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The Blue Lady of Marywood

Chapter eleven

They had been searching for about an hour when Carol put her hand on Dean's arm.

"I smell smoke!" She said quietly as she looked at him with eyes wide with fear.

Dean sniffed the air and he too detected a faint smell of smoke. He looked at the others.

"I think we got a problem."

They looked at him wondering what he was talking about but then they too smelled the smoke. They looked around trying to detect where it was coming from.

"The basement!" Dean blurted out.

They all ran toward the basement door. Kirk was just about to open it when Dean pushed him out of the way.

"No!" Dean shouted as he put his hand on the door. Smoke was starting to come out from under the door and Dean could feel the heat through the door. He swallowed the panic he was starting to feel. They were trapped in a burning house with no way out.

"What are we going to do!" Kirk asked.

"Well first we need some wet towels to stick under the door." Dean knew it wouldn't help much but it at least might stop some of the smoke. As he looked down the hall he could see thin wisps of smoke starting to snake their way up from the floor boards.

"Oh my God we're going to burn to death!" Carol said as tears streamed down her face.

Dean wanted to reassure her but there was nothing he could say. She was probably right, they were all going to die. They made their way to the kitchen and grabbed towels, curtains and what ever else they could make wet. They then shoved them under the basement door. It helped a little but smoke was already coming in from other areas.

"Let's get back to the library." There was nothing else they could do and he wanted to get back to check on Sam. They slowly made their way back. It was getting harder and harder to see in the darkness with only the candles to light the way and now the smoke making it even more difficult.

The smoke had just begun to seep into the library when they got there.

Dean immediately went to Sam.


"I know…I smell it. You got to get these people out of here Dean."

"We tried everything."

"You got to try harder….Take them all with you….rip down the walls if you have to…just find a way out."

Dean knew Sam was right, the more people looking the better. He started to reach down to help Sam up.

"Dean go, I'll just hold you back…you can't be dragging me with you."

He knew Sam was right. If they were going to find a way out they had to hurry. Sam would be just as safe here in the library as he would with him.

"I'm going to find a way out and I'll be back for you Sam I promise." He said as tears welled up in his eyes at the thought of leaving him.

"No…If you find a way out…you go…don't waste time coming back for me." Sam knew if Dean found a way out he had to get out immediately, the place could turn into an inferno at any moment.

"No way Bro. We're getting out of here together or not at all."

"Dean…you got to get these people out of here…you know that."

"I will Sammy, but there is no way in hell I'm leaving you here. No way." He shook his head.

"Listen Dean…we're both going to die if you come back….Dad needs you….You got to find him."

Dean knew he couldn't waste time arguing. He had to find the passage out, but he also knew he wasn't going to leave his brother behind. If he got out and Sam didn't, he knew he couldn't live with himself.

I'll be back Sam. He said to himself as he got up and looked at the others. "Let's all stick together and find a way out of here!" He yelled to the group. He took one last glance back at his brother as he followed the others out into the hall. He pulled the large library doors shut hoping to delay the deadly smoke from reaching Sam. They stayed together and went from room to room ripping down wallpaper and throwing bookcases on the floor desperately searching for some way out.

The Library

It was getting harder and harder to breathe as the room slowly filled with smoke. So this is how it was going to end Sam thought. He prayed he's pass out from the smoke before the flames could reach him. He wondered if Dean would fine a way out. He hoped so and he also hoped he wouldn't attempt to come back for him. He knew the mansion could go up in flames at any moment. He began to cough as smoke filled his lungs. With each cough his head felt like it was going to explode. He had just rolled over in order to breathe easier when he saw her…the Blue Lady. How long had she been standing there watching him he wondered? He held up the vial of dirt but this time the spirit didn't back away she only moved closer. So the dirt was of no use. Sam glanced at the ax in her hand then closed his eyes hoping it would be over with quickly.

The Hallway

They had checked everywhere they could think of but there was no way out. The smoke was getting thicker and thicker and it would only be a matter of time before it would be impossible to get a good breath. Dean looked at the others and shook his head sadly as he started to head back to the library. At least he would be with his brother when the end came. The others not knowing what else to do or where else to look followed him.

The Library

When nothing happened Sam opened his eyes and looked at the spirit who stood next to him looking at him strangely.

"Why don't you just get it over with!" He asked her.

She moved even closer, but only stood there staring at him.

"Please, just get it over with."

He watched as the expression on her face changed from hatred to sadness and suddenly he understood. It was as if he could read her mind.

"Oh my God you think I'm him! You think I'm your lover." He looked at her and shook his head. "I'm not, I'm not him."

The spirit began to glow brighter and in his mind Sam could actually see himself as Rodrick Hamilton the owner of the mansion. He saw himself kissing Sarah the maid and felt all of Hamilton's emotions, including love for her. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Sarah….you've come back…" He stood up, all the dizziness and pain he had felt now gone.

A short time later

Dean and the others entered the library and immediately froze in horror and fear at the sight of the spirit standing next to Sam. Dean walked toward them while the others stood back near the door. He could tell Sam was looking directly at her, the necklace apparently not stopping her.

"Sam." Dean said softly reaching out his hand toward his brother.

Sam turned and looked at him but said nothing.

"Sammy, move away from her."

"Why?…Who…who are you?" Sam face clearly showed his confusion.

"Sammy it's me, it's Dean. You got to come over to me buddy."

"No." Sam turned back to the spirit and smiled at her. "She's come back for me. I've waited so long for her to come back."

"Sam, listen to me. You don't know her. You're not who she thinks you are."

"She's Sarah … I've waited so long to be with her."

"Damn it Sammy listen to me!" Dean shouted.

Sam shut his eyes and shook his head slightly as Dean's voice brought him out of his trance. He looked over at his brother.


"Yeah Bro."

Sam looked back at the spirit and tried to back away but she reached out a hand and touched him. The blue mist from her body began to cover him and he dropped to his knees gasping for air.

Oh my God she's suffocating him Dean thought. "Get away from him, you bitch!"

She turned toward him, raised her ax and started floating closer. He tried to step backward but tripped and ended up on the floor on his back looking up at her. As she raised the ax he put his hand up to ward off the blow.

"Noooooo!" Sam screamed as he crawled over to Dean and put his body between Dean and the spirit. He put his hand up in front of him.

"Don't hurt him! He's my brother! Please don't hurt him Sarah…I'll stay here with you, just don't hurt him."

The Blue Lady lowered the ax and looked at Sam.

"Please Sarah…I'll stay here with you….but you need to show them the way out of here." Sam knew the thick black smoke would soon kill all of them.

"No Sam!" Dean shouted, there was no way he was leaving his brother here with her to die.

Sam ignored him and pleaded with the spirit.

"Please Sarah, I promise I'll stay with you…but you need to show them the way out."

The Blue Lady looked down at him then backed up and floated over to a light and pointed at it.

Dean crawled out from under Sam and went to the light. He picked it up and examined it. On the bottom of it was a small switch. He turned it and a portion of the wall slowly began to move revealing the passage way.

"Come on!" He shouted to the others. "Everybody get out of here!"

The group ran over and quickly disappeared behind the wall.

"Sam!" Dean yelled over to his brother who still lay on the floor.

"No Dean….I can't go."

"I'm not leaving you here Sammy."

"You got to get the others out of here….Go Dean!"

"They'll find their way…There's no way I'm going without you."

"Dean go! I promised her!... She'll kill both of us if I leave!"

"Then she kills both of us, because I'm not leaving here without you." He went to Sam's side. If Sam died, he'd die with him.

The spirit once more reached down and touched Sam who rolled onto his back gasping for air. Dean knelt by his side and looked up at the spirit.

"He's not Hamilton! Your boyfriend is dead! He's been dead for over a hundred years! You need to find him, not take my brother!"

She ignored him and continued sucking the air out of Sam's lungs who finally passed out from the lack of oxygen.

Tears filled Dean's eyes, he knew his brother was dying. Then he thought of something, he reached in his pocket and pulled out the picture Janet had showed him of the Hamiltons.

"Look …Look Sarah, this is the man you were in love with. He's waiting for you. You just have to find him." He held the picture up in front of him.

He could feel himself getting lightheaded from the smoke and knew he had to get Sam out of there soon or they both would die. Sarah looked at the picture which was suddenly ripped from Dean's hand and floated over to hers. A tear rolled down her face as she studied it and turned away from Sam.

While her attention was on the picture Dean leaned down and examined Sam. He was unconscious and Dean knew he didn't have time to check to see if he was even breathing. The flames were now starting to peak through the floor boards. Dean picked Sam up, put him over his shoulder, and headed for the passage way expecting to feel the blade of the ax at any moment. He never glanced back, all he knew was that he had to get out of there as quickly as possible before the floor boards gave way.


Once they got outside they were greeted by the others who rushed over to help. They moved Sam far away from the building and put him down on the grass. Dean immediately checked to see if he was breathing, he was but very shallow. He sat down next to him and pulled his brother into his lap and waited for his breathing to improve as he and the others watched the building turn into a blazing inferno. Sirens could be heard coming closer, but it would be too late to save anything. The building would be a total loss.


Sam was taken to the hospital where it was determined he had a concussion plus a bad infection from the rusty wires that had been twisted around his arms. He was given antibiotics and told he needed to take it easy for the next two weeks. Dean's wound was also cleaned up and stitched. It was deep but hadn't hit anything vital. They wanted to keep Sam for a few days just to be safe but he refused and signed himself out. Dean fixed up the backseat of the car with pillows and blankets for him and they left, glad to be leaving the town behind them.

The Hamilton mansion was a total loss and the bodies that were left behind in it were incinerated by the fire.

Morley deeply saddened by the loss of life returned the money to each of the survivors. It was determined that he had nothing to do with any of the deaths.

Hamond, the owner of the mansion, was never charged with the murders or with injuring Sam. Any evidence there might have been against him was destroyed by the fire. Three days later after visiting the site of the fire his body was found lying next to the ruins. He had been hacked to pieces by an ax.

The End