Exchange Trip


Ginny was looking at herself through her mirror. She smiled as she remembered her days at school. She was so grateful that she had kept in touch with all her friends, especially those that lived in the Americas, well, lived.

"Are you ready honey? Everyone's here." Ginny smiled up at her husband, he was still as handsome as he was five years ago.

"Yes, let's go see everyone."


"Mommy! Mommy! Looky! Uncle Blaise and Aunt Jess and Cassie are here! Mommy isn't it cool!"

"Yes dear, it is." Ginny said as she picked up her three-year-old boy, Jonathon. She hugged her best friends, Blaise and Jess. "Jon, why don't you go play with Cassie, Nikki and Chris?" Jon nodded and left.

"Ginny, I've never loved you so much in my entire life," Draco said.

"Would that be because I'm carrying your child?"

"Of course it its"

"Good. Then I love you too."

The End