Okay you guys know this but red witch owns xi, Wavedancer and the triplets and xi marvel owns almost everyone else d.c owns terra and raven lord belgeron owns bard Hasbro owns the Joes, Aja and rapture and the sailor senshi belong to what's her name(sorry I forgot it) and the idea of Asugawa's locket belongs to Shanejayell

Okay before anyone says anything I wanted to post this by thanksgiving and my beta reader can't edit because his lab tops busted.

Also this is using the Japanese version of the sailor moon characters so Uranus and Neptune are a couple and they are not related in the Japanese version here's who's who

The dub names are in parenthesis

Haruka (Amara) Michiru (Michelle) Setsuna (Trista)

Thanksgiving mayhem

It was a nice day at the pit well with the misfits anyway

"Okay listen up" yelled Road block one of the misfits handlers "I got a call from the x-men the professor invited us over for thanksgiving. So try to act like sane humans, Raven Bard that includes you two even if you're only half human."

"Question" asked Rapture "I have some friends that are in the states right now can I bring them?" "Yes, but if it's who I think it is make sure they don't try to kill anyone." "That was only one time I told Shipwreck not to try to hit on Michiru, its not my fault Haruka tried to impale him with Hotaru's Glaive!" "Hey where is everyone else?" asked Raven as she noticed some of the misfits were missing"

"Well let's see Aja, Craig, Paul and a few others went to visit relatives" Said Jinx

"I talked to my four friends they will meet us on the way." Said Rapture

"Hey Rapture what about your girlfriend?" asked Althea

"Oh she went off to asugawa's locket Juri asked her to keep an eye on the vampires tonight since there shorthanded.

A little while later the misfits and four other people showed up at the x-mansion

"Nice place" whistled Haruka "Definitely" agreed Michiru "Reminds me of the place I had in the 1500s" complimented Setsuna "don't start with that again sets."

"Welcome" mumbled Cyclops right before Ravager punched him in the head "Be nice" warned Rose "Go ahead and come in dinners ready."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" mumbled Bard

A little while later he found out why

"Terra, Raven, Hotaru cool it with the séances" yelled Wolverine

"Setsuna please stop arguing with beast over history you were not around 300 years ago."

"You don't know Setsuna-mama" grumbled Hotaru "why are we doing this?"

"Because Wolverine confiscated my yugi-oh cards" said Raven

"I can't believe you learned how to play." replied Terra "Beast boy taught me, we got bored one time when Robin was on a Slade kick and we got bored listening to him rant." "That will work."

"Toad, Althea I told you….." yelled Jean as she pulled open the closet door and stopped in shock

"Do you mind!" asked Michiru who was in the closet with Haruka

"Oh sorry"

"Weeeeeee" yelled Pietro as he ran by carrying a few pairs of objects."

"Pietro!" yelled Kitty as she Tabitha and the rest of the x-girls chased after him.

"What a day" muttered Storm

"I've said this before" said the professor "I am glad holidays are only once a year this place couldn't handle it otherwise"

The end

Happy thanksgiving