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Taking a draw on his cigarette Sanji looked out onto the horizon. He spent this day every year just sitting in silent contemplation for a time... remembering and wondering.

The flowers he had brought with him this year were gently placed between the two grave markers over looking the cliff.

How long had he been on the tiny island of Cocoyashi? He wondered... his life sure had changed. Five years had passed. Five long years. There had been hard times, yet the happy had out weighted the bad. That is why he still kept moving. He couldn't let the past ruin his future... their future. But on that day every year since they buried her here he would come and talk to them both.

"So Bellemere, are you watching over our little girl up there?" He asked the same question as he did every year. Taking another puff of his cigarette he put another in his mouth and light it.

"There you are my lady. Can't have mother-in law go with out a smoke every now and then." He smiled as he put the cigarette in the ground near the big cross.

"And for you, little one, you get your mom's favorite flowers and a what would have been your favorite fruit." Placing a few of the flowers and mikan in the ground next to the smaller cross, Sanji patted the ground lovingly.

"Don't be too much trouble for your grandma, ok? I'm know she had enough problems with your mother as a baby. I've heard stories from your auntie and Grandpa Gen-san about those times."

Sanji smiled at the thought. Nami as a baby. He didn't need to see pictures of what the love of his life looked like as a baby. He had a more physical display sitting right next to him in a small portable bassinet.

Looking over at 'Little Bell' as she was nicknamed, Bellemere the third was slumbering peacefully.

'Its about time.' He sighed. This child was a handful. He knew she took after her mother in many respects, not just looks. He had been trying to get her to sleep for hours so he could go out and have his chat with the angels in the family.

Things sure were peaceful now. The exact opposite of five years ago... then he was on the brink of murdering that man who...

'No, you will not think of him. It's in the past. We've moved on together...' He told himself for the billionth time. 'Then why does it still hurt?' The cook turned husband turned father wondered.

Five years ago...

When he came to he was no longer up in the kitchen. He and Nami had been moved to their bedroom by their crewmates. He cried for sheer relief that Nami was still alive. She had been bleeding so bad, and the cries had been horrible to live through.

Sitting up he looked down at her and noticed her belly was no longer as large as it use to be...

'The baby.' He thought as he looked around the room. Before he could get up Chopper entered to check on Nami.

"Chopper? The baby?"

"Didn't make it... I was able to save Nami... but the baby came out and died shortly afterwards... I don't think it would have survived even if we made it to a hospital."

"I see... and Nami?" He asked looking down at her.

"She's been out for quite a while."

"She saw the baby die then? But she's going to be ok, right?"

"She held the baby as it died... it was a girl. She took it pretty hard, but I think with a lot of rest, she will be fine." The small doctor moved closer to the couple but with a sense of hesitation. Sanji caught on to this and quickly told Chopper how grateful he was.

"You saved Nami for me. I know I loved the baby... but Nami is much more important. Thank you Chopper. I owe you my life."

"I'm just sorry I couldn't do more." He smiled sadly. "Have her drink this when she wakes up, ok? And let us know if you need anything."

"Um, Chopper. There is one thing... the baby... where is she?"

"We wrapped her up in some blankets... she's still in the kitchen."

"Can I have her I... since we're near Cocoyashi island, I want to bury her there, ok?"

"Sure. I'll bring her down. You can use the medical freezer to keep her until we get there."


Nami was still in a state of shock when they reached her home island. Many people had come to greet the expecting couple. Nami had sent a letter home telling of the baby and that she wanted to have it while at home... she wished she hadn't done that.

Gen-san and Nojiko did what they could to get the villagers to leave them alone. But many had come to see the hero of the island as she returned for the first time since they were freed.

Sanji protectively put his arms around her shoulders as they walked together down the boards onto dry land. Nami clutched their baby's body in her arms, being as gentle as she would had it been alive.

The tears streamed down her face, Sanji didn't need to see it to know the anguish she was feeling.

He had gone out ahead to tell Nami's sister that something terrible happened and that they would talk once they got to the house. The sadness on his face told her that it needed to be a private matter. She got most of the villagers to return home with the promise they would have a huge party soon and they would be able to thank Nami and her friends again later.

The crew of the Going Merry created a protective circle formation around the grieving couple without even realizing it. They walked quickly and silently towards Nami's childhood home.

Even if the crew wouldn't say it things were definitely feeling different around the boat the past four days it took to get to the island. Everyone had been depressed... Nami never left her bed. Sanji's meal weren't as delicious as the usual either... but no one complained. They didn't have the heart to do that to the chef.

They had all stood silently as Sanji dug a hole next to Belemere's grave. Nojiko didn't object to their request and Gen-san quickly fashioned a similar marker to the one that stood there already.

Nami had been reluctant to give up the bundle she was holding, but after seeing the tears in Sanji's eyes, she gave him the baby. Gently he set it in the grave and kissed the wrapped baby on the dead.

"We never got to really know you... am sorry for that. Know your mother and I love you." He stopped when Nami knelt down next to him and took his hand.

"And we'll always remember you... my little Belemere... you be good for your grandma, ok?" Nami spoke for the first time in a while. "I love you so much... God this is all my fault... I'm so sorry." She wept as Sanji pulled her close trying to shield her from the pain.

Giving a nod to the swordsman and Gen-san, the two began to fill in the gave.

For two days Nami still would hardly talk, and Sanji had to force her to even eat a little. The crew had decided to take a small break on the island. After a weeks time they would leave, with or without the couple. Sanji had asked Luffy to do that much. He wouldn't feel right making them all wait for Nami and him to grieve. They needed to continue on.

"Nami, my love you can't beat yourself up all the time." Sanji said the night before the crew was to leave without them. "It wasn't your fault... and you can't keep acting like this. You need to move on!" Sanji said reaching the point of utter frustration and exhaustion. He was losing her. He could see it in her eyes... the blank and lost look. If she didn't pull through it soon, he would be burring another loved one in a few months.

"I can't loose you too over this. Your dreams, our dreams... us... are you willing to throw it away? It's been over a week since she died. Are you going to let yourself die too? Is that it?"

"It hurts Sanji!" She screamed at him throwing the bowl he was trying to feed her on the floor. "You don't understand!"

"I don't?" Sanji said trying to not be mad at her. "She was my baby too! And I lost her, but I am not going to give up on my life. And I am not going to sit by as you give up on yours! You're killing me Nami... I know it hurts... but watching you starve yourself, not talk, not live... I can't take it much more." Sanji said letting the tears fall. "I'm losing you too. I can't...I just can't..."

It was then that Nami woke up. Sure she hurt... she would still need to heal... but she was killing him. She was hurting and in return she was hurting someone she loved more than anything in this world. Sanji wasn't asking her to forget their baby's death... he was only asking her to not let it kill her too.

The words of her mother echoed in her head "live on."

"I'm so sorry!" She sobbed as she threw her arms around him. "Sanji..."

"Nami, there is nothing for you to be sorry about... and I know that this is really soon to think about, but we can still join our family on the Going Merry tomorrow."


"Think about it tonight. Whatever you decide, I'll follow." Sanji said kissing her head. "Now, you should get some sleep."

The couple had curled up together and finally got a good nights sleep for the first time in weeks.

The next morning came and a decision was made.

The crew was going after One Piece, and as a family. Navigator and cook had decided to continue on with life- but in no way did they forget their lost child.

"And we found One Piece right where that map said it would be." Sanji smiled thinking about the vast amount of treasure and priceless items left behind by Luffy's relative. Yes, it was a weird twist of fate. Monkey D Luffy was a relative of the famous Pirate King... Sanji had always wondered why the two always looked so similar... had the same goals... 'I guess it ran in his blood.' Sanji sighed.

He remembered the crew's confusion when Robin came across the proof and put two and two together. Luffy didn't seem to understand it either... they were all shocked that one of their goals was now achieved...

Their fame rose and soon more battles to remain on top began. For about two years they sailed and sailed. Nami continued with her map and Sanji continued to wait on her left and right.

Since they were back in the area they even stopped in to see Sanji's old restaurant and old cook Zeff. The old man was still as spirited as ever. Out of the blue, Sanji and Nami decided to get married there. They were official now. The cooks all threw a huge party and nothing but the bed foods and wines were served. It was a party like no other.

"I was so scared your mother would leave me at the altar... I knew she loved me... but well, it is your mother. I still have trouble knowing what is going on in that head of hers sometimes..." Sanji said putting his finished cigarette out.

Shortly after that the crew was surprised with a storm that blew them off their course towards the Grand Line. It was a good thing that it did because when they woke up Sanji was fluttering with happiness.

"What's the matter with pansy?" Zoro asked as Nami came up from their bedroom. "Please tell me it's not... you're not..."

"I'm not... and I don't know what's going on either." Nami said in a grumpy voice. Not two seconds into her day and Zoro had already managed to piss her off. 'Typical Day.' She thought.

"NAMI!" Sanji cried as he ran to her. "Look!" He said pulling her to where he was catching fish off the side of the ship.

"Sanji... they are... you mean this is?"

"ALL BLUE!" He said picking her up and spinning her around. Nami couldn't help but giggle at his excitement. He had found his dream. It was real.

"All the fish are different." Luffy said scratching his head.

"Because we're in All Blue! You can get any kind of fish here! It was real! I knew it!"

The cook had made hundreds of dishes he had only dreamed of making and everyone on the gained about twenty pounds because of it. But no one complained too much.

"I was so happy then... my dreams had mostly been reached. I married your mother, I found All Blue, then we returned to this island. They threw us a party as a late wedding celebration. Everyone spent about a month just relaxing on the island.

With One Piece found and divided among the crew the goals of sailing diminished just a little. Luffy was still happy and energetic as always, but every time he said he wanted to become the Pirate King, someone had to remind him he already was...

"Your Uncle Luffy is a real idiot. But he has a good heart. With his help we built an addition on to your grandmother's house and your mom and I decided to stay on land for a time... well finding out we were going to have another baby also made us correct the mistakes of the previous pregnancy." He said thinking back to the day Nami came back from the doctors.

The new addition was almost finished. Zoro and Sanji were up on the roof adding some good shingles when Nami arrived looking a little out of it. Luffy had gone with her into town to pick up some meat, and he was salivating all over the large roast.

Sanji had become suspicious about the slight changes in Nami's attitude and movements. Something was up. Watching her approach the house told him everything he needed to know. She was expecting and she was terrified of it.

"God damn it, can you not have like fifty kids or something? I mean really, the next time I come here the whole island will be repopulated with pansy offspring." Zoro cursed catching on to Sanji watching Nami with concern. As much as he hated the idea of them having kids, he was happy for them. In a way he was looking forward to seeing what kind of terror they would produce... as long as he didn't have to deal with it.

"I gotta go. Can you handle this?" Sanji said not waiting for an answer or hearing the names that the green haired swordsman was shouting at him.

"Nami?" He said walking into the house. She wasn't there... he quickly made his way to the other likely spots Nami would go to... he found her exactly where he was sitting right now.

"We're having another baby, aren't we?" Sanji asked wrapping his arms around her. She only nodded. "We're not going to lose this one." She didn't move.

"Nami, it wasn't your fault we lost Bellie. And well, we are staying put here, so there should not be any danger like the last time. It will be different."

After that Nami was cautious and followed every word from both the doctor and Sanji. "It's the first time that she has ever listened to me for such a long period of time." Sanji said as he light another cigarette.

"It was hard on her when the rest of the crew left. They had dreams to continue following... but they always came back once and a while. We kind of went our seperate ways... The "Great Captain" Usopp," Sanji laughed, "Well, Uncle Usopp is either following Luffy or back home on his island. I think we might have a wedding to go to, if he ever decides to ask that girl to marry him... your Aunt Robin is actually in Alabastria working with Aunt Vivi on excavating old ruins near the palace. Doesn't that sound interesting? You see Uncle Chopper and Luffy more often than anyone. They seem to like hanging around your mom and me... and eating all my food. Could be worse... And then there is Uncle Shitty... I mean Zoro. Well, he's off being an idiot of course. Don't tell him I told you this, but I think he already knows he's the best swordsman, but just doesn't know if he wants to stay and settle down anywhere... As your mother put it, he's afraid of commitment."

Sanji chuckled at the thought of Zoro ever settling down and having his own family.

"And he thought your mom and I would make frightening children... his would be worse, right Little Bell? You guys aren't that terrible..." Sanji asked noticing that the baby at his side was up and squirming for attention.

Picking her up he held her above his head looking at her for a few seconds. 'Nothing frightening about you yet... well nothing too bad. You are a little terror at times.'

"DAD! DAD!" A little boy came running up behind him. "Dad!"

Sanji turned and smiled at the young boy.

"What's wrong Zeff?" He asked looking at his oldest child.

"Uncle Zoro's back and mom's about to kill him!" The blonde headed boy explained. Three year old Zeff latched on to Sanji's arm and began to tug. In many ways Zeff was his father's child. The long legs, the blonde hair... but sadly none of his children had been blessed with the curly eyebrows yet.

"I don't even want to know what he said." Sanji shook his head. Standing up he held his youngest in his arms. "Say hello to your older sister and grandma," he instructed to which the little boy did so with lots of energy.

"Now grab the baby's stuff and let's go save Uncle Zoro, ok?"

"Can I use one of his swords?" The little boy nearly tripped while trying to carry the basket and talk all at the same time.

"Not today. When you are older." Sanji said as he waited for the little boy to catch up.

"Can I have a brother then?" The boy continued to ask questions as they neared the house.

"We'll see about that." Sanji smiled. The men in the family were getting out numbered.

"Can I cook with you again?"

"Only if we make cold foods." Sanji replied. He didn't trust the little three year old around knives and boiling pots just yet. Rolling sushi was the kids specialty at the moment.

Walking together they reached the house. Taking a deep breath Sanji prepared himself for a screaming match. With Nami in her current state... she wasn't about to take anything from anyone...

But to his surprise there wasn't any screaming. Sanji peeked his head into the house expecting to find two dead bodies on the floor. He didn't know which one of the two would win...

"Nami?" He called, but got no answer. He tried a little louder. "Nami!?"

"Shut up will ya?" Came the voice of Uncle Zoro, or green head as Zeff had named the swordsman.


"Mr. Green Head! Uncle Green Head!" Zeff said dropping the item he was carrying and running into the room.

"I said quiet!" He yelled trying to keep both of them to keep their voices down... but is was too late.

The bundle in his arms was awake and let everyone know it. Sanji wanted to bang his head on the wall, especially when his baby too began to cry.

"She said it wouldn't wake up... she promised me it wouldn't cry!" Zoro said in a panic like state. Sanji smiled as he took care of Little Bell with ease.

"Put her against your shoulder and pat her on the back in circular motions." Sanji instructed showing Zoro the way to soothe a baby back to sleep.

"I hate you both. I come to visit and I get a baby dumped on me."

"Where did Nami go?" Sanji asked wondering why Nami would leave Bell's twin in the care of Zoro. Looking over at Zoro, he was doing surprising well with Merry.

"In town... GOD it just drooled on me!" He whined. "What a minute... ah man... what did it do now?" Zoro cried in horror as an odor filled his nose.

"That would signal a diaper change." Sanji smiled as he went into the nursery and set Bell down in their crib. "Hold on kiddo, I need to save your sister... or am I saving Uncle Zoro? I can't tell." He laughed.

"Take it! Take it! Take it now!" Zoro said as he handed the baby over to its father. "God babies are disgusting."

"Disguwha?" Zeff tried to repeat as he looked up at Zoro. Motioning for the swordsman to pick him up the boy waited.

"You're not going to poop and slobber all over me too, are you kid?" Zoro asked as he picked up the boy and kept him at arms length in the air. The little Sanji squealed with delight as he kicked his legs in the air.

"Nope. I'm a big boy. Daddy says so." The boy said as he continued to kick at Zoro.

"You kick me and I'll drop ya." Zoro warned. He figured if the kid looked like Sanji, he might gain powerful legs in his genes as well. He didn't want to find out how strong the kid was already.

"HUG!" The kid cried out making Zoro uncomfortable.

"Do I have to?" Zoro asked.

"It's best to just do it and get it over with." Sanji said as he returned with a cleaned up and now sleeping Merry.

"You would raise your son to be a pansy." Zoro mumbled as he hugged the boy quickly and then put him on his shoulders. "Leave it to me kid, you'll be a real man in no time. No kicking people for you... it's all about swords."

"But daddy said I can't use them."

"Did he?"

"And momma will get mad if I don't listen to daddy. She gets scary when she is mad."

"I hear you kid. And I know your pain."

"I'm back." Nami said as she entered the room.

"ME too!" Luffy cried as he entered the house right behind Nami and Chopper in reindeer form.

"Welcome back." Sanji smiled as he watched Nami waddle along. Baby number four was on its way, well number five... but Bellie wasn't there to make trouble for her parents.

"Do you even remember how to use the things I gave you the last time I was here?" Zoro asked as he and Zeff moved to make room for the three entering.

"Well, we don't really need those anymore. We're married and if we're meant to have a large family, well it will happen. Besides they ran out pretty quick."

"Ah, that's sick! I don't want to think about the things you do." Sanji smiled at Zoro's discomfort and added to it by walking over to his very pregnant wife and kissing her.

"Daddy likes to kiss momma."

"You poor kid." Zoro said turning so the kid didn't have to watch... yeah that was it.

"So shall we start the meal?" Sanji asked as Nami took Merry from him allowing him to help unload Chopper and begin the meal.

"HUNGRY!" Luffy cried.

"Hungry!" Zeff mimicked.

"Please don't take after your Uncle." Nami shook her head at the impressionable little boy.

"So Usopp, Robin and Vivi will be arriving tomorrow then?" Sanji asked as he began to cut up the food.

"That's what their letter said." Nami informed him.

"Ah, a nice little reunion huh?" Sanji smiled and went back to work cigarette is his mouth. Zoro and the others went outside to play with Zeff, while Nami sat with the twins watching Sanji cook.

"Nojiko will be back this evening as well. Her honeymoon must have been nice this time of year." Nami said trying to picture a tropical island and just sitting on the beach with Sanji.

"Well, we'll have to go once you can fit into that bikini of yours." Sanji smirked.

"You'll have to wait two to three more months for that, then give me some time to recuperate. Besides, I couldn't leave our kids like that."

"Well that's why we have so many nice Uncles and Aunts for the kids." Sanji said. "And there is always Grandpa Gen-san. He's good with the kids too."

"Yeah, he hasn't changed a bit." Nami said thinking back to the days that they were together when she was a child.

"Well, as long as you are happy. I'll be any where and do anything so that you stay that way."

"I know. And the same thing goes for me." She smiled. Setting the twins into their crib she looked at them both. "I wonder if we'll have another boy...Merry and Bell look like me more than you... and Zeff, well he's not quite the curly eye browed guy I hope to see as a baby."

"Well if this one doesn't work out, I guess we'll have to accidentally lose the presents Uncle Green Head brings again." Sanji smiled playfully.

She smiled as she wrapped her arms around him the best she cold with the bulge in her stomach. Resting her head against his strong back, Nami was content. "Maybe. We'll see."

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