krad said, as he stepped assiduously into the living room, dressed in a white shirt and cotton pants. 'I know you told me to stay in the room, but I heard my father's voice and got worried.'

Sephiroth's brow furrowed in perplexity. 'He's meant to be your father? He doesn't look more than two years older than you.' Sephiroth shook his head and tightened his grip on Aeris's throat again. 'What's so special about your blood anyway?'

Aeris smirked, and suddenly she looked very unattractive. 'If you inject, even the smallest amount, of his blood into yours, it gives you eternal life. You never age. In fact, is makes you look younger. Hojo has offered a large sum of money to run a few tests on him.'

'Yeah, over our dead bodies,' Tifa said, as she stood beside Krad. She had just come back home from work at the local bar. 'Its funny, Aeris. I would have thought Yuffie would be the one to team with Eryk, not you. I never thought you would be the one to give in to greed.'

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up there, Tifa,' Cloud said, as he stood, after binding the man's legs. 'You know this wind-bag?'

Tifa smirked and nodded. 'He was a regular down at the bar. He came in and asked me if I had seen a long haired blond, with gold eyes. I've known about his plan for the last two weeks. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that.' Tifa looked a little sheepish, before she cleared her throat, and looked serious again. 'When Eryk gets really drunk, he's quite the chatterbox. He never told me who was in on his little plan, but I did know about it. Every time I tried to tell you –' Her gaze settled on Sephiroth. '– I could never find you, and when I could, you were always busy with, ahem, things.'

Sephiroth made an understanding face and looked at Krad, who was looking down at feet. He dropped Aeris, and walked over to his lover. He wrapped his arms around Krad's waist and looked into his gold eyes. 'So know I little more about you, and why you never spoke about your family.' Sephiroth smiled warmly.

Nanaki trotted over to Sephiroth and sat beside his leg. 'I didn't know you had a pet dog! Hey, little guy.' Krad held his hand out to Nanaki.

'Well, by all accounts, I'm part of the K-9 species, but I'm not a dog,' Nanaki replied, as he let Krad pet him.

Krad smiled and got down on his knees, just as a bullet shot through Sephiroth's heart. Krad lost his smile as he watched Sephiroth turned around and push, not even a quarter, of the blade of his long sword into the back Aeris's neck, twist it and pull it back. Krad watched silently as Sephiroth fell to his knees.

Sephiroth looked up at Krad, and swallowed hard. They were both on their knees, the other directly in front. Sephiroth dropped Masamune, and reached out to touch Krad's cheek, who moved closer, and closed his eyes slightly as Sephiroth's fingers brushed a tear away, and run over his hair.

Sephiroth rested his forehead against Krad, and gently pecked Krad on the lips. 'You're not going to die, Sephiroth! Just lay down, and let me take care of the rest.' Krad watched as Cloud and Vincent eased Sephiroth onto his back. He looked up at Tifa. He took his shirt off and handed it Tifa. 'Apply as much pressure as possible to both wounds. Make sure he stays conscious.'

Tifa did as she was asked, and tried to lift Sephiroth with as little pain as possible. She placed Krad's shirt on the wound on Sephiroth's back, and looked at Cloud, who took of his black tee shirt, and handed it the female. She pressed hard with both hands, and looked into Sephiroth's lidded eyes.

Sephiroth licked his dry, and slightly cracked lips. 'Wh-where's Krad?' His voice was barely above a whisper.

Tifa sniffed, as tears fell from here dark eyes. 'He'll be back soon, ok? Try not to talk too much. Save your strength.' She lent forward and kissed his forehead.

Sephiroth coughed up blood. Vincent removed his cape and wiped it away. 'I know I-I'm not go-going to ma-make it. Te-tell him I lo-love him.' Sephiroth's eyes fluttered shut, as his breathing slowed, and stopped all together.

'Sephiroth? Sephiroth?' Tifa fell onto the silver haired man's chest and cried into it, still calling the man's name.

Vincent wrapped an arm around Cloud, as tears fell from both of their eyes. 'Sephiroth…' Cloud whispered, before he broke down completely, and gently ran his fingers over the assassin's cheek. 'You cant die! You cant leave us!' Cloud looked up as Krad knelt beside Sephiroth's dead body, and his tears came harder.

Vincent lowered his head, and hugged Cloud tightly. He swallowed hard. He couldn't remember the last time he cried, but he hoped he never had to do it again. He looked at Krad. 'He – he asked us to tell you –'

'He can tell me himself. He hasn't been dead for long, has he?' Krad breathed a sigh of relief as Vincent shook his head. He rolled the syringe around in his hands, warming it up.

Krad injected the red fluid into Sephiroth's left elbow, and gently moved Tifa back. He removed both shirts, and looked away in disgust at the wound on his lover's chest. Half of the silver haired man's chest was missing. He took a deep, shaky breath and got atop the lukewarm body, after removing his and Sephiroth's pants.

Krad softly sung a lullaby, as he waited. He began to worry after seven minutes, and liquid filled his own eyes. Please! Please! You have to live. You cant leave the ones you love and who love you alone in the dark! Five minutes later, just as Krad was beginning to give up on all hope, a soft heartbeat made its way to long haired blond's ears. He listened to make sure it wasn't his own.

Gradually, the faint heartbeat became more steady, until it was beating normally. Krad knelt with Sephiroth's body between his legs, and tilted the assassin's head back, pinched his nose and breathed into the open mouth. He counted slowly to two, and breathed in again. He continued this until Sephiroth finally gasped, and was breathing on his own.

Krad sat back, and watched as Sephiroth's chest healed itself. He wrinkled his nose and looked away as the sound of bone regenerating made him feel sick. He smiled faintly as Sephiroth sat up straight, breathing heavily. He looked around the astonished faces of the people he knew. He smiled at them, until his glowing jade eyes settled on the blond, who was kneeling, naked, on his legs. His eyes softened and his smile warmed.

Sephiroth gently ran his fingertips over Krad's cheek. 'Krad, I –'

Krad placed a finger on Sephiroth's lips to hush the silver haired man. 'Shh, it's alright. We're here for you.' Krad ran his fingers through Sephiroth's long, silver strands, and smiled warmly.

Tifa stood and left the living room. She returned three minutes later, and handed both men a robe. 'Just thought you might want to save us the nightmares.' Even though she was joking, her voice was still choked up.

Krad and Sephiroth stood and pulled their robes on. Sephiroth looked at Cloud and Vincent. He pulled the two into a hug. 'Thank you,' he whispered to them.

Cloud and Vincent glanced at each other. 'What for?' they asked in unison.

Sephiroth smiled and shook his head. He hugged Tifa and whispered the same thing, only to get the identical question. His smile turned to a smirk. 'You'll understand soon enough.'

Their moment was ruined by a groaning sound from the window. 'Eryk,' everyone said together. Sephiroth turned to Krad, and wrapped an around the blond's shoulders. 'What would you like done with him?'

Krad through it over. 'I want him to suffer a painful death. How about we castrate him?' Krad watched as the three other men winced and covered their groins with their hands. He noticed that even Nanaki flinched. 'Fine, I'll do it myself. Bunch of sissies.' Krad walked over to his father, and picked the taller blond up by his throat and took him out into the backyard, and further into the forest.

Sephiroth had watched, amazed at the strength Krad possessed, before he turned to Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent. He opened his mouth, but didn't get to say anything as an ear-piercing scream of pain shot through the house, and most likely, the town as well. Nanaki walked over to the group and sat beside Tifa's leg.

'Well, I think he gave his father only a slight taste of the pain Krad had to deal with his entire life.' He licked his paw.

Cloud raised an eyebrow and looked down at the wolf. 'How would you know about what Krad's been through?' Cloud thought it over, and sighed. 'On second thought, don't answer that. I guess you will just to continue to amaze me with your intellect.'

Vincent smiled and wrapped an arm around Cloud's shoulders, shaking his head and smiling. 'Cloud, there are just some things a blond will never understand. Like how the world works, why the sky is blue, how to use a microwave-oven.'

'That's untrue! I can use a microwave-oven!' Krad declared from the doorway. He smiled shyly and looked at everyone through his eyelashes.

Sephiroth smiled and walked over to his lover. He wrapped his hands around Krad's throat in mock strangulation. 'Then perhaps you should make us dinner tomorrow night?' While one thumb stroked Krad's throat, Sephiroth used his other hand to tilt Krad's head up and plant a soft kiss on his lips.

Krad smiled after the kiss was broken. He wasn't sure how long they spent, just staring into each other's eyes, but they were brought out of it by a flash, as Tifa snapped a picture. 'That one will look great in the album!' she declared, and smiled. She motioned for Cloud and Vincent to follow her, and the three left the living room.

Sephiroth looked down into Krad's eyes, and brushed his fringe away. 'Krad…' Sephiroth took a deep breath, and closed his eyes briefly, before opening them and letting them burn into Krad's. '…I love you.'

Krad's grin almost split his face in two, before it settled down to a warm smile. 'I love you too.' They shared a tender kiss.

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