1I can turn anything into a really angsty moment, and when I saw "Asylum," I honestly thought that instead of trying to shoot his brother, Sammy would turn the gun on himself. He said later that he knew what was going on. Here's my take on what could have happened. Also, that was NOT Rockford, IL.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Supernatural." I think WB does. Or somebody shrugs. Oh well, not making any money off this fic. It is simply my passion.

Dean gave the gun to his baby brother and waited in anticipation for what he would do. He hoped that this would snap him out of whatever trance that doctor had him in, but he waited. Sam looked at the gun for a moment as Dean continued to taunt him, and then brought the gun up to his own head.

Dean watched with baited silence as Sam tried to decide what to do. It was for his safety at first that he gave the unloaded gun to him. It was to show him that he would die for him, as a sort of symbolic gesture, but now he was glad he had done it this way.

Sammy met Dean's eyes one last time, and then closed his eyes. After taking a deep breath, he pulled the trigger. Nothing. He pulled it five more times, each time not getting a response.

Dean's breath stopped and his heart sped up. What would have happened if the gun had been loaded? He swung back his arm and hit Sammy as hard as he could. At first he just laid on the ground, but Dean hit him once more to make him lose consciousness. He made a mental note to find out how many of the patients here had killed themselves after the "treatment." He refused to believe that his brother would do that on his own. As he looked at the young man, looking so peaceful lying there, he begin to wonder if he really would.

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