Title: Little Shop of Happy Endings?

Author: Allaine

Email: Harley and Ivy belong to DC Comics, yada yada

Spoilers: Well, if you didn't know the end of Little Shop of Horrors before, you will now.

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Rating: G

Summary: It's Movie Night in one AU-household, and Poison Ivy is closely monitoring what her daughter watches. Silly humor fic.

Ivy suddenly picked up the remote control and pointed it at the TV. The movie stopped, leaving infomercials in its place.

"Why did you do that, Mommy?" the little girl, no older than eight or nine, asked next to her, sounding aggrieved.

"Because, that's the end of the movie," Ivy said brightly. "I mean, if you had a ceiling pulled down on top of you, what do YOU think would happen?"

"Die, I guess. Unless I was the Bat," the girl said.

"Yes, unless you were the Bat," Ivy muttered. "Anyway," she went on, "Seymour dies, Audrey II and the other plants take over the world, happy ending, the end. I just shut it off before the end credits. So, what was your favorite part?"

"Ummm," the girl mumbled, scrunching up her face. "The part where the plant ate the bad boyfriend."

"That's my girl," Ivy said proudly. "That's my favorite part too. That brings back memories, I tell you."

"Ivy, not to interrupt Movie Night, but it's time for Amber to go to bed," Harley said from the doorway.

Ivy frowned. Harley and she had had a very simple arrangement. Since Harley got to carry the baby (for obvious reasons), Ivy got to name it. But Harley insisted on calling Ambrosia "Amber", and Ivy dimly suspected that some day, the only person who referred to her daughter properly would be her.

"It DOES come from tree sap," Harley had pointed out once.

Ivy had not been persuaded.

"All right, honey, time for bed," Ivy said.

Ambrosia would have fought to stay awake with anyone else, including her other mommy - and only Harley would have a real chance of winning - but she'd learned long ago that Ivy was unbreakable. "Okay. G'night, Mommy."

"Good night, sweetie," Ivy told her, kissing her on the forehead.

When Ambrosia left to wash up, Harley looked at Ivy and shook her head. "Somehow I doubt that was her favorite scene, Red. She just knows what you want to hear."

Ivy shrugged. "She's a smart girl."

"And you stopped the movie before the ending?"

"I want her to be proud of her heritage," Ivy said defensively.

"You do realize that in twenty years, when she sees the REAL ending, it's going to be Phoebe and Old Yeller all over again."

"You did NOT just compare our daughter to the flaky one from Friends!"

The End.