The Blue Lady of Marywood

Chapter one

Dean pulled over in front of the long driveway that led up to the Hamilton mansion, which was barely visible hidden by years of overgrown weeds. He put his arm on the back of the seat and looked at his brother.

"Okay, now watch your back and keep that necklace with you. Hopefully Dad's journal is right and she won't be able to hurt you as long as you have the necklace."

"I know the drill Dean. We've been over this like a zillion times." Sam rolled his eyes.

"Well tell me again. Humor me." Dean grinned.

"As long as we keep the dirt from the maid's grave on us she won't be able to touch us….hopefully. If we lose the dirt, we're probably dead."

"Short but sweet." Dean smiled. "And…"

"And if you do see her, don't look in her eyes." Sam added as he got out of the car and grabbed his duffle bag from the back seat. He shut the door and leaned in the window.

"You watch your back too Bro and I'll see you inside." Sam patted the top of the car then headed down the long dirt road to the mansion.

Two weeks earlier they had seen an advertisement in a newspaper about an author hosting a weekend party at a reputed haunted house. The rules were simple, only one person from a family allowed, a signed agreement relinquishing responsibilities if anything happened to the participant, including death. And an entrance fee of one thousand dollars to hopefully attract only serious participants. They were to be informed of any other pertinent information once they arrived. When Dean and Sam saw that the weekend would be spent in the Hamilton Mansion in Marywood, Virginia they knew they had to investigate. They had read about the Hamilton Mansion in their Dad's journal where he also had pasted clippings from the newspaper concerning the mansion through out the years. The legend said that over one hundred years ago a maid had seduced Roderick Hamilton the mansion's owner. The man's wife heard about their relationship from an unknown source and later found her husband and the maid in one of the back bed rooms of the mansion, she then reportedly hacked them both to death in a fit of rage with an ax. As the legend went, the maid would reappear every twenty years searching for the person who informed on her and would kill anyone who happened to be in the mansion with an ax in revenge for her death. It was said that anyone who looked into her eyes would die. People had indeed died in the mansion on each of the twentieth anniversaries of her death and the legend of the Blue Lady was born

Dean watched Sam walk up the road. He was going to wait a half hour then join him. They had to act like they had never met or else they would be eliminated from the competition. He didn't like the idea of not being able to keep an eye on his younger brother but he had no choice, and he knew Sam could take care of himself. He fingered the small vial of dirt he wore around his neck. His father's journal had explained that the only way to send the maid back to her grave was to place a necklace filled with dirt from her grave around her neck. Of course by doing that they had to take the risk of encountering her. Also they had no way of knowing if that part of the story was true since it had never been tested before and was only part of the legend. They could only hope that the dirt would protect them and also send the maid's spirit back to her grave. When they had reached the town they had gone to the old Marywood cemetery and looked for the gravestone of Sarah Hoffman, the maid. When they found it, each of them filled a vial full of dirt from her grave and attached it to the necklace they wore around their neck. Now all they could do was go to the mansion and try to stop the spirit from killing anyone, including themselves, and hopefully once and for all rid the town of the maid's vengeful spirit.

Dean waited half an hour then drove up the driveway and parked his car. He walked over to the door and knocked. He was greeted by a tall man and led into the library where the other guests were seated at a large table including Sam. They barely glanced at each other as he sat down. After two more people arrived their host entered the room.

"Hello, I'm Anderson Morley; I'm your host for the weekend. In front of each of you is a paper which you need to sign in order to stay for the weekend. Please read it and sign it if you agree to my rules and regulations. As you all know I am an author of books on the supernatural. The book I'm working on now is titled The Blue Lady of Marywood: Truth or Fiction and each one of you will have a chance to be mentioned in my book, plus have a chapter devoted to you. I hope you all have read the information concerning the spirit that is suppose to haunt this mansion in the information packet I sent to each of you when I accepted your applications. What I want from you are any observations you have while spending the weekend here. You each will be given a tablet and I would like you to write down anything unusual you see or feel during your stay here. As some of you may know there have been a few deaths at the mansion in the last hundred years which have been mostly unexplained. For that reason the paper you will sign will be a release of any obligation on my part if you are injured or… possibly die. Also I have had steel shutters put on all the windows and the doors will be bolted from the outside. If you decide to stay, you will be forced to stay the entire weekend. There will be no phones, no electric, and no leaving the house until I open the doors on Monday morning. If you get sick or are injured in anyway you will have to wait till Monday for help. If you survive the weekend I will study all of your notes and I will choose a winner from the notes you have kept. That person will be rewarded the thousand dollars I have collected from each of you, for a total of twelve thousand dollars and will also be mentioned in my book. So, with that said …are there any questions?" He looked around the table.

"So in other words we will be completely cut off from the outside world?" A large man with glasses spoke up.

"That is correct."

"What if someone is injured severely and needs medical attention?" A woman of about forty asked.

"They will have to wait till Monday. Although we do have some medical supplies in the bathrooms upstairs which you are free to use."

"What if someone is killed or dies a natural death?" Dean asked.

"The body can be placed in one of the cold storage rooms in the cellar but like I said once the doors are shut they will not be opened again until Monday morning. You will be totally on your own. There are sandwiches for tonight and non perishable food in the kitchen for the rest of the weekend." He looked at each of the guests. "I'm afraid you will have to double up on the bedrooms. We have randomly chosen the bedrooms by numbers and on the paper in front of you; you will find the number to your assigned bedroom. Also you will be divided into teams, six on each team. As you explore the house you will remain with your team. Each team will explore different floors and no team should be on the same floor at the same time except when eating or sleeping. You may meet back here periodically to discuss what if anything you have observed…Now, I'd like you to introduce yourselves and as you do pick a ball from the jar at the center of the table which will divide the group into teams, the blue team and the red team."

They then went around the table introducing themselves, then reached into the jar and withdrew a red or blue ball. Sam and Dean each drew a different colored ball and would be on different teams. They glanced at each other, each hoping that the other would remain safe if they encountered the ghost. Once the teams were chosen Morley once more spoke.

"If anyone wants to back out of our little party do so now. For once the doors are locked there is no leaving till I return on Monday."