The Trials of Love Season Two: The Marriage
By: Fumi

Chapter 3: the Building of the Homes…

We join our characters just as Lykouleon lands the helicopter crying out "We're here!!!"

"Kind of obvious, isn't it?" Ringleys asked with a degrading tone. I can't believe that this guy is the commander of Rune. No wonder he has to meditate so much…

"Ringleys don't be rude or I'll disqualify you!" Cesia snapped back. Really! Using that kind of tone. I know Lykouleon's an idiot but he's still the Dragon Lord!

"Yeah right, you can't do that to me."

"I wouldn't fight her on that," Rath added. She's really scary when she's angry. He shuddered.

Thatz wandered off and Rath coughed. "Anyways… Welcome to my private island!!!"

"What's it called?" Kitchel asked.

What's it called? Um… er… Does it even have a name? "Well, um, I'm not sure…"

Cesia sighed. My husband the genius… She resisted the urge to roll her eyes and forced a smile on her face. "It's okay Rath, you can figure it out later. Tetheus the first challenge please?" It's so hard to be a good wife…

The Black Dragon Officer looked at the contestants deadpanned. "The first challenge is to build a suitable shelter."

Ringleys and Kitchel walked off to build their shelters while Rath, Cesia and Lykouleon went to Rath's castle thingie.

Thatz, using his kick-butt sense of direction that I assume he has, soon found his way back to the helicopter pad/clearing. "Hey, where'd everybody go?" After having a quick look around and seeing no one around Thatz got bored. Ugh… I'm hungry… or am I bored? Whatever, it's the same thing sometimes… Thatz stood up. "I'm not suffering alone!" he summoned his sword from another dimension and whispered "Hey Earth, buddy 'ole pal, wanna give me a hand?"

A small Earth dragon dug it's way out of the ground and held up a sign "Sure, why not? It's boring not being summoned anyway…"

"Great! Let's go find some food! Then I won't be hungry or bored!"

Shrouded in a conveniently located shadow Ringleys chortled. "So he's trying to find food eh? Well, I'll just conveniently 'forget' to tell him what our instructions are." I'm so brilliant I could deserve an evil laugh! Who am I kidding? Of course I deserve one! "Muwahahahaha!"

Kitchel had wandered into the forest and after coming to a somewhat lit area sat down on some moss and started ruffling through her suitcase. Let's see… Rune's diary, oops, I forgot to put that back… Um, How to Train Boys Using Dog Commands, Haha! If I had read that then I wouldn't be in this issue. Aha! How to Survive on a Deserted Island! The thief flipped through the book. "Chapter 1: How to build a suitable shelter on a deserted island… Step 1: find lots of big pieces of wood." Kitchel snapped the book shut, "Okay, now to find some wood, there better be some lumber lying around, I so don't want to have to chop a stupid tree down."

Thatz wandered around the edge of the clearing so quickly that he tripped over Earth's tail. He winced. "Ite! Now where do you find food?" he asked scratching his head.

How stupid is he? Ringleys jumped off of a tree branch to fly in front of the Earth Knight. "Hey Thatz!"

"Oh, how ya' doin' Ringleys?"

"It's good, it's good! The thing is I can't seem to find any coconut holes…" There's no way he'd miss out on some bait like this! I'm so brilliantly evil!

"Coconut holes?" What's a coconut hole? I thought coconuts were fruit…"

"Yeah! Everyone knows that coconuts are roots… You did know that after all right?" Haha! Hook, line, and sinker!

"Hunh?" What? Everyone already thinks that I'm an idiot as it is I can't pretend that I don't know something like coconuts are roots! "Oh yeah! Of course I knew that! Hey Earth!"

Earth who hadn't been paying any attention up to this point quickly replied with a "Yeah Master?"

"Dig me a hole and find me a coconut hole!" I'm hungry and coconuts are the perfect food for this environment!

Earth sweatdropped. "But Master, don't coconuts…"

The cards cut off their descent from the dimension of unlimited placards as Thatz interrupted the dragon's sentence with "Are you calling me dumb?"

"Well…" Something tells me that I really don't want to answer this question…

Thatz quickly glared at the poor unfortunate dragon. Sheesh! I don't get any respect!

Earth sighed. I was right… "I'll get right to it Master!" he added a clawed salute for either emphasis before leaping into the ground to drill holes for coconut roots.

Ringleys flew away from the oblivious Dragon and Knight muttering "That'll get him off my back for awhile…" he rubbed his hands together and let loose a reel of laughter. "Muwahahaha!!!"

"Did you hear something Master?" Earth asked popping his head up from the ground.

"It was probably Cesia, she's been laughing a lot lately…" I really hope that marrying Rath hasn't made her insane… "Just get back to digging!"

I do hope that Thatz wins this stupid contest. Miss Kitchel would do wonders in keeping my master's idiocy in check… "Hai, hai."

Three hours flew by. Kitchel wiped some sweat off of her brow and sighed. Damn! Building a shelter sure isn't as easy as it looks. "I guess I'm sleeping on the dirt tonight, ugh I'm not about to get any beauty sleep."

Ringleys slyly suggested, "You can share my shelter…" And we can keep each other warm all night…

"Err… that's really sweet…" the female thief began. The water light grinned at her. "But your shelter is my old backpack hammered into the ground."

Ringleys looked on blankly. "So? What's the big deal?"

"Do you really think I can fit in my backpack?" Seriously, does he think at all? Even if he wins this silly contest it's not like a relationship would really work anyways. He's way way too tiny. "Anyways, I'm going to check on Thatz and if he through some miracle has a suitable shelter, I'll steal it. I am a thief after all!" She winked at Ringleys and walked away.

Kitchel is so pretty! And she winked at me. I know it's true love…

Thatz stuck a conveniently found shovel into the ground and leaned on it. "I still haven't found any coconuts, odd."

Earth sighed. "That's because…" he trailed off as his card was snatched from his claw.

Tearing up the paper the knight yelled "Did anyone ask your opinion?!?" God it's so hard to find good help these days D:

Earth sighed again. If for every sigh I have one more day of bad luck I will never be lucky again at this rate… "No Master," he rolled his eyes.

Due to his poor attention span Thatz quickly forgot the argument and after staring at the sun murmured: "It's getting pretty late; I guess I'll sleep in my hole tonight…" He trailed off looking into said cavern.

Suddenly popping up next to the former thief the current thief Kitchel peered into the same chasm and with awe said, "My, that's a deep hole…" That's so cool, but what's the point? Is there buried treasure or something? Ooooh!!! Buried treasure! I hope it's buried treasure! "What's it for?"

"Who's there?!??" Thatz asked startled by the voice. Are the coconuts talking to me? He looked to his side and disappointedly answered, "Oh hi Kitchel." No coconuts… Aw man, I guess I don't get dinner tonight… No dinner?! That's a tragedy! Resisting the urge to stream tears he focused on Kitchel's question. "The hole was to look for coconuts, but for some odd reason I couldn't' find any."

She sweatdropped. Where in the world does he get these ideas? I mean, coconuts come from trees right? That would make them a… fruit? Oh whatever who cares. The important thing is that I can't steal something like a hole so I guess I have to schmooze with him to get to sleep tonight. "Um, Thatzy… Is there enough space in the hole for me to sleep in there too?" Kitchel asked in the sweetest voice she could muster.

He winced. Thatzy? Naw, couldn't be, must've been hearing things. "There's enough space for Earth in his big form to sleep in here!" he proudly replied. "I checked! It's one mile long underground and has a height of 8 feet. It's reinforced with well, nothing, but Earth says it's sturdy so I'm good."

Kitchel whistled, "That's a mighty fine hole."

The knight shrugged. "It's alright, but I didn't find any coconuts."

"That's because…" Forget it; he won't get it even if I spell it out for him through diagrams. "Never mind. Can I sleep in that hole?"

"Erm, okay I guess…"

Static sounded from a nearby speaker. Tetheus's voice rang out "Everyone come to the beach!"

Once at the beach, how they knew which one to go to I'll never know, Ringleys asked, "What is it?"

The Black Dragon Officer deadpanned, "It's time to see who won the shelter game." I hate my job, why can't I go wander around killing random demons keeping the land safe? This is so mundane.

Thatz scratched his head, "What shelter game?"

"It matters not; you won."

"What'd I win? Gold?!?" Please tell me gold! That'd be so awesome and then I could use that to buy myself stuff and then I'd have um… lots of stuff!

"No, you win…" Tetheus pulled a paper from inside his blazer and read aloud, "A gourmet dinner." This game defies logic and knowing the short attention span of everyone in the Dragon Castle then there is no doubt in my mind that the game will somehow be shortened.

Thatz initially pouted at the word 'no' but when Tetheus finished, he grinned. "Even better!" Grabbing Kitchel's hand he yelled, "Kitchel! Let's eat!" Food, food, glorious food…

Ringleys floated up to the Black Dragon Officer's shoulder. "Let me guess, Thatz is getting along best with Kitchel." This royally sucks! My plan to destroy Thatz is totally failing!

"Apparently…" combined with a sweatdrop was the awkward reply.

Well, um yeah... this took me forever. Over one year u.u My apologies dear loyal readers. So this chapter's layout is a little different. I wrote it without putting in those bar thingies for scene changes and I didn't want to add them in because some sections are really short. If people prefer those sorts of things I can always add them in... My same excuse as last time it's kind of boring re-writing a story and I don't think I'm very funny anymore. I actually finished the chapter yesterday and I wanted to get this up ASAP.

For those confused by chapter two's author note I originally wrote this story in script format and it was taken off for not following guidelines. I decided to re-write the story because by chapter five or six I really wanted to write the story in paragraph format and only kept it in script format for consistency. Unfortunately since the first few chapters were written to be in script format with no intentions of making them paragraphs I had a hard time wrapping my mind around redoing the story. I hope this chapter doesn't disappoint and I'll try to either update my others stories or this one in a more timely manner.