Navigating Love

(a shout out to mvdiva for helping find a semi-decent title)

Sequel of Problems of a Love Cook.

And my second One Piece, Sanji/Nami fic!

I decided to continue this fic for many reasons... mostly because I've been translating the fifty pounds of Sanami doujinshi I brought back from Japan. My partners in crime can vouch that I cleaned out five different "Lonely Little Girl" doujinshi shops of their precious Sanji/Nami books. I battled my way past the boy on boy action shelves, around the short fangirls, through the dirty books just so I was able to get my paws on the best of the best Sanji/Nami! Now I am working on translating them, so I can share them with my friends who don't dekiru the nihongo Might put a few on the internet… depends on how confident my Japanese skills are after being home for three months now…

I took a break from that and began to run with a better conclusion to my last OP story. So sit back, relax, be warned there is fluff (and what's wrong with that?) and always the insanity that is the One Piece crew. Implied action throughout this story- no real scenes that merit a graphic rating. If you disagree, let me know. Also slight spoilers- If you do not know who Chopper, Vivi and Robin are, might want to download some eps or wait for the crap they call One Piece on American TV… (THEY MURDERED SANJI'S SHEXY VOICE!)

Just a little FYI- I do not own One Piece, I would really like to, but I don't... I did however get to glomp a life sized statue of Sanji and Zoro on a recreation of the Going Merry in the Odaiba Harbor! Faingirl Moment!

Things were never again the same. Since the day the heart-eyed cook and quick handed navigator returned to the Going Merry, the crew returned to their voyage. However, the experiences they shared going to and at Niku Island changed the small crew.

As the members fluctuated in numbers, the family of misfit and reluctant tag along pirates grew closer. The crew concentrated on many goals and after many close calls the team was closer to One Piece then ever.

The crew of swordsman, liar/handyman, cook, navigator/thief, doctor, and rubber man captain had just bid their friend Robin a temporary farewell. The archaeologist drive within her caused her to stay behind on some remote island community where she had made an interesting discovery. Well it was Luffy's discovery really, falling face first into an ancient pirate burial ground after trying to get food off a strange looking tree. However, Robin felt she needed to stay and promised to catch up later in their voyage.

To some it was a sad parting, the crew lost a great asset not only in fighting ability, but brains category. However to one cook it meant he could once again sneak into the girls room at night without having to make sure Robin was on duty in the crows nest, or steal kisses by the shadow of the moon on deck when he or the lovely navigator were on watch.

The relationship that finally bloomed due to the baby situation a few years back had never been stronger. On the outside things stayed the same, mostly. Sanji was still heart eyed for pretty girls, however now he hardly did anything other than notice others anymore. He would be the perfect gentleman for the damsels in distress; however he had heart eyes for only one red haired girl. The cook still fawned over her every need, bringing her drinks, treats, and protecting her from harm… just a little more often now that they were both serious.

Nami also made large steps considering… she would be openly affectionate towards the cook, even when told it creeped out the swordsman on board. There were times that Nami even instigated the tender embraces she grew to enjoy over time. To her, love was no longer a weakness. Getting over her worries, she was convinced Sanji would always be there and that's exactly what she wanted in life. With everything that happened to her, she just wanted to be happy.

Some things had changed drastically on the Going Merry. Before entering the kitchen everyone learned it was a good idea to knock first if the door was shut. Also, just barging into Nami's room anymore was strictly forbidden. Luffy also had been trained to use a little more tact. This was mainly due to Nami's two step program- for every time Luffy would walk in on the couple in a... compromising situation, the devoted meat connoisseur would go without for a meal. The 'No Knock, No Meat' policy had already worked the fear of God into the rubber man, most of the times...

Thankfully Zoro, Chopper and Usopp were a little better. It only took Zoro a few times walking in on an awkward situation to know what he never wanted to see them like that, or even think about it again. Sadly he had found out that he had the worst timing, that or they were horrible about hiding places to be 'alone.'

The first time the swordsman saw something he didn't like had been when he came to relieve the cook of night duty... he made a mental not to never nap in the crows nest EVER again. The latest time, again bad timing on his part, had been as he was about to leave the boat for a day out. The two had shut themselves in the kitchen after the crew docked in a port to re-supply. Luffy, and Usopp had taken Chopper to get the list, Zoro was also set to find his own spot to nap like usual. However, he had forgotten to bring along a nice bottle he had been saving for a peaceful sit in the shade.

Little did he know that the couple in the kitchen felt the urge to christen in the table. The swordsman walked in to the sounds of gasps and moans. All he could bring himself to remember was Nami with her short skirt hiked up sitting on the table, shirt open and Love cook "cooking" away. The swordsman shuddered every time he thought of the scene. One would think that the green haired man would leave the room and walk away, however, there were a few things he needed to do.

"Would you mind doing that where YOU sit?" He asked as he walked past the blushing couple. The two didn't know what to do as the swordsman continued to do his business in the kitchen. Nami pulled Sanji closer, shielding her blushing face in Sanji's exposed chest as the other man got his bottle and turned.

The awkward moment seemed to be drawing out longer than needed, and Sanji wanted to hit the cause of the interruption because he knew the swordsman was enjoying seeing them squirm...

Finally, Zoro decided to leave the couple in peace. He did enjoy teasing them, however there were limits. Besides, the entire crew had been busy for the past few weeks with repairs and other work; the couple did deserve some time together... the more they were together the less he would have to hear Sanji whine about being apart.

Walking out of the room, Zoro noticed the silent ship. He needed to enjoy it while it lasted. The moment Luffy returned there would be no quiet with the two groups on board. Flopping down on the staircase leading down to the main deck, Zoro opened his bottle and took a swig.

It wasn't long until a fully dressed, yet still a little disheveled Nami walked out of the kitchen. Zoro didn't miss the anger in her eyes; it was fair to say that a good majority of that anger was directed at him. That didn't bother the man much….

Sanji came following still trying to button his shirt while calling out after her. When she promptly shut the door that led to her room, both men took it as 'No One Comes In Here.' With that Sanji sat down at the bottom of the steps in defeat. A long sigh escaped his lips.

"Trouble in paradise?"

"What?" The blonde haired cook asked looking back towards the other man sitting on the top of the stairs. "Not if you hadn't ruined it…." The cook mumbled more for himself then Zorro.

"Look here! I eat on THAT table. It is bad enough you keep me up some nights, and have me catch you basically everywhere on the ship. Is there at least one place on this boat you haven't used?" The swordsman said with an irritated tone.

"What are you talking about?"

"The crows nest, the bathroom, the tangerine grove, and now the kitchen… the KITCHEN! We eat in there!"

To that Sanji said nothing. They had started out innocently enough in the kitchen. Nami wanted to help him create a romantic dinner before the rest of the crew returned. The last few days had been hectic- Nami had practically locked herself in her room plotting new information on her maps. Sanji felt a little neglected, but he understood the importance of her work for the crew, their goal and then her own ambitions.

Nami wanted to make it up to him by a nice weekend together. It was good fortune that the crew needed supplies and found a nice looking port away from the eyes of the marines. The past few months with Robin and all that had happened made things all the more hectic. Laying low for a time would help take the pressure off the crew.

Things got a little out of hand as Sanji attempted to show her how to cut the meat the right way. Again, Sanji sighed.

"I wanted to spend a nice evening with her... I guess I get carried away when I haven't gotten to see much of her recently."

"Just don't do it where I could possibly catch you guys... I had a nightmare the other night where the ship was over run by little yous..." The man shuddered.

"Don't worry. We're not ready for that right now. Maybe one day Nami and I will settle down in her home town or something. I'd love to have a few of my own, but Nami is sort of against it for now... and for your information we've been careful." He emphasized the 'careful' part to reassure his crewmate.

"Thank God." Zoro muttered out loud. He tried to convince himself that all the assurance he needed was given. However, this was the Going Merry, they had a track record for doing the impossible...

Standing up he looked over towards the kitchen. "You going to make us something we can eat on deck? 'Cause I really don't want to go in there."

"Grow up."

"The sooner you make us supper, the earlier you and your woman can go out and not come back till you've got this out of your systems for a time. God, I'll even pay for you both, if it is the only way to get some undisturbed sleep around here."

Sanji could only smile as their friend walked off towards the back of the ship and his usual napping place. 'Maybe a night out and a stay at a nice hotel would be the ticket.' He thought to himself as he returned the kitchen.

In no time Sanji had expertly whipped up a large basket of food the group could eat, and even a smaller one for them later. Whistling to himself as he made his way down to the navigator's bedroom, Sanji was all smiles.

"How is my ginger snap doing?" He asked as he entered the room to find Nami asleep at her desk. Shaking his head, he took the pen from her hand and set it on the table. Looking down at the skillfully drawn maps, the cook couldn't help but be proud at his girl's talent.

Hearing his voice, Nami shifted a little to try and find a better angle to sleep. Not finding any, she slowly opened her eyes and was meet by non other than her lover's face smiling back.

"I was wondering if I could take my girl out for dinner and maybe a playful night away?"

"Hm, you'll have to go and find her before you ask her then." Nami smiled.

"But I thought I had found my girl already? Well, how about you come instead?" He smiled at their little game.

"I suppose I could think about it…" She said sitting up and stretching. A content smile flashed on her face as she watched the desire fill Sanji's eyes watching her body.

"I've already made the others two meals. We can stay out all night if we want. Whatever my Nami wants, she will have."

"SANJI" The loud voice of the crew's captain came from the docks as the trio returned to the Going Merry. "SAN-JI where are you? I NEED MEAT!"

"Luffy! NO! Don't go in there without knocking!" The small reindeer screamed looking on in terror as Luffy bounced right up to the kitchen doors.


"It's fine," A half asleep Zoro yawned as he got up from his napping spot. "Thank God they went out for the night. And don't worry, there's some food in there ready for you to eat." He added seeing the comedic look of panic cross the younger man's face. "So try and keep it down, I want a peaceful sleep tonight."

"FOOD!" Luffy squealed and ran into the kitchen. Chopper and Ussop followed after looking at Zoro with questionable glances; soon both were rushing to get their share before the bottomless pit ate it all.

The three stooges of the ship kept things lively for the evening, much to Zoro's dislike. There were moments of silence; Luffy would seemingly disappear at times below deck, only to reappear with a loud outburst. This would in turn frighten the poor doctor and the screaming would continue.

Just as Zoro was about to drift back to sleep a loud crash caught his attention. The sound originated on deck, but the crash sounded like it busted through a door and down stairs. Rolling over Zoro tried to ignore the idiots he called crewmates. Yet, as he waited for the wrestling match to end, he only heard more things break and Usopp screaming at their captain and doctor to stop.

"Damn it all, can't I get a decent nap in at all?" He cursed more under his breath as the noise made him get up and see what was going on.

Looking at the damage done to the door leading down into Nami's room, Zoro felt he needed a stiff drink. If only Nami was here, she would kill these two swiftly and without mercy for this and he could sleep in peace afterwards. He thought to himself.

"Zoro! Oh My GOD!" Usopp screamed nearly pulling the swordsman down the stairs. "They're going to kill each other!"

Sure enough, Zoro wanted to double that drink as he saw the rubber man and full sized muscle bound deer fighting on the floor of Nami's room. Her once organized map shelf and personal items were in disarray.

'To leave them go and have Nami deal with this or to kill them both personally? What sounds like more fun and takes less effort?' He wondered as he watched the two wrestle over a big piece of meat. Both individuals had a part of the ham in their mouths pulling at the meat and hoping to get it away from the other. 'Damn it, Nami will take it out on ALL of us if I leave it…'

Zoro decided to stay on the good side of the red haired navigator and try and stop the insanity that had destroyed her room. Besides, he still owed her money. If she got made at him, she would triple the already high percent interest. 'I hate women.' He muttered as he moved past the worried Usopp. Taking out his best blade, he jumped right in between the fighting pair and cleanly sliced the meat in half.

"So where are we going?" Nami asked as she wrapped her shawl around her shoulders. Sanji told her to dress up for the night's outing. As much as she hated his fancy restaurant choices, at times it made her happy to be treated like something other than a wanted pirate out in public.

Sanji had personally gotten her a silken Chinese style dress for such outings. It was pretty and flattered her figure perfectly. The butterfly design in a gold thread was accented by black ties near her left shoulder and the slits ran far up her leg. Her blonde haired cook seemed to like the dress; to her it was nice, but a bit restricting. She much preferred a nice pair of shorts, or a short skirt and a tank top. But for him, she decided she would humor him from time to time.

Nami smiled as Sanji led her down the streets of the high class establishments, the excitement in his eyes only made her want to smile. Looking away she found other things that also makde her happy… rich, rich people. She was almost tempted to ditch the blonde and fatten her own wallet, but being with the one you loved did change a person. 'And I could have made sooooo much money tonight.' She sighed to herself. 'There will always be times when he's not looking.' Her smile was a wicked one.

"Remember you promised?" His voice was low as he leaned in closer to her neck. Giving her a kiss on her neck to draw her attention away from the fat cats and their overflowing pocket books, Sanji smiled.

"But Sanji… look at them…"

"No, not tonight, please? Can we just forget 'work' for the night? I am not a cook, and you are not a navigator/pilferer."

"Pilferer?" Nami said in a mock hurt tone.

"Yes, my little pilferer." He smiled back seeing that she had relented and would (hopefully) not attempt her usual tricks.

"You make me sound so… mean and dangerous." She said scrunching up her nose cutely. She knew Sanji loved that. She could count on the heart shaped eyes and then getting him to do anything she asked for the next ten to fifteen minutes. True to his track record, Sanji fluttered.

"Sooooo cute…"

She had to laugh. If she didn't love him already, she would have after seeing all his little mannerism around and concerning her. She also enjoyed using all his little weaknesses against him at times.

The couple continued to walk arm in arm to a fancy looking hotel restaurant. The place was washed with lights and candles. The rich décor also spoke volumes to the thief as they entered and registered in the lobby.

"Sanji, isn't this a bit expensive?" She whispered into his ear looking at the gold decorations and wondering if they could fit under her dress, or maybe in Sanji's coat… she'd have to convince him to help her later.

"Don't worry, I've got this. Besides, we've been really busy for a while and I want us to do something outrageous tonight."

"With that price it is outrageous." She said looking at the money he was pulling out of his wallet.

"Madam will find this is the best establishment in this hemisphere. Our rooms are four star qualities, and our chefs are world renowned." The maitre d'hotel assured her in a rather conceded tone. Nami looked at the man with his hair slicked back and uniform perfectly pressed and took a strong dislike to him.

"As it should be for that price. Sanji. Really, we don't have to go here there are better places…"

"Are you saying our establishment is lacking somehow?"

"No, it's not that." Sanji interrupted the two. "Here you are, can we just get our room key then?" He smiled at the man while holding Nami at bay.

"The nerve of some people." Nami fumed as they walked away from the counter and towards this so call spectacular dinning room.

"It's fine Nami, I want to treat you to this. Come on, just give it a try. I've heard rumors about this really being a great place even back in East Blue. And I wanted to do something with you that we won't get the chance to for a while." He smiled pleadingly up at her.

"Fine, but you owe me." She said with a twinkle in her eye. Besides, if she was going to make that jerk of a bellhop pay, she's need to stay there for at least a little time.